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Headquarters, Air Force Reserve Command Tucson, AZ
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.

##### Department of the Air Force

Headquarters, Air Force Reserve Command



- ##### Open & closing dates

08/29/2019 to 09/06/2019

- ##### Service


- ##### Pay scale & grade

WG 10

- ##### Salary

$53,302 to $62,109 per year

Hourly Salary Rate: $25.54 To $29.76

- ##### Appointment type


- ##### Work schedule



Few vacancies in the following location:


Davis Monthan AFB, AZ

##### Relocation expenses reimbursed

Yes You may qualify for reimbursement of relocation expenses in
accordance with agency policy.

##### Telework eligible


- Duties

### Summary

Click on "Learn more about this agency" button below to view
**Eligibilities** being considered and other **IMPORTANT**

This is an Air Reserve Technician (ART) position. ARTs are part of
the regular career civil service and enjoy all the benefits granted
to Federal employees in the competitive civil service. In addition,
ARTs are required to maintain their active membership in the AF
Reserve unit where assigned. ARTs receive on average one weekend of
military training per month.

Learn more about this agency

### Responsibilities

- Primary duty is to perform troubleshooting of electrical or
environmental systems and related equipment for assigned
aircraft. Tests, corrects, d maintains power control systems
which include the tie-in of power and control circuits.
- Conducts scheduled periodic maintenance inspections on all
hydraulics operated systems on aircraft.
- Troubleshoots all hydraulic systems on both local and transient
aircraft. Make initial order changes and follow-ups by bench
- Utilizes safety practices and procedures and complies with
security regulations, directives, and policies. Controls tools.
Ensures tools are properly marked, calibrated (if necessary),
and are secured when area is unattended.
- Certifies work produced under the USAF Technical Order Program.
As required, verifies and certifies work processes and
procedures of certified coworkers and trainees and adequacy of
work accomplished.

### Travel Required

Occasional travel - You may be expected to travel for this position.

##### Supervisory status


##### Promotion Potential


- #### Job family (Series)

8268 Aircraft Pneudraulic Systems Mechanic

- Requirements

### Conditions of Employment

- U.S. Citizenship Required
- Males must be registered for Selective Service, see
- A security clearance may be required
- PCS expenses if authorized will be paid IAW JTR and Air Force
- Recruitment incentives may be authorized
- This posn is subject to provisions of the DoD Priority Placement
- Position may be subject to random drug testing
- Employee may be required to work other than normal duty hours,
to include evenings, weekends and/or holidays
- Shift work and emergency overtime may be required
- Employee must maintain current certifications
- Disclosure of Political Appointments
- Must be a current member of the AF Reserve or willing/qualified
to join
- Military AFSC: 2A6X5

### Qualifications

Applicants will be rated in accordance with the OPM Qualification
Standard Handbook X-118C for the WG-8200 Fluid Systems Maintenance
Family. Although a specific length of time and experience is not
required for most blue-collar positions, you must meet any
screen-out element listed, and show through experience and training
that you possess the quality level of knowledge and skill necessary
to perform the duties of the position at the level for which you are
applying. Qualification requirements emphasis is on the quality of
experience, not necessarily the length of time.

**The screen out element for this position is the ability to do the
work as a Aircraft Pnuedraulic Systems Mechanic without more than
normal supervision.

JOB ELEMENTS:** Your qualifications will be evaluated on the basis
of your level of knowledge, skills, abilities and/or competencies in
the following areas:
1. Ability to follow oral and written instructions. Ability to read
and interpret a variety of technical data.
2. Skill in the use of standard hand and power tools of the trade.
3. Ability to install aircraft pneudraulic systems, equipment or
accessories. Ability to use a variety of test and measurement
equipment. Ability to troubleshoot aircraft pneudraulic equipment of
moderate complexity. Ability to clean work area and/or job site upon
completion of work.
4. Comprehensive knowledge of operation, capabilities and
limitations of aircraft pneudraulic systems. Knowledge of USAF
Technical Order Program and its procedures.
5. Ability to test complete pneudraulic systems. Ability to
overhaul, repair or fabricate aircraft pneudraulic equipment.
Ability to calibrate aircraft pneudraulic equipment.
6. Knowledge of safety and security requirements as outlined in
applicable standards, regulations and technical orders. Knowledge of
tool, equipment, and materials accounting and security.

1. Performs other related duties as assigned.
2. May be required to fly in commercial and military aircraft to
perform temporary/permanent duty assignments.
3. Required to meet and maintain Air Force Reserve requirements.
Work schedule will be aligned to allow incumbent to fully
participate in unit training assemblies (UTA). The incumbent may be
assigned some non- ART duties, generally not to exceed 30 percent of
total responsibilities.
4. May be required to work overtime, rotating shifts, uncommon
tours, weekends, etc.
5. Must be able to obtain and maintain a Secret Clearance.
6. This is a testing designated position (TDP). The employee is
subject to random drug testing.

**FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS:** Heavy lifting (45-79 pounds). Moderate
lifting (15-44 lbs). Light lifting (under 15 lbs). Moderate carrying
(15-44 lbs). Light carrying (under 15 lbs). Hours of straight
pulling are 1 hour/week. Hours of pulling hand over hand are 1
hour/week. Hours of pushing are 1 hour/week. Reaching above
shoulder. Use of fingers. Both hands required. Hours of walking are
4 hours/week. Hours of standing are 10 hours/week. Hours of crawling
are 1 hour/week. Hours of kneeling are 1 hour/week. Hours of
repeated bending are 3 hours/week. Climbing, use of legs and arms.
Both legs required. Operation of crane, truck, tractor, or motor
vehicle. Ability for rapid mental and muscular coordination
simultaneously. Near vision correctable at 13 inches to 16 inches to
Jaeger 1 to 4. Far vision correctable in one eye to 20/20 and 20/40
in the other. Both eyes required. Depth perception. Ability to
distinguish basic colors. Hearing (without aid). Must be free from

**ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS:** Outside and inside (other than normal
commuting). Excessive heat. Excessive cold. Excessive humidity.
Excessive dampness or chilling. Dry atmospheric conditions.
Excessive noise, intermittent. Dust. Solvents. Solvents (decreasing
agents). Grease and oils. Radiant energy. Electrical energy.
Slippery or uneven walking surface. Working around machinery with
moving parts. Working around moving objects or vehicles. Working on
ladders or scaffolding. Vibration. Working closely with others.
Working alone.

**PART-TIME OR UNPAID EXPERIENCE:** Credit will be given for
appropriate unpaid and or part-time work. You must clearly identify
the duties and responsibilities in each position held and the total
number of hours per week.

**VOLUNTEER WORK EXPERIENCE:** Refers to paid and unpaid experience,
including volunteer work done through National Service Programs
(i.e., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g.,
professional; philanthropic; religious; spiritual; community;
student and social). Volunteer work helps build critical
competencies, knowledge and skills that can provide valuable
training and experience that translates directly to paid
employment.You will receive credit for all qualifying experience,
including volunteer experience.

### Education

### Additional information

**Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP):** For
information on how to apply as an ICTAP eligible click here. To be
well-qualified and exercise selection priority for this vacancy,
displaced Federal employees must be rated well qualified or above
for this position. You must submit a copy of the agency notice, your
most recent performance rating, and your most recent SF-50 noting
position, grade level, and duty location.

**Employed Annuitants (Reemployed Annuitants):** Applicants in
receipt of an annuity based on civilian employment in the Federal
Service are subject to the DoD Policy on The Employment of
Annuitants. Click here for more information.

**90-Day Register:** This announcement may result in a 90-day
register that may be used to fill like vacancies for 90 days after
the closing date. Applicants may be referred for consideration as
vacancies occur.

**Direct Deposit:** All federal employees are required to have
direct deposit.

**Incentives**: Recruitment and/or retention incentives may or may
not be used.

**If you have questions regarding this announcement and have hearing
or speech difficulties click here.**

**Tax Law Impact for PCS:** On 22-Dec-2017, Public Law 115-97 - the
"Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 suspended qualified moving expense
deductions along with the exclusion for employer reimbursements and
payments of moving expenses effective 01-Jan-2018 for tax years 2018
through 2025. The law made taxable certain reimbursements and other
payments, including driving mileage, airfare and lodging expenses,
en-route travel to the new duty station, and temporary storage of
those items. The Federal Travel Regulation Bulletin (FTR) 18-05
issued by General Services Administration (GSA) has authorized
agencies to use the Withholding Tax Allowance (WTA) and Relocation
Income Tax Allowance (RITA) to pay for "substantially all" of the
increased tax liability resulting from the "2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs
Act" for certain eligible individuals. For additional information on
WTA/RITA allowances and eligibilities, please visit:\_05%20Relocation%20Allowances\_0.pdf

### How You Will Be Evaluated

You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the
qualifications above.

Your application package (resume, supporting documents, and
responses to the questionnaire) will be used to determine your
eligibility, qualifications, and quality ranking for this position.
Please follow all instructions carefully. Errors or omissions may
affect your rating or consideration for employment.

The resume/documents you submit must support your responses to the
online questionnaire. If your application contradicts or does not
support your questionnaire responses, you will receive a rating of
"not qualified" or "insufficient information" and you will not
receive further consideration for this job.

All Federal Wage Schedule (FWS) applicants must complete the
assessment questionnaire in its entirety or it will result in an
ineligible rating. Applicants who meet the requirements for and
apply as a non-competitive eligible that meet minimal qualifications
and other requirements of this position, will be given consideration
as a non-competitive candidate and will be referred unless blocked
by an individual with priority/preference.

