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Dive Supervisor
Global Diving & Salvage, LLC. Anchorage, AK

Dive Supervisor

Global Diving & Salvage, LLC.
Anchorage, AK
  • Full-Time
Job Description
Position Description

The Dive Supervisor is assigned by the diving contractor and is responsible for overseeing all diving operations of assigned dive projects, including giving orders, health, and safety concerns, and ensuring all equipment is in safe working order. Global is seeking a Dive Supervisor in our Anchorage, Alaska, office. This person will report to the company’s Regional Dive Operations Manager. The responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Position Essential Job Functions

Project Logistics:

  • The Diving Supervisor shall be knowledgeable and familiar with all techniques, procedures, emergency procedures, and operational parameters for the diving mode under his or her direct supervision
  • In carrying out these responsibilities, the diving supervisor’s duties shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:
    • Be fully cognizant of all relevant governmental regulatory agency regulations that apply to the diving operation and the diving mode employed
    • Understand and comply with the employer’s basic safe practices/preparations manual. See that all rules and regulations are followed
    • Have adequate knowledge, training, and familiarization with all life-support and ancillary equipment designated to the diving operation
    • While on duty, be in immediate control and be available to implement emergency procedures. The diving supervisor is not permitted to dive unless another qualified diver, who has also been appointed and designated to assume responsibility, is present
    • Ensure diving operations are carried out from a suitable and safe location on the surface
    • Develop. or modify and produce pre-dive and post-dive checklists for the operation
    • Develop and implement emergency/contingency procedures
    • Be aware of the procedures to follow to obtain medical support in the event of an accident, either diving or non-diving-related
    • Ensure a two-way communication system is available at the dive location to obtain emergency assistance
    • Perform a Job Safety Analysis for each task undertaken
    • Establish a dive plan ensuring that sufficient breathing mixtures, supplies, and proper equipment are available for the safe and timely completion of the job task
    • Assign the duties of all members of the dive team and personally direct them throughout the diving operation
    • Personally verify that all personnel on the dive team are qualified and physically able to perform the tasks assigned
    • Make an assessment of the physical condition of the divers prior to each dive to determine if any physical impairment is present that would be detrimental to the divers’ health and safety in the water or under hyperbaric conditions
    • Follow International Consensus Standards For Commercial Diving And Underwater Operations
  • Ensure that the diving equipment designated for use is:
    • Suitable for the planned diving operation
    • Sufficient to meet regulatory requirements for the diving mode used
    • Inspected before each dive and is in good working order
    • Ensure that all relevant operating instructions, manuals, decompression tables, treatment schedules, and regulatory publications are available at the dive location and are maintained to reflect current changes and/or developments
  • Ensure the detailed briefing of his or her diving team and support personnel, including:
    • Tasks to be undertaken
    • Unusual hazards or environmental conditions
    • Make modifications to standard procedures or safety procedures necessitated by the specific diving operation
    • Maintain a depth, bottom time, and breathing mix profile at the dive location for each diver during the dive
  • Ensure that each diver is continuously tended while in the water
  • Ensure the dive is terminated when:
    • The diver requests termination
    • The diver fails to respond to communication, or communication is lost between the diver and dive team members at the dive location
    • Communication is lost between the vessel operator and the diving supervisor during live boating operations
    • The diver begins to use his or her diver‐carried reserve breathing gas supply
    • Weather or site conditions are degrading to the extent that diver safety may be compromised
  • Ensure after every dive:
    • The physical condition and well-being of the diver is checked by visual observation and verbal questioning
    • The diver is instructed to report any physical problems or symptoms of decompression sickness or arterial gas embolism
    • The diver is advised of the location of the nearest operating decompression chamber and is acquainted with the dangers of flying or traveling to altitudes higher than the dive site after diving
  • Ensure after any treatment or dive outside the no‐decompression limits:
    • The diver is instructed to remain awake and in the vicinity of a decompression chamber for at least one hour
    • A trained dive team member is available to operate the decompression chamber
    • Report all accidents or incidents involving personnel as required by employer’s rules and relevant governmental regulations.
    • Maintain and submit reports required by the employer and relevant governmental regulations concerning diving operations and equipment maintenance, testing, or repair.
    • View and ensure the accuracy of the diver’s personal log book and affix signature to correctly record activities.
    • Maintain a supervisor’s log book detailing all dives and supervised medical treatment.



  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Commercial diver training diploma from an Association of Diving Educators (or other IMCA D11/D13 recognized) accredited program


  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Completed 60 months in the industry
  • Completed a minimum of 150 working Air dives
  • Completed 350 field days as an Air diver
  • Completed a minimum of 100 days as a Mixed Gas Supervisor
  • ADCI Surface supply Air diving Supervisor card


  • Driver’s license and acceptable driving record
  • Passport and TWIC card
  • Valid and current FA, BLS CPR, AED, & DAN 02
  • Personal resume
  • ADCI Certification card, or internationally recognized certificate as it relates to the position as referenced in IMCA D11/13, 2.1, 2.2
  • Current dive hat inspection, current EGS inspection noting last visual and hydro test
  • HAZWOPER, H2S, Safe Gulf or Rig Pass, HUET or BOISET, API Rigging, 10hr OSHA certification
  • GDS Supervisor Training
  • Current GDS mandatory training and other required programs

Physical / Mental Requirements

  • Ability to work any day of the week, both night and day
  • Ability to travel to project sites and work approximately 30 days on at a time
  • Available for after-hour emergency response
  • Ability to complete pre-employment drug test and participate in random drug and alcohol testing program
  • Ability to successfully complete a background check
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. Must be able to withstand the following for up to 12 hours per day in all weather conditions (Sun, Rain, Sleet, and Snow): stand, sit, walk, push, pull, squat, crouch, bend, stoop, crawl, kneel, climb stairs and ladders, repetitive reaching, and repetitive hand use
  • Ability to meet DOT, ADCI, USCG, or HAZMAT physical & additional fitness ability requirements for the position in which you are filling. Maintain a current physical “within one year” before being exposed to hyperbaric conditions; the supervisor must be medically certified as “CLEARED FOR SUPERVISOR.”

Work Location: Anchorage, AK, with travel as needed on a project-by-project basis.

* Qualified candidates must be authorized to work in the United States. The company will not provide a work visa or relocation for this position.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Global is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is the objective of Global Diving & Salvage, Inc. to obtain qualified employees consistent with position requirements: to seek, employ, promote, and treat all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion/creed, handicap/disability, marital status, genetic information/history, military/veteran status, or any other characteristic or condition protected by law.

If you are a candidate with a disability in need of accommodation in the application process, please get in touch at 206-623-0621.



Global Diving & Salvage, LLC.

Anchorage, AK
99518 USA


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