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Control Center Operator / Armed Security Officer
Excalibur Associates Inc Gaithersburg, MD

Control Center Operator / Armed Security Officer

Excalibur Associates Inc
Gaithersburg, MD
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  • Vision , Medical , Dental , Paid Time Off , Life Insurance , Retirement
  • Full-Time
Job Description
Control Center Operator / Armed Security Officer

Job Requirements/Skills


    • Secret security clearance (If you do not have a secret clearance, we can submit you for a secret clearance).
    • Three years of full-time security experience within the past five years or three years of military (active or reserves).
    • Must have Maryland handgun permit and guard card or ability to obtain them.
    • Must have CPR, Handcuffing, Baton, Firearms, and FPS ACSO course. If you do not have this training, it will be provided to you.
    • One or more years of security experience as an emergency dispatcher, or alarms monitor, or SOC operator, or command center operator, or control room operator; or three years of US Military (active duty or reserve) as a command post operator, desk sergeant, or other command and control center operator.
    • Dispatcher Certifications (If you do not have these certifications, we will provide the training).
  • APCO International Public Safety Telecommunicators certification course
  • APCO International Law Enforcement Communications course
  • APCO International Fire Service Communications course
  • Experience in Dispatch/Control Center operations. Experience must be verifiable and demonstrate responding to emergency and administrative telephones, general knowledge of Building Access and Control Systems (BACS), fire and security alarm systems, Video Surveillance Systems (VSSs) and 2-way radio base station operations.
  • Personnel performing these duties must have strong written and oral communication skills and be able to operate under stressful conditions.
  • Personnel shall have the ability to follow operating procedures and quick reaction checklists and must have a working knowledge of personal computer systems and be proficient in the use of Microsoft Word.


Duties include, but are not limited to:


  • Monitor security and fire alarms and closed-circuit television to detect security risks, threats, or prohibited items carried by visitors.
  • Dispatch ACSOs and or police in response to calls for service, alarms, or emergencies
  • Detecting, deterring and reporting safety/security hazards, unauthorized, illegal, or potentially life-threatening activities
  • Performing visitor screening and processing, and responding to emergencies or calls for assistance and Dispatch/Control Center Operations
  • Respond to emergency and administrative telephones,
  • Have general knowledge of Building Access and Control Systems (BACS), fire and security alarm systems, Video Surveillance Systems (VSSs) and 2-way radio base stations operations
  • Be able to communication effectively both orally and written under stressful conditions
  • Be able to work quickly and efficiently under stressful conditions
  • Must be able to use good judgement and critical thinking skills
  • Must be able to sit for prolonged periods of time, up to 12 hours per day, during daytime or nighttime.
  • Ability to communicate with the general public, law enforcement officials, and senior staff, in a clear and calm manner, even under in stressful situations (e.g., confrontations with angry, distraught, or disturbed).
  • Ability to read post orders, checklists, write police reports/blotters, and respond to both routine and emergency calls for service.
  • Present a neat and professional appearance at all times.
  • Check radio equipment for proper operation.

Access Control

  • Stand post at the entry/exit points to verify all persons’ identification and conduct inquiries and surveillance of suspicious items, packages, and people.
  • Ensure individuals do not depart with government material unless they are authorized to do so.
  • Verbally challenge individuals who are approaching restricted areas.
  • Direct individuals who cause a disturbance to leave the property.
  • Operate traffic control points.
  • Close off areas to traffic, establish perimeters, and set up barricades to secure incident scenes or facilities.
  • Control access to incident scenes.
  • Help ensure integrity of a crime scene, maintaining it in its original condition until law enforcement personnel take over.
  • Coordinate the receipt, issuance, and tracking of all keys, key cards, lock combinations, vehicle passes/decals, etc.
  • Identify suspicious persons or vehicles.


  • Inspect packages, briefcases, containers, or any other items in the possession of people entering or leaving a Federally controlled facility.
  • Operate metal detectors to search visitors for prohibited items.
  • Operate X-ray machine to search deliveries and visitors’ packages, equipment, and hand-carried articles for prohibited items.
  • Conduct vehicle inspection that may include inspecting under seats, in the trunk, and under the vehicle.
  • Conduct frisks or pat-downs for weapons or other unauthorized items.

Visitor Processing

  • Verify proper identification of visitors required for issuance of visitor badges.
  • Process visitors.