**APPRAISALS/AWARDS:** Hiring Managers use objective methods and
consider previous performance appraisals and awards in the selection
process. Current Federal Civilian employees should list any relevant
performance related rating and/or awards in your resume.

**This is an Air Reserve Technician (ART) position.** ARTs are
eligible for 15 days active duty tour each year for which military
leave is granted with full civilian pay. Air Reserve units and
members; are subject to immediate call to active duty in
mobilization to meet a national emergency. For additional
information regarding ART positions and/or military qualifications,
please call 1-800-257-1212. Retired military are usually ineligible
for membership in the AF Reserve. Retired military that have active
AF Reserve assignments may apply provided they show assignment
(position) on the application. A military service member's statement
of service/certification will be accepted IF a terminal leave form
or DD214 cannot be provided. The statement/certification should
indicate member's separation from active duty is within 120 days of
the closing date of this announcement. It must be signed by, or by
direction of, the adjutant, personnel officer, or commander of your
unit or higher headquarters and must indicate when your terminal
leave will begin, your rank, dates of active duty service, the type
of discharge and character of service (i.e. honorable). Your
preference and/or appointment eligibility will be verified prior to
appointment. Military members may be appointed before the effective
date of their military retirement/separation if member is on
terminal leave.

### Background checks and security clearance

##### Security clearance


##### Drug test required


##### Position sensitivity and risk

Noncritical-Sensitive (NCS)/Moderate Risk

##### Trust determination process


- Required Documents

**The following documents are required and must be provided with
your application. Other documents may be required based on the
eligibility/eligibilities you are claiming. Click here to view the
AF Civilian Employment Eligibility Guide and the required documents
you must submit to substantiate the eligibilities you are

1. Online Application - Questionnaire
2. Resume - For qualification determinations your resume should
show through experience and training that you possess the
quality level of knowledge and skill necessary to perform the
duties of the position at the level for which you are applying.
If you are a current Federal employee or previous Federal
employee, provide your pay plan, series and grade, i.e.
WG-8852-10. Do **NOT** include photographs (or links to social
media such as *LinkedIn*), inappropriate material, inappropriate
content, nor personal information such as age, gender, religion,
social security number, etc., on your resume.
3. Registration/License - active, current registration/license **if
applicable** for the position
4. If claiming VRA, VEOA or Veterans' Preference - a copy of your
DD Form 214, which must include character of service or a
Statement of Service/Proof of Service which must include service
dates and character of service. In addition, if claiming
10-point preference and/or 30% Disabled Veteran, you must submit
a VA Letter or a disability determination from a branch of the
Armed Forces (or documentation of Purple Heart, if applicable)
and a SF 15 (Application for 10-point veteran preference).
5. Current or Former Federal Civilian Employees (Includes current
Air Force employees): You are required to submit legible
copy/copies of your last or most recent SF-50, Notification of
Personnel Action, (block 24 must be a "1" or "2" AND block 34
must be a"1").
6. Applicants must refer to the AF Civilian Employment Eligibility
Guide (link provided above) for a complete list of required
documents for each eligibility you identify.

**ACTIVE DUTY SERVICE MEMBERS:** The VOW Act requires agencies to
treat active duty service member as veterans, disabled veterans, and
preference eligible, when they submit, at the time they apply for a
Federal job, a "certification" of active service in lieu of a DD214,
assuming the service member is otherwise eligible. A "certification"
letter should be on letterhead of the appropriate military branch of
the service and contain (1) the military service dates including the
expected discharge or release date; and (2) the character of
service. The "certification" must reflect the service member is
expected to be discharged or released from active duty service in
the armed forces under honorable conditions not later than 120 days
after the date of submission. The "certification" must be signed by,
or by direction of, the adjutant, personnel officer, or commander of
your unit or higher headquarters and must indicate when your
terminal leave will begin (if applicable), your rank, dates of
active duty service, the type of discharge and character of service
(i.e. honorable). Further, agencies are required to verify a
qualifying separation from military service prior to appointment,
through the DD214 or other appropriate documentation. Active duty
members that fail to provide a valid "certification" of service with
their application will be found "not eligible." Military members may
be appointed before the effective date of their military
retirement/separation if member is on terminal leave.

Performance Appraisals for Current Federal Civilian Employees** -
Most recent performance appraisals (dated within last 3 years)
showing the official rating of record, signed by a supervisor, or
statement why the performance appraisal is unavailable. Applicant
should not submit an appraisal that does not include this
**Awards for Current Federal Civilian Employees** - Copies of any
award received within the last 3 years.
#### If you are relying on your education to meet qualification requirements:

Education must be accredited by an accrediting institution
recognized by the U.S. Department of Education in order for it to be
credited towards qualifications. Therefore, provide only the
attendance and/or degrees from schools accredited by accrediting
institutions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Failure to provide all of the required information as stated in this
vacancy announcement may result in an ineligible rating or may
affect the overall rating.

