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Senior Architectural Project Manager
HammerHead Recruitment Coral Gables, FL

Senior Architectural Project Manager

HammerHead Recruitment
Coral Gables, FL
  • $140,000 to $150,000 Yearly
  • Paid Time Off
  • Full-Time
Job Description

HammerHead Recruitment, a renowned recruitment firm for the Design, Development & Construction industry, is currently seeking an experienced Construction Administrator on behalf of a prestigious architectural firm in South Florida. If you have a strong background in multifamily architectural project management and are passionate about ensuring project success through effective problem-solving, leadership, and communication, we would love to hear from you!

Position Overview:

The Architect Project Manager is responsible for overseeing and guiding the design process of architectural projects while ensuring compliance with the design development and approval requirements specific to Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami. This role requires a deep understanding of architectural design principles, construction processes, and the regulatory framework governing architectural projects in the region. Additionally, the Architect Project Manager must have a strong understanding of production processes and upfront schematic design, along with significant experience in the field. Working with clients and interfacing with multiple parties is an inherent responsibility of this role.


Key Responsibilities:


Design Development: Collaborate with the design team, including architects, engineers, and other stakeholders, to guide the development of architectural designs from concept to completion. Provide expertise and input on design decisions, ensuring adherence to project goals, client requirements, and applicable building codes and regulations.


Regulatory Compliance: Possess a comprehensive knowledge of the design and construction regulations, zoning ordinances, and building codes of Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami. Ensure that all project designs comply with these regulations and secure the necessary approvals and permits throughout the design and construction phases.


Permitting and Approvals: Prepare and manage the submission of architectural plans and documents for review and approval by relevant authorities, including Miami-Dade County Building Department, City of Miami Planning and Zoning Department, and other relevant agencies. Coordinate with these entities to address any queries or modifications required for permit issuance.


Permitting and Zoning:

The Project Manager must be familiar with the permitting and zoning regulations of the specific jurisdiction, such as Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami. This includes understanding the specific requirements for building permits, land use permits, variances, and other relevant approvals. The Manager should be adept at navigating the permit application process, preparing necessary documentation, and coordinating with regulatory authorities to secure pre-approvals.


Environmental and Sustainability Pre-Approvals:

In addition to building permits, certain projects may require pre-approvals related to environmental and sustainability considerations. This can include assessments for energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, and compliance with environmental regulations. The Manager should be knowledgeable about these requirements and coordinate with environmental consultants or agencies to obtain the necessary pre-approvals.


Historic Preservation and Architectural Review:

If the project involves a historic building or is located in a designated historic district, the Manager should have an understanding of the requirements and processes related to historic preservation and architectural review. This may involve obtaining approvals from local preservation boards or commissions, adhering to specific design guidelines, and ensuring the project's compatibility with the historical context.


Utility and Infrastructure Pre-Approvals:

Certain projects may require pre-approvals from utility companies or infrastructure providers to ensure proper connectivity and access to essential services. The Project Manager should understand the necessary processes for obtaining approvals related to water, electricity, gas, telecommunications, and other infrastructure requirements.


Community Engagement and Stakeholder Pre-Approvals:

In some cases, projects may require pre-approvals or consultations with community groups, neighborhood associations, or other stakeholders. The Manager should be skilled in facilitating community engagement processes, conducting public meetings, and addressing concerns or feedback from stakeholders. This ensures that the project aligns with community expectations and receives necessary pre-approvals from relevant groups.


Production and Schematic Design: Demonstrate a strong understanding of production processes, including construction methodologies, materials, and techniques. Collaborate with the design team to develop upfront schematic designs that balance aesthetic vision, functional requirements, and constructability considerations.


Project Coordination: Serve as the primary point of contact and liaison between the design team, clients, contractors, and regulatory agencies. Facilitate effective communication and collaboration among project stakeholders to ensure the seamless execution of the design process, timely resolution of issues, and successful project delivery.


