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Clinical Director

Healthcare Concord, NH
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

The Clinical Director is responsible for the supervision of the clinical staff. He/she consults with the Executive Director, Physician, and Utilization Review Department as needed. The Clinical Director maintains close communication with the clinical staff, provides any information relevant to the program’s operation and assist in developing and modifying the program. He/she monitors documentation by the clinical staff to ensure that documentation is maintained at the highest level and is responsible to provide 24-hour management of the clinical function of the facility.


Preferred - Graduated from an accredited college or university with a minimum of a master’s degree in psychology, Social Work, Nursing, or health-related field.


Preferred - A minimum of 2 years administrative and management setting familiarity, with Performance Improvement and JCAHO Standards necessary. Communication skills to relate to all levels of management staff. Self-motivated and confident Application of Continuous Quality Improvement/ Performance Improvement philosophy and ability to develop organizational strategy.


Preferred - Licensure to practice clinical discipline in the appropriate state, as applicable, required in Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist, Mental Health Counselor and/or Certified Addiction Professional.

Required credentials are an active NH MLADC



Knowledge of Psychopathology, Diagnostic Assessment and Chemical Dependency treatment




  1. Supervises all clinical staff members and activities, which include monitor groups, individual therapy, and charting to maintain the highest standard of quality and effectiveness.
  2. Coordinates with program administration.
  3. Works with Utilization Review Department.
  4. Organizes professional development and training in individual therapy, diagnosis and assessment, group therapy and charting/documentation.
  5. Monitors and assesses staff morale and develop ongoing plan to build team spirituality and continuity.
  6. Participates in the recruitment and interview process to determine the appropriateness of prospective clinical staff members.
  7. Maintains records and documentation relative to clinical staff.
  8. Evaluates and appraises each member of the clinical staff team based on specific performance standards, on a timely basis. Completes a written narrative during performance or annual review, which identifies strengths and weakness, areas needing and improvement, and performance goals to be achieved.
  9. Communicates appropriate information from meetings conference and committee.
  10. Works with Executive Director to arrange professional staff coverage to meet the needs of the unit.
  11. Adheres to the center’s philosophy, goals and objectives of Serenity House.
  12. Serves as a positive role model by demonstrating professional and caring attitudes and behaviors toward co-workers, patients, and guests.
  13. Contributes to effective teamwork by combining skills and energies in a coordinated manner, keeping a positive interaction.
  14. Makes timely request for annual leaves and reports for sick leave according to Serenity House’s Policy.
  15. Establishes and achieves realistic goals within position.
  16. Ensures and maintains the confidential nature of all patients and facility activities.
  17. Maintains an effective clinical organizational structure and delegate appropriate authority for completion of assigned responsibilities.
  18. Functions as leader of multi-disciplinary Clinical Treatment Team/staffing meetings.
  19. Implements plans for Performance Improvement.
  20. Evaluates quality of program on an ongoing basis and develops cost-effective methods to provide services.
  21. Delivers direct patient services, such as primary therapist, performing individual and group therapist sessions, and documentation of each event, as needed.
  22. Provides for staff development (i.e., supervision, educational, etc.)
  23. Facilitates communication with ancillary services and oversees case management services.
  24. Attends clinical and administrative meetings to integrate inter-departmental sharing of information.
  25. Develops and implements staff schedule.
  26. Build positive relationships with staff and physicians.
  27. Works collaboratively with the Senior Management Team.
  28. Knowledge of administrative, personnel and clinical policies and procedures, and ability to comply and communicate these clearly and accurately to staff.
  29. Knowledge of emergency procedure; ability to communicate these clearly and accurately to staff.
  30. Maintains an effective and efficient daily staffing pattern within budgetary constraints.
  31. Is responsible for ensuring clinical staff meets educational/licensure requirements.
  32. Demonstrates adaptability and flexibility to changes in the work environment.
  33. Always follows Infection Control Guidelines.
  34. Reports personal symptoms of suspected illness or contagious diseases to the Infection Control Nurse.
  35. Completes and forwards copy of Incident Reports and any other safety/risk issues immediately to the Safety/Risk Coordinator.
  36. Provides a safe, therapeutic environment for staff and patients.
  37. Maintain a minimum caseload of 5 patients and a maximum caseload of 12 patients.
  38. If the facility does not have a Case Manager or Discharge planner, the Clinical Director and Therapists will manage all discharges and case management. For discharge placement, the clinical team will seek assistance from the local business development team.
  39. Facilitate a minimum of one psychotherapy group per day.
  40. Initiates appropriate counseling and disciplinary action for infraction of policy in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  41. Evaluates the impact of therapeutic interventions upon the therapeutic milieu.
  42. Assists in formulating standards for patients care.
  43. Collaborates with the medical staff to coordinate medical and nursing management of patient care.
  44. Evaluates patient care weekly by assessing patients.
  45. Supervises all clinical activities, assuring comfort and safety of the patients.
  46. Ensures accurate, timely documentation of patient care.
  47. Participates in the formulation and implementation of patient treatment plans.
  48. Aware of staff strengths and limitations and makes assignments accordingly.
  49. Protect the privacy of all patient information in accordance with Serenity House’s privacy policies, procedures and practices, as required by federal and state law, and in accordance with general principle of professionalism as a health care provider. Failure to comply with Serenity House’s policies and procedures on patient privacy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.
  50. May access protected health information (PHI) and other patent information only to the extent that is necessary to complete your job duties. The incumbent may only share such information with those who have a need to know specific patient information you have in your possession to complete their job responsibilities related to treatment, payment or other Serenity House’s operations.
  51. Expected to report, without the threat of retaliation, any concerns regarding Serenity House’s policies and procedures on patient privacy and any observed practices in violation of the policy to their supervisor.
  52. Performs other duties assigned.










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Concord, NH