Patrol and Response

  • Inspect appropriate countermeasures, including facility-critical protection points and classified containers.
  • Inspect facilities for hazards, mechanical problems, and unsafe conditions and report problems to appropriate authorities.
  • Close and secure open windows, doors, gates, or other access points.
  • Manually open and close heavy gates and doors.
  • Conduct patrols in accordance with routes and schedules contained in post orders.
  • Inform dispatcher of present status and changes in conditions.
  • Patrol locations in areas which are potentially hazardous to the public (e.g., construction sites).
  • Inspect the perimeter, property, and buildings for hazards, intruders, and suspicious activities.
  • Observe the environment for suspicious vehicles or persons on or around Federal property.
  • Review maps, floor plans, diagrams, or other information to become familiar with facility and property boundaries.
  • Evacuate individuals from dangerous and/or life-threatening situations.
  • Guide and assist first responders (e.g., with scene management or security).
  • Assess the condition of injured individuals.
  • Perform basic first aid in response to emergencies.
  • Administer CPR.
  • Administer/deploy AED.
  • Use a fire extinguisher to put out a minor fire.
  • Request emergency assistance in response to traffic accidents.
  • Assist in conducting accident/incident scene searches/investigations (e.g., check visitor logs, video) in search of relevant evidence and information to determine the facts of the situation.
  • Follow directions to and respond to emergency and routine calls for service until the situation is resolved or until relieved by a higher authority.
  • Investigate the source of suspicious odors and sounds.
  • Pursue fleeing individual(s).
  • Escort money, valuables, or people to provide security.
  • Escort facility tenants and visitors to and/or from their vehicles after hours.

Common Tasks

  • Report potentially threatening situations and violations of law and security procedures.
  • Observe unique characteristics of an individual for identification purposes.
  • Collect information about stolen or missing property or suspicious activities to aid investigations.
  • Take detailed field notes


Seeking Full-time experienced candidates that provide Dual Qualified Control Center Operator (Dispatcher) and Armed Contract Security Officer (ACSO) services throughout the area of operations on the NIST Gaithersburg, Maryland campus.

The required services include armed security force management and staffing; monitoring alarm activities; detecting, deterring, and reporting safety/security hazards, unauthorized, illegal, or potentially life-threatening activities; performing visitor screening and processing, patrolling campus grounds and responding to emergencies or calls for assistance and Dispatch Center Operations.

The purpose of services is to maintain a secure environment in which Citizens and Government employees can conduct business with confidence.

Law Enforcement Authority - The Security Force can be the cornerstone of an effective physical protection program. The effectiveness of an integrated security system of locks, barriers, lighting, cameras, intrusion detection systems, and access control systems, while critical to the success of a security posture, ultimately depends on the response by a skilled Security Force.

Control Center Operators (Dispatchers) and ACSOs required under this contract perform a crucial role in support of the NIST mission.


Dispatcher pay is $38.64 total hourly rate, of which $33.37 is the base rate and $4.57 is Health and Welfare (maximum of up to 40 hours per week) and $0.70 for 401k contribution (maximum of up to 40 hours per week).

ACSO pay is $37.64 total hourly rate, of which $32.37 is the base rate and $4.57 s Health and Welfare (maximum of up to 40 hours per week) and $0.70 for 401k contribution (maximum of up to 40 hours per week).

Additional Information:

  • Paid on a semi-monthly pay schedule
  • The position is considered non-exempt by the company in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and SPFPA Union Collective Bargaining Agreement.

In addition to your monetary compensation, you will be eligible to participate in the following benefits in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement:

  • Paid vacation as follows: 10 days each year for the first 4 years of employment, (granted on your original anniversary date.) Thereafter, you will earn additional vacation days based on years of service. (pro-rated for Part-time)
  • 56 personal/sick hours annually (pro-rated for Part-time)
  • 11 days paid holidays annually (pro-rated for Part-time)
  • Medical insurance programs. Optional coverage for family members as well as a Vision, Dental, Life Insurance, Short-term and Long-term disability plans are availa

Our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
The company is an equal opportunity employer. The company shall not discriminate against any employee or applicant because of race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity (except where gender is a bona fide occupational qualification), national origin, age, disability, military/veteran status, marital status, genetic information or any other factor protected by law. We are committed to equal employment opportunity in all decisions related to employment, promotion, wages, benefits and all other privileges, terms, and conditions of employment.


Excalibur Associates Inc

Gaithersburg, MD
20899 USA


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