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Highland Pet Hospital Bloomington, IL


Highland Pet Hospital
Bloomington, IL
  • $19 to $28 Hourly
  • Vision , Medical , Dental , Paid Time Off , Life Insurance , Retirement
  • Full-Time
Job Description

Hiring Full Time and/or Part Time Certified Veterinarian Technicians at Both Highland Pet Hospital and the Animal Emergency Clinic

Minimum of 18 hours is required.

Salary Information

Highland Pet Hospital (M-F): $19 - $24 per hour*

Animal Emergency Clinic (Nights, Weekends, Holidays): $23 - $28 per hour*

*Starting wage may increase based on number of years experience in a CVT role and the validation of skills within the employee's first 90 days.

Position Summary

A certified veterinary technician directly handles inpatient and outpatient care, working hand-in-hand with veterinarians. Technicians collect samples and run diagnostic tests; provide client education as needed; carry out treatment plans for patients from veterinarians; and oversee the care of hospitalized sick and surgical patients. Technicians also may see their own appointments for procedures such as suture removal, nail trim, vaccine administration when a doctor exam is not required, and bloodwork. Technicians play a key role in communicating with clients in person and by phone for follow-up care and patient monitoring.

Benefits (Full Time/Part TIme)

  • Health (Employer pays 50% of premium), Dental and Vision Insurance; Supplemental Insurance through Aflac/Supplemental Insurance through Aflac

  • Life Insurance, Short Term Disability & Long Term Disability (Employer pays 100%)/Not Applicable for Part Time

  • Simple IRA plans at the beginning of the calendar year for eligible employees (Employer matches 3%) - applicable to both full and part time employees

  • Paid Time Off - applicable to both full and part time employees

  • Pet Benefits (discounts on goods and services) for up to 5 pets that you own/Pet Benefits (discounts on goods and services) for up to 2 pets that you own

  • Uniform Allowance - applicable to both full and part time employees

Job Responsibilities*

*Job duties may vary depending on business needs.

Technical Duties:

  • Perform in-hospital lab testing and prepare specimens for outside labs

  • Provide nursing care for hospitalized patients

  • Discharge hospitalized patients

  • Perform client callbacks as needed

  • Maintain proper care and medication administration of hospitalized patients

  • Maintain good medical records in cooperation with veterinarians


  • Import outside lab reports daily.

  • Responsible for in-hospital lab testing, proper medical record documentation, and collecting and preparing samples for things such as intestinal parasite screens (zinc sulfate centrifuge screen, sodium nitrate fecal flotation, fecal cytologies, and direct fecal smears- see lab information binder for detailed info.), blood chemistries, complete blood counts, ear cytologies, urinalysis (free catch, catheterization in male dogs, and cystocentesis), heartworm tests and all in-house point of care tests (Felv/FIV/HW, Parvo, Giardia, Pancreatitis, Snap 4dx), cytologies, fungal cultures etc.

  • Knowledge of proper staining techniques using Diff-quik, New Methylene Blue, and gram stain

  • Abaxis blood machine operation and maintenance

  • Report diagnostic testing results to veterinarians

  • Maintain quality controls and record keeping on in-house lab equipment

  • Complete proper sample preparation and paperwork for outside diagnostic lab tests. Mail samples using appropriate mailing service as needed.

  • Contact client with lab results as needed.

  • Enter reminders and recheck information into computer as needed

  • Oversee maintenance of blood test machines and microscope cleaning.

Treatment and Care:

  • All patients admitted into hospital should have weight and temperature recorded in medical record.

  • Educate clients on prevention and wellness topics

  • Collect samples as needed (see notes under laboratory)

  • Educate clients about medication instructions and administration

  • Prepare estimates

  • Perform treatments noted in medical records (hospitalized patients, surgeries, dental patients)

  • Assist veterinarians with daily treatments

  • Monitor intensive care patients by providing nursing care and using appropriate medical record document for patient status. Notify overseeing DVM as needed of patient status.

  • Use and maintain IV pumps

  • Ability to administer oral, ophthalmic, otic, and topical medications when indicated by veterinarian.

  • Ability to administer subcutaneous, intramuscular, and intravenous injections when indicated by veterinarian.