- Benefits

A career with the U.S. Government provides employees with a
comprehensive benefits package. As a federal employee, you and your
family will have access to a range of benefits that are designed to
make your federal career very rewarding. Learn more about federal

Review our benefits

Eligibility for benefits depends on the type of position you hold
and whether your position is full-time, part-time, or intermittent.
Contact the hiring agency for more information on the specific
benefits offered.

- How to Apply

The complete Application Package **must** be submitted by 11:59 PM
(ET) on 09/06/2019

To preview the Application Questionnaire, please click the following

To begin the process, click the **Apply Online** button to create an
account or log in to your existing USAJOBS account. Follow the
prompts to complete the application questionnaire. Please ensure you
click the **Submit My Application** button at the end of the

**To apply for this position, you must provide a complete
Application Package which includes:**

1. Your Resume (your latest resume will be used to determine your
qualifications). If you submit more than one copy of your resume,
only the most recent (latest) version will be reviewed. The latest
timestamp will be used to determine which version of your resume is
"most recent."

- It is your responsibility to check the status and timestamp of
all documents you submit as part of your application.
- If your resume includes a photograph or other inappropriate
material or content, you will not be considered for this
- For qualification determinations your resume must contain hours
worked per week and dates of employment (i.e., hours per week
and month/year to month/year or month/year to present). If your
resume does not contain this information, your application may
be marked as insufficient and you will not receive consideration
for this position.

2. A complete Application Questionnaire

3. Additional Required Documents (see Required Documents section).
Ensure all submitted documents contain your full name.

If you are unable to apply online, view the following link for
information regarding Alternate Application. The Vacancy ID is

**PLEASE NOTE:** It is the applicant's responsibility to verify that
information entered and/or uploaded, (i.e., resume) is received,
accurate, and submitted by the closing date. You may verify your
documents have been processed with your application package
successfully. You can access your USAJOBS account to do so by
clicking here. Uploaded documents may take up to one hour to clear
the virus scan.

Human Resources **WILL NOT** modify or change any answers submitted
by an applicant.

### Agency contact information

### Total Force Service Center

##### Phone


##### Email


##### Address

AFRC Non-ART Locations
550 C Street W
JBSA Randolph AFB, TX 78150

Learn more about this agency

### Next steps

Once your application package is received an acknowledgement email
will be sent.

If you provided an email address, you will receive an email message
acknowledging receipt of your application.Your application package
will be used to determine your eligibility and qualifications for
consideration. If you are determined to be ineligible or not
qualified, your application will receive no further consideration.

To check the status of your application or return to a previous or
incomplete application, log into your USAJOBS account, select My
Applications, and click on the more information link under the
application status for this position.

If you do not provide an email address, you are responsible for
checking status updates and notifications in USAJOBS. Hard copy
notifications will not be sent to you.

- Fair & Transparent

The Federal hiring process is setup to be fair and transparent.
Please read the following guidance.

### Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

The United States Government does not discriminate in employment on
the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy and
gender identity), national origin, political affiliation, sexual
orientation, marital status, disability, genetic information, age,
membership in an employee organization, retaliation, parental
status, military service, or other non-merit factor.

- Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) for federal employees & job

### Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Federal agencies must provide reasonable accommodation to applicants
with disabilities where appropriate. Applicants requiring reasonable
accommodation for any part of the application process should follow
the instructions in the job opportunity announcement. For any part
of the remaining hiring process, applicants should contact the
hiring agency directly. Determinations on requests for reasonable
accommodation will be made on a case-by-case basis.

A reasonable accommodation is any change to a job, the work
environment, or the way things are usually done that enables an
individual with a disability to apply for a job, perform job duties
or receive equal access to job benefits.

Under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, federal agencies must provide
reasonable accommodations when:

- An applicant with a disability needs an accommodation to have an
equal opportunity to apply for a job.
- An employee with a disability needs an accommodation to perform
the essential job duties or to gain access to the workplace.
- An employee with a disability needs an accommodation to receive
equal access to benefits, such as details, training, and
office-sponsored events.

You can request a reasonable accommodation at any time during the
application or hiring process or while on the job. Requests are
considered on a case-by-case basis.

Learn more about disability employment and reasonable accommodations
or how to contact an agency.

#### Legal and regulatory guidance

- Financial suitability
- Social security number request
- Privacy Act
- Signature and false statements
- Selective Service
- New employee probationary period

This job originated on For the full announcement and to
apply, visit Only resumes
submitted according to the instructions on the job announcement listed
at will be considered.

Headquarters, Air Force Reserve Command


Tucson, AZ