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Account Manager/Sales

Hunt Insurance Solutions Winston-Salem ,NC
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

The Account Manger acts as the face of Hunt Insurance Solutions in the community and with prospective new clients. This role is tasked with growing the health, Medicare and life by maximizing opportunities within the existing customer base and with new prospects.

To be clear, this is a SALES position. This means actively pursuing new business opportunities. Our agency generates some new business opportunities. However, to be successful in this position, you will also need to work to generate opportunities yourself. This includes calling on lost business, unsold quotes, and attending networking activities, and building relationships with centers of influence and current agency clients. This position requires working inside AND outside of the office in order to be successful.

This is a Full Time Position.

About Us:

Hunt Insurance Solutions was founded in 2012 and retains a core base of loyal clients. We have been blessed with steady growth in the business and are committed to seeing that continue through effective retention strategies coupled with attracting a steady stream of new clients. We are located in Winston Salem, NC .

Being an Independent Agency, we have multiple companies to choose from. So, we have many options to provide peace of mind to our preferred market clients throughout North Carolina by matching them with the right Health, Medicare, and Life insurance products.

We serve our clients first while representing our carrier partners well in order to provide the RIGHT insurance product at the BEST price. We are committed to our CORE VALUES of integrity, professionalism, friendliness, efficiency, and teamwork. We have big, ambitious dreams that we work hard toward achieving all while having a great time!


We prefer applicants who want to make $100,000 a year, but realize that won’t happen overnight. This is not a get rich quick opportunity. Salary is negotiable based on the right skill set, willingness to work hard to achieve our shared goals and prior experience. When licensed, you will have the ability to increase your income via policy sales.


Our clients deserve to be able to reach us when they expect us to be available. Also, we are a team that has each other’s back. We rely on consistent availability during our open hours.

Why you would want this job:

• You enjoy helping people
• You are outgoing and upbeat
• You look forward to meeting and getting to know new people
• You have a positive attitude
• You thrive when challenged and like working hard to achieve your goals
• You enjoy solving problems
• You are a sales ROCK STAR!!!

About You:

This is where we need you to be real honest with yourself. You need to decide if this job is truly a good fit for YOU. If you are most comfortable with a job where you are simply paid for being present from 9-5 and doing the tasks assigned to you, this is NOT the job for you. It’s likely you will be asked to assist with others task. The mentality of “it’s not my job” is not acceptable. We will win as a team and learn from our losses. You need to demonstrate a desire to continually develop your skills, while making a positive contribution to our team and our clients. You really do need to understand how rewarding it is to do HARD work and accomplish DIFFICULT tasks.

You will have a Life/Health and Medicare insurance license.

Still there? Awesome.

Skills Needed to Thrive in this Position

Computer Confidence – We utilize many different applications to accomplish our work. Some of the systems are simple and intuitive, others are quirky. You should enjoy diving into computer systems, enjoy utilizing them to increase your productivity, and be able to adapt when they update and look totally different (though many times their “bones” remain the same). If you get worn out spending time in front of a computer, or are easily thrown off when a web application changes its look and feel, you probably won’t want to apply here.

Professional Curiosity – Insurance offers a wide and deep pool of information to explore, as well as the opportunity to sharpen your professional skills through continuing education and specialized training. We believe in order to get more, you’ve got to become more and we accomplish this through regular attendance at industry training and working toward attaining professional designations.

Communication – You need to clearly and correctly communicate with clients via face to face, telephone, email, text and social media. We want to meet our clients where they are and interact with them in the manner they prefer. You need to be articulate.

Interpersonal – You will need to work closely with other team members, as well as serving clients and interacting with vendors. You will need to effectively build trust and convey our value proposition to all of those stakeholders. You will need to understand your strengths and weaknesses and adapt to those.

Math – You don’t need to be a budding Einstein, and you can use a calculator, but you have to be comfortable doing quick calculation (add, subtract, multiply and divide).

Organizational – You will need to be able to plan, schedule and monitor your activities while setting priorities and meeting deadlines. You WILL be interrupted. So, you will need to be able to adapt to that without losing efficiency.

Your Personality:

This is HUGE. You need to be outgoing and confident. You have to enjoy people. You have to have a genuine desire to help them and have the ability to motivate and persuade them. You need to be cooperative and have a good sense of humor. You have to be ethical and honest, no matter what. You have to be punctual. You have to be a problem solver. You have to be able to accept constructive criticism and correction without getting defensive or discouraged.

Above all, you have to possess a great ATTITUDE. Seriously, we can train you in the insurance stuff, but if your attitude is not GREAT (notice I said great. Good is not good enough), you will have trouble succeeding here.

Your Work Ethic:

You really have to be the kind of person who enjoys working. We understand that not everyone does, but the person who will be successful in this position will need to be proud of working as a team to accomplish things. This job will need to become a big part of your life and one that you enjoy participating in.

You need to understand that we do not intend to pay you simply for being at work, but for what you do during the time that you are working. Our business does not exist if we cannot make a profit. Everyone needs to pitch in and contribute to the profitability of the business every day.

We do not require employees to put their personal phones away during work hours, but it needs to be understood that using your personal phone while working should be done sparingly. It WILL distract you no matter how good a multi-tasker (We don’t believe in multi-tasking BTW) you think you are. A quick text to say the kids are home or whatever is cool. Just don’t abuse the privilege.

None of this is meant to be harsh. We truly are not that strict, but our team works hard. So any new team member that slacks off is disrespecting the team effort. We just want to be as open and honest as possible up front. That way you can determine for yourself if you will be able to keep up with us.

Your Life:

Look, your personal life is your business. However, if your personal life is a mess, please get that straight before you apply for this position. I can guarantee that the additional demands of this job will not help you if you have personal drama. I also know that your personal drama can negatively impact your performance here.

Still haven’t lost you, huh? NICE!

We will not micro-manage. We do have standards that we expect you to live up to. Those will be clear to you and we will correct when you get away from those. However, we WANT you to be free to create success for yourself and our team and do so in a way that you enjoy. We also want to learn from you if you find a better way to do something. You will contribute to everyone’s success in this way.

The “We Can’t Have This” List:

• Dishonesty – This goes to the heart of who we are. We won’t stand for this. Without integrity, we will not succeed.
• Laziness
• Bad Attitude
• Drama
• Disrespect – Applies to clients especially, but won’t be tolerated with coworkers or others in general
• Refusal to follow instructions
• Whining and complaining – Before you come to address a problem, try to come up with a solution to propose.

The “We Gotta Have This” List:

• Integrity – Even when nobody is looking
• Teamwork
• Professionalism
• Desire to achieve and grow
• Positive Attitude
• Open and honest communication even when its uncomfortable

If you are still reading this, then you are not afraid of a challenge and may be a perfect fit for our team.

Hunt Insurance Solutions


Winston-Salem, NC
27103 USA