  • IV catheter placement and removal as needed. As well as ability to calculate proper IV fluid daily doses, use fluid pump properly, and use proper monitoring techniques during infusion.

  • Knowledge and ability to administer subcutaneous fluids, express anal glands, wound care (clip, clean, flush and medicate including abscesses), clean and flush ears and eyes, schirmer tear testing, fluorescein dye testing, intraocular pressures, glucometer use, bandage application, and blood pressure.

  • Being aware of infectious disease hospitalization standards and isolation care.

  • Emergency situation treatment knowledge- CPR, pulmonary resuscitation, hemorrhage and seizure control.

Surgery and Anesthesia:

  • Anesthetic induction- IV, IM, and gas

  • Prepare surgery suite for surgery

  • Prepare instruments; know type of surgical instruments required for specific surgeries- set up cautery and dental units as needed.

  • Assist veterinarians with patient restraint if needed.

  • IV catheter placement and induction/intubation

  • Surgical preparation of patient including: IV catheter placement, proper prepping and clipping techniques, and application of artificial tears ophthalmic ointment to both eyes

  • Administer IV fluids to all patients who are intubated during anesthetic procedure.

  • Monitor anesthesia closely with monitoring equipment such as pulse oximeter, blood pressure, ekg, and frequent observation of respiration rate, heart rate, and mucous membrane color. Document patient status in anesthetic log.

  • Help maintain anesthetic machine

  • Assist veterinarian performing surgery as needed.

  • Monitor patients waking up from anesthesia including extubation; assist with treatment if patient has reaction to anesthesia. Give reversal agents if needed.

  • When surgical assistant is unable, wash surgical instruments and prepare for sterilization. Run autoclave when finished.

  • Prepare laboratory samples from surgical procedures as needed.

  • Print off take home sheets for patients and process invoicing

  • Prepare all post anesthetic medications

  • Keep accurate anesthesia/surgical medical records including logging all controlled substances used in controlled substance binder and in invoicing log.

  • Ensure hospital patients go home well groomed and in an appropriate medical state

  • Discuss post anesthetic patient care and notes from procedure with client at time of patient pick up.

  • If surgical assistant is unable, call the client the next day to find out how the patient is doing and if they have any questions.


  • Take before-and-after digital photos for client handouts

  • Take dental x-rays

  • Clean, scale and polish teeth using dental equipment and hand instruments

  • Report dental problems to veterinarians for instructions

  • Assist veterinarians performing oral extractions or other dental procedures

  • Print off take home sheets for patients, process invoicing and log controlled drugs.

  • Prepare all post anesthetic medications

  • Discuss post anesthetic patient care and notes from procedure with client at time of patient pick up.

  • If surgical VA is unable, call client the next day to find out how the patient is and if they have any questions.

  • Perform 2 week post Oral ATP recheck examinations and discuss home dental care options with clients.


  • Knowledge and ability to take good quality diagnostic radiographs and change radiation settings as needed for images that need to be retaken.

  • Proper positioning and labeling technique

  • Ability to administer barium series as needed and take radiographs at appropriate time intervals under the instruction of DVM.


  • Fill prescriptions including controlled substances as needed.

  • Record and document all controlled drugs in controlled substance logs in binder and invoicing

  • Calculate doses when necessary

  • Reconstitute liquid oral medications as needed.

  • Report low stock or out of date supplies to inventory manager

Housekeeping Duties:

  • Help maintain cleanliness of surgery suite, treatment area, laboratory, and exams rooms for all surfaces, including lights, tables, cabinets, walls and floors

  • Keep food and uncovered drinks out of treatment areas, laboratory and surgery suite

  • Discard syringes in proper containers

  • Clean up after yourself

  • Scrub and polish sinks in your area, and discard and replace fluids and stains as needed.

  • Clean cages, runs, do laundry, discard trash, and sweep and mop floors if janitorial staff not available.

Administrative Duties:


  • Log controlled drugs

  • Assist with inventory physical count

  • Restock laboratory shelves and treatment area as needed (order more supplies if applicable to an area you oversee)


  • Follow OSHA requirements

  • Follow practice's health and safety protocols

  • Maintain Safety Data Sheets (SDS)



    Highland Pet Hospital

    Bloomington, IL



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