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Sales Oil Well / Drilling / Fracking industries

Hydrogen on Demand Professionals Amarillo, TX
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.

Join Hydrogen on Demand Professionals in Our Transformative, Epic Overhaul for Diesel-Driven

Sell 10 make $30,000.00, sell 100 make $300,000.00!
We are looking for regional sales managers who understand and are familiar with and can sell to the oil
drilling and fracking industries across the USA. These are high commission only sales positions that could
turn into full time employment with base pay and commission plans, depending on your success rate and
motivation. Our products have already started to revolutionize our markets in Canada and Asia, and now,
we are going to bring them to the
You can’t ignore the laws of physics. Hydrogen burns 10X faster and 30% more efficiently than
diesel fuel!
Hydrogen on Demand Professionals (HoD Pros) Designs, manufactures,
markets, sells and supports revolutionary Diesel-Hydrogen Assist Technology (D-HAT™) systems that
are transforming the Diesel-Powered Industries around the world. Now Trucking and International Marine
fleets, Diesel Powered Electric Power Generators and Heavy Equipment Industries including the Oil
Drilling and Fracking can lock in significant fuel savings, enduring maintenance cost reductions, along
with significant Carbon Credits and certifiable large emission reductions of nearly all harmful
diesel exhaust gases, and particulates. Our diesel trucking, heavy equipment and international marine
shipping industry partners can become our Premier Early Availability Program (EAP) Trusted Strategic
Partners -- to collaborate with HoD Pros in order to jointly achieve our transformative, epic overhaul of
diesel-powered Industries and to collectively:
 Reduce total fleet fuel spend by 10 to 25 percent
 Decrease maintenance costs by at least 25 percent or more across all operations
 Add millions to annual bottom-line profitability via Carbon Credits
 Significantly Reduce harmful diesel exhaust emissions of CO2, NOx and Diesel Particulate
Matter (DPM)
Industry Background: Advanced Technologies for Diesel-Related Industries
A universal objective for all trucking, marine transportation, and high quantity diesel fuel burning heavy
equipment industries like port and harbor cranes and oil drilling / fracking equipment – is continuous cost
reduction. Across these industries– specifically those sectors using large diesel engines – the focus on
cost reduction generally involves improving fuel efficiency and lowering engine maintenance expenses.
Manufacturers (notably, are continuously experimenting with modifications to their power plants, ranging
from the use of natural gas to hybrid battery power. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Super Truck project
is exploring concepts such as aerodynamic roofs, tail fairings, carbon fiber frames, innumerable fuel
treatments etc. The results – and pricing – are varied, and often disappointing. More importantly, with
many of these product’s performance is usually reduced.
However, Diesel Hydrogen-Assist Technology (D-HAT) delivers a Transformative, Epic Overhaul for
Diesel-Driven powered industries. D-HAT’s state-of-the-art diesel hydrogen-enriched diesel-combustion
systems guarantee fuel usage decreases of between 10 to 25 percent -- as well as prolonged engine life

alongside significant reductions in the frequency of diesel particulate filter and EGR valve maintenance
and replacement. D-HAT systems are warrantied for five years or 500,000 miles, carry complete agency
approvals, CARB executive order numbers and are fully insured. HoD Pros and D-HAT deliver an off-the-
shelf aftermarket, fleet-wide solution -- with the lowest cost of transition of any alternative optimization
technology. With D-HAT, fuel and maintenance savings per diesel engine are usually deliver 100% ROI's
in just 9 to 12 months. Truly, D-HAT affords a no-risk high reward opportunity for trucking, marine heavy
equipment operations.
HoD Pros’ big claims sound too good to be true -- what’s the deal, anyhow?
HoD Pros and D-HAT represent industry-disruptive and ground-breaking technology . . . D-HAT
implements a central “Law of Physics” that Hydrogen combusts 10 times faster than any Carbon-based
fuel -- especially refined diesel fuels. Across the past 15 years, companies have been trying to safely,
reliably and efficiently produce just the right amount of “Hydrogen on Demand” and infuse these
fragmental amounts of Hydrogen into an operating diesel engine’s combustion chambers to produce
optimum engine running efficiency. Today, however, only HoD Pros is consistently delivering Hydrogen’s
ultra-efficient fuel burn across the large diesel driven industries – even at US Navy warship marine engine
scale. This means that nearly all the diesel fuel is burned before the exhaust valve opens. It means
pushing the piston down a little harder generating 3 to 5% more torque; thereby reducing the amount of
fuel burned to go the same distance, pulling the same load, and pulling heavy loads up hill in higher
gears. And it means burning all the fuel efficiently during combustion, and not wasting a significant
percentage of power as partially burned hydrocarbons / harmful exhaust emissions!
If you are a professional sales person, this is a serious opportunity, the management of HoD Pros
have started 7 other companies. 5 have done successful (two multi-billion) Nasdaq IPO's, and the
other 2 were acquired.

Hydrogen on Demand Professionals

Why Work Here?

Revolutionary Disruptive New Energy Saving Products

HoD Pros ( markets, sells, deploys and supports Hydrogen Enriched Diesel Combustion Systems, to the Trucking, Marine, Heavy Equipment, and Stand Alone Generator industries, these systems produce pure Hydrogen gas through electrolysis, and patented (PEM) Proton Exchange Membrane cell technology. This pure hydrogen gas is infused into the air intake system on any diesel internal combustion engine. The Hydrogen gas then mixes with the fossil fuel and air mixture in the cylinder / combustion chamber, is compressed by the piston in its up stroke, and causes the fuel to burs 10X faster which significantly enhances the efficiency of the fuel burn upon ignition. The results of this very efficient fuel burn (up to 99% (with HoD) instead of 70% no HoD) are numerous and have extremely beneficial effects on the environment and the actual functionality of the engine, whose combustion has been enhanced.


Amarillo, TX