Budget and Schedule Management: Collaborate with the project team to establish project budgets and schedules, and monitor their progress throughout the design phase. Identify potential risks or delays and implement proactive measures to mitigate them, ensuring projects are completed within established timelines and financial parameters.


Quality Control: Implement quality control procedures to review design documents, drawings, and specifications. Ensure that the design deliverables meet the project requirements, are accurate, and align with applicable codes and standards.


Team Leadership: Provide leadership and guidance to the design team, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment. Delegate tasks, monitor progress, and provide feedback and mentorship to team members, facilitating their professional growth.


Managing RFI's (Requests for Information):

The Architect Project Manager should have a solid understanding of managing RFI's throughout the project lifecycle. This includes coordinating the flow of information between project stakeholders, tracking and documenting RFI's, and ensuring timely responses to resolve design or construction-related queries. The Manager should possess strong communication and organizational skills to facilitate effective RFI management, ensuring that the design intent is properly interpreted and implemented.


Submittals Management:

The Architect Project Manager must be adept at managing the submittal process, which involves reviewing and coordinating the submission of project-related documents, material samples, and shop drawings for approval. This includes tracking submittal deadlines, reviewing submittal packages for compliance with project requirements, coordinating with design professionals and consultants, and ensuring timely approval or addressing necessary revisions.


Proficiency in Architectural Software:

The Architect Project Manager should have a strong command of architectural software relevant to the industry, such as Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, Building Information Modeling (BIM) platforms, and project management software. Proficiency in these tools allows the Manager to effectively communicate design intent, collaborate with the design team, and manage project documentation and drawings.


Drawings Management:

The Architect Project Manager is responsible for the effective management of project drawings throughout the design and construction phases. This involves establishing a system for organizing, tracking, and distributing drawings to relevant stakeholders. The Manager should ensure that the most up-to-date drawings are accessible to all parties involved and that changes or revisions are properly documented and communicated.


Revision Management:

The Architect Project Manager should have a keen eye for detail and be well-versed in managing drawing revisions. This includes tracking and documenting changes to design drawings, coordinating revisions with the design team, consultants, and contractors, and ensuring that updated drawings are properly distributed and incorporated into the project documentation. The Manager should also be skilled in implementing revision control measures to minimize errors and discrepancies.



Bachelor's or Master's degree in Architecture or a related field.

7 years minimum experience in the multifamily sector.

Ability to manage multiple projects

Professional licensure as an architect (preferred).

Extensive experience in architectural design and project management, with a focus on design development, approvals, production processes, and upfront schematic design in Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami.

Thorough understanding of local building codes, zoning regulations, and permitting processes.

Strong knowledge of architectural design principles, construction techniques, and industry best practices.

Experience with the integration of structural & MEPFP systems

Excellent communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills to effectively collaborate with clients, design team members, contractors, and regulatory authorities.

Proven ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines.

Proficiency in relevant architectural software and project management tools.



This is an exciting opportunity to work with a talented and dedicated team of professionals in a dynamic and challenging environment. Our client offers a competitive salary and benefits package, as well as opportunities for professional growth and development.

If you meet most of the qualifications for this position and are looking for a challenging and rewarding career opportunity, we encourage you to apply today. Our client is committed to finding the best talent for their team and is looking for someone who is dedicated to excellence in architecture & leaving a lasting mark on the South Florida Skyline. .



Closing Note:

As a recruitment agency, we understand that job postings can be intimidating, and candidates may feel unsure about whether they meet all the qualifications listed on the job description.


We want to assure you that our client is seeking candidates who are not afraid to take on new challenges and have a growth mindset. While experience and qualifications are certainly important, our client is looking for individuals who can look beyond their resumes and bring fresh perspectives to their team. They are committed to fostering a workplace that values creativity, innovation, and a willingness to learn.


We encourage all qualified candidates to apply for this exciting opportunity, regardless of whether you meet all of the requirements listed on the job description,



HammerHead Recruitment

Coral Gables, FL



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