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General Manager

Hotworx 24 Hour Infrared Fitness Studio Shawnee ,KS
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

General Manager Mission: To develop and maintain the overall success of HOTWORX® through effective management strategies, marketing tactics, consultative sales skills, and superior customer service to meet and exceed the performance goals of your franchise location. To maintain the integrity and good reputation of the HOTWORX® brand through various local and national marketing tactics and to professionally represent the brand at all times.

General Manager In Studio Work Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 11am - 1pm, 1pm - 3pm lunch break , 3pm - 8pm

Friday: 9am - 1pm, 1pm - 2pm lunch break, 2pm - 6pm

Saturday: (on occasion) 11am – 4pm

Basic Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Complete a minimum schedule of 40 hours per week which must be accounted for via a clock in reports in POS system.
  • Arrive early, 15 minutes is recommended before all scheduled work shifts, outside promotions, corporate sales appointments and employee educational/training sessions.
  • Consistently maintain a professional appearance by adhering to the HOTWORX®® Uniform Policy & Code of Conduct. While on the clock or attending any official studio functions, all staff must wear officially branded tops with official name badges at a minimum. No exceptions are allowed.
  • GM must facilitate all weekly and/or monthly staff meetings & training sessions.
  • Leverage social media to drive business.
  • Maintain accurate member and employee records by following suggested filing guidelines. Routine updating and maintenance is vital. All records must be scanned if not digital already.

Sales Management Responsibilities & Minimum Performance Expectations:

  • Ensure that minimum requirements for prospecting are met monthly. This includes at minimum, 30 names and numbers turned in and 5 guest passes returned to the studio with employee initials on back of guest pass from each employee.
  • Monitor, track and analyze daily, weekly and monthly lead flow from online/social media advertising and communicate regularly with franchisee and ad agency to ensure consistent results and optimal cost per lead figures.
  • Work with staff to ensure daily and weekly organic posts are set up to encourage and increase engagement on all social platforms, especially Facebook & Instagram.
  • Communicate with franchisee and ad agency on changes in social media lead quality or feedback to make changes to ads and campaigns as needed.
  • Formally meet with franchise owner and ad agency regularly to monitor and communicate clearly regarding return on ad budget/spend as well as cost per lead metrics.
  • Ensure Daily Duties Checklist is completed daily.
  • Submit required close of business reports to franchisee nightly including full analysis by GM of the daily production and a brief email to franchisee at the end of the staffed hours every day M-F. This brief email should provide a summaryof the day and why the studio accomplished the daily goals or why daily goals were not met and what the plan is for the next day. For weekend production, GM must provide the analysis emailed report on Monday morning first thing. Up and down the Organizational Chart, or “Chain of Command”, if you will, the studio must promote a culture of accountability. As the GM, you must always remember to regularly INSPECT WHAT YOU EXPECT. Always (not just some of the time) hold the team accountable to agreed upon goals!
  • Review Studio Prospecting/Client tracking logs daily to ensure proper exercise of prospecting duties. This includes new member follow up, new guest tracking, etc.
  • Utilize all HOTWORX®® marketing tools simultaneously and consistently to maximize traffic. Personal Minimum Prospecting Requirements are as follows:
  • Place and maintain 10 lead boxes in strategic business to be checked weekly. (per employee or more to maintain 50 total per location)
  • Generate a minimum of 5 new guests per month through guest pass program
  • Enroll a minimum of 20 new Members each month (50% or higher closing %)
  • Generate a minimum of 10 new guests per month through the Ambassador Program
  • Execute one outside promotion each month
  • Generate 12 new guest appointments each day
  • Secure 3 VIP business partners each month
  • Ensure the following prospecting tasks are being accomplished by entire staff:
  • Leveraging social media to drive the brand and promote the studio.
  • 500 Guest Passes or outreach pieces are distributed monthly. A minimum of 5 must be returned from each staff member monthly.
  • An average of 3 new referrals from each new member visit the studio
  • 4 outside promotions are executed each month
  • 1 Corporate Account presentation is executed each month
  • 50 total Lead Boxes are active monthly and checked weekly
  • 30 new leads generated monthly by each consultant and scheduled to visit as a red appointment.
  • Do what is reasonably necessary to ensure that the studio and each employee achieve all daily, weekly and monthly performance goals.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the Franchisee.

Employee Management Responsibilities:

  • Actively recruit & interview for staff and other necessary positions per franchisee criteria. Schedule a minimum of 1 group interview per month and schedule consistent weekly interviews.
  • Adhere to strict hiring processes set forth by franchisee and company, HOTWORX Franchising (HF) best practices, including, but not limited to requiring resume submissions, providing pre-employment package to prospective employees, executing initial interviews, 2nd interviews, and final group interviews, as well as assigning projects to the prospective new employee as part of interview process.
  • Train all Trainer Sales Associates according to HOTWORX® training material and programs. Ensure all employees are fulfilling required training and certifications as outlined in their job descriptions and as required by HOTWORX® FRANCHISING, LLC for their respective positions.
  • Track all new and existing employees training to ensure all are up to date with HOTWORX® UNIVERSITY online courses, webinars and other training applications.
  • Create and maintain monthly staff schedule at least one week prior to the beginning of each month to include all training objectives, staff meetings, marketing and outside or inside promotion initiatives as well as equipment maintenance events.
  • Set, communicate and monitor individual sales goals for all employees on a monthly, weekly and daily basis using measurements tools provided by HF and HOTWORX® POS software. GM should communicate results and action plans clearly and often to staff and franchisee as requested.
  • Hold all employees accountable for executing sales prospecting responsibilities and non-negotiable marketing.
  • Monitor efforts and document them in prospecting logs and other tracking forms.
  • Monitor the closing percentage and percent to goal of all employees and discuss action plans to continuously improve performance using Individual Development Plans at least once per month. All staff should be aware daily of their closing percentages and where they stand with respect to personal and team monthly goals!
  • Provide creative ideas to keep the employees motivated and focused on meeting and exceeding goals. All incentives and pay increases must be discussed with and approved by the franchisee before communicating with employees. There should be creative quarterly incentives such as trips, nights out with staff (paid for by the studio), cash, etc., and these should be set up, clearly communicated and deployed prior to each quarter! The Studio should always strive to be the top performing location in the entire company.
  • Develop agendas for all employee meetings and training.
  • Complete a Performance Evaluation on all employees after the first 30 and then 90 days of employment. Perform quarterly then annual evaluations after 90 days of employment based on adherence to and execution of their job description and goals.
  • Communicate with and meet daily with Franchisee & management team prior to weekly staff meeting to collaborate on agendas and discussion topics.
  • Submit payroll bi-monthly to Franchisee for approval and then to payroll company for the 10th and the 22nd payroll periods. Production for the 16th-end of the month for the previous month is paid on the 10th and production for the 1st-15th of the current month is paid on the 22nd. Once approved by franchisee, report payroll information to payroll processor.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $50,000.00 to $70,000.00 /year


  • Passion for Fitness: 3 years (Required)
  • Sales with conviction: 3 years (Required)
  • Management: 2 years (Required)

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $40,000.00 to $60,000.00 /year

Hotworx 24 Hour Infrared Fitness Studio


22407 W 66th Street Shawnee
Shawnee, KS