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Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Platform

Formic Labs
South San Francisco, CA
  • Expired: May 24, 2022. Applications are no longer accepted.

About Formic Labs To accelerate life science, we are building an "OS" that will help investigators design, execute, interpret, manage, and scale experiments, from wet lab assays to bioinformatics analyses, multiscale simulations, and interactive data visualizations. Our platform will supercharge biomedical scientists by providing investigators with approachable, integrated, scalable, and collaborative access to the sea of data, methods, and tools. By enabling scientists to focus on science, our platform will transform industry, academic, and government R&D.

Furthermore, we will use our platform to address one of the grand challenges of biology, developing holistic mechanistic simulations of entire cells and tissues that explain phenotype from genotype. Simplify R&D by relieving investigators of the technical and time-consuming minutiae of designing, executing and managing protocols, such as installing and maintaining tools, learning APIs to tools, converting formats, and setting up workflow engines and data warehouses in HPC and cloud systems. Integrate R&D such as by helping investigators find diverse methods and tools across historical silos and link them together. Facilitate deeper and more holistic investigation such as by easing complex multi-step protocols that integrate diverse tools, large screens over millions of conditions, and analyses of large data sets. Increase the reliability of R&D by transparently, faithfully, and reproducibly executing protocols and automatically organizing and capturing the provenance of their results. Promote collaboration by making tools, protocols, and their results easy to share. Boost methods and tool development by providing tool developers a marketplace to reach users. Reduce the cost of R&D by reducing the need for custom engineering. Led by Michael Antonov, a co-founder of Oculus, and well-funded by Formic Ventures, Formic Labs is poised to accelerate basic science, medicine, and bioengineering. Job summary The Chief Technology Officer of Platform will be a key member of the executive team, responsible for building our platform and working our product and scientific teams to use the platform to provide sophisticated scientific capabilities to our users. The CTO will be responsible for designing the architecture, building a team, and taking our vision from concept to customer: Lead the design and construction of our platform Backend for storing and querying a global "roadmap" of life science methods that helps investigators find appropriate tools for specific investigations. "Driving directions" service that uses path-finding methods to help investigators design pieces of protocols through entire protocols. Specifications for standardized containerized command-line and messaging interfaces to scientific tools. SDK that helps tool developers create standardized interfaces to our specifications. Data model for capturing the capabilities of scientific tools, such as the methods that they implement and the types/formats of their inputs and outputs. Test suite for automatically verifying interfaces to scientific tools. API that tool developers can use to programmatically push tools to our platform for automated review and acceptance. High-level DSL for describing workflows among typed tools. Tools for linting workflows, such as identifying linked tools with mismatched output and input types. Scalable engine for executing workflows. Lakehouse for powering interactive data visualizations of the results of scientific workflows. Frontends for exploring our roadmap, combining tools into workflows, configuring runs of workflows, interactively visualizing results of workflows, and managing workflows. Design the platform to scale to hundreds of thousands of users; tens of thousands of data sets, tools, and formats; complex and long workflows; and petabytes of data. Lead a team of frontend and backend engineers to implement and deploy our platform. Establish and lead best practices for development, testing, documentation, and security. Requirements Must haves Hands-on experience with building complex software products from scratch and deploying them at scale Strong knowledge of our technical stack Backend logic: TypeScript with Node.js Frontend display and logic: HTML, SASS, TypeScript with Angular or React Scientific logic: common languages such as Python and R Databases and data lakehouses: tools such as MySQL and MongoDB Backend services: tools such as Kafka Deployment: Docker, Kubernetes, and cloud infrastructure such as AWS DevOps such as GitHub actions Understanding of best practices for security Self-starter with a great ability to execute Excellent organizational, communication, and leadership skills Ability to manage multiple simultaneous projects Experience building and growing teams Passion for working with people Nice to haves Passion for accelerating biomedical science and engineering Ability to translate the needs, wants, and motivations of biomedical scientists and engineers into accessible solutions Knowledge of biology, lab automation, big data, AI/ML, bioinformatics, parallel computing, modeling and simulation, and/or data visualization Location Formic Labs is located in South San Francisco, CA. The employee may split their time between in-person and remote work.

We will reimburse the employee for relocation. We prefer candidates who want to work with our team in person, but we will consider exceptional remote candidates located in the US. Travel The employee will occasionally travel to meet with customers and partners around the world. Benefits This position offers competitive salary, benefits, and equity.

Formic Labs


South San Francisco, CA



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