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FLTRD New York, NY

  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

Hey! Ready to change the world? Finally. Do you want to write about what’s actually going on in the world in a way that’s not only responsible, practical & relatable but resonates? Perfect. FLTRD is hiring a writer to not only source  global news and stories but to curate content that inspires social impact.



  • FLTRD is an emerging digital multimedia platform and startup dedicated to uncovering global news and stories reflective of the world we actually live in. FLTRD aims to equip the next generation of entrepreneurs, CEOs, politicians, teachers and everyone in between with the worldly knowledge needed to not only incite curiosity and change but to drive social impact.
  • The FLTRD core product is a daily (ish), think MWF,  email newsletter that brings global content right to the inbox of the FLTRD subscriber community. From tech, health, culture, politics, you name it, if it’s happening in the world, FLTRD is uncovering the real.


  • You will join our team as a part-time writer and write 100% of the newsletter 3 times a week. That includes:
  • Curating the most important and interesting global news pieces
  • Writing the articles

Our aspiration is for you to grow with us—we want you to become the thought leader in the space by giving you both the resources and the audience reach to get you there.


  • You are obsessed with all aspects of global news and the digital media  space. 
  • We want you to be almost as obsessed, if not more, like when you're heading into that sixth hour of the latest and greatest Netflix binge when an omnipresence suddenly asks “Are You Still There?”. Yeah, stratosphere level obsessed.
  • You could talk to a wall about what’s going on in the world today and have a great meaningful discussion.
  • That breaking news that could change the world forever? That small village in the middle of nowhere that's got a dope life practice? That recent tariff war with yet another country that might change the way we live our everyday lives? You’re first to know about all of it and you break out in a profuse upper lip sweat just thinking about sharing all the juicy details.
  • You vibe with us. You agree that social media has "grey area-d" most facets of media, and want to be a part of the change to get things a bit more FLTRD. (See what we did there?)
  • You have a unique voice. When you write, your personality shines through. Readers could recognize it’s you even if your name isn’t on a single article.
  • You have an incredible pulse on major and minor happenings in the world. You have the ability to sift through the news and identify what really matters—not what simply drives clicks.
  • You have serious writing capabilities and pay very close attention to detail. You must be able to catch any and all mistakes and use compelling sentence structure to engage readers.
  • Remote work possible
  • Market rates based on experience
  • Ability to craft a unique voice/tone 
  • Significant professional writing experience
  • Solid knowledge of the world news, events, people, cultures
  • Able to write with brevity
  • Obsession with learning and following the news



New York, NY
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