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General Manager

Mountain View, CA
  • Expired: February 03, 2023. Applications are no longer accepted.
We are seeking a talented General Manager for a modern luxury hotel located just north of San Jose. This art-inspired hotel is in a great location being close to many corporate headquarters as well as a University and a professional sports stadium. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who would like to join a successful company that promotes teamwork and growth from within 
Core characteristics: creating and advocating for transparency, providing direction, creating open lines of communication, active listening, creating and inculcating trust, demonstrating a constant desire to improve, providing structure, allowing autonomy but with transparency
  • Chief motivator and culture carrier. The GM should attempt every day to live the core values of the hotel and demonstrate them to staff. He should motivate others to do the same by designing incentives that highlight and reward others' living those values and creating moments of celebration for shared wins. He should also establish a culture of feedback and continuous improvement.
  • Balancer of short-and long-term growth and value. The GM should make recommendations and decisions that weigh the short and long term impacts to the asset and understand (and communicate) the trade-offs to the various stakeholders (above and below). This means understanding the trade-offs between short term growth and long-term reputation; understanding the balance between expense management and labor retention, etc. Prioritization of long or short-term should always align to hypotheses about the current and long-term demand and labor markets - what do we believe to be true, and why therefore are we making certain decisions? These priorities should be subject to change in the face of new information, and should be communicated clearly and often both upward and downward.
  • Author and communicator of shared goals and strategies. The GM should be the constant advocate for who and what the hotel is trying to be - our shared narrative and core values. The GM should drill down with each department head into how each department can
    and is delivering on those goals. The GM should help department heads translate vision into tactics and execution, and help co-create the metrics that will tell us whether or not we're delivering on that vision. This also means the GM has shared metrics about how each
    department head's success will be evaluated - these should be clear, transparent, and accessible to both GM and dept head. These metrics should be aligned with compensation and incentivization of employees managed by the GM, and the employees should understand how their compensation is tied (even if indirectly) with the success of the hotel at large as well as the success of their own departments.
  • Active and transparent advocate between ownership and on-prop team. The GM is uniquely positioned as a layer between ownership and the team on-property. As such, he/she is
    the only objective advocate for one to the other and is the only one who can adequately communicate the position of one to the other. For example - if ownership has a goal of covering debt service in the following financial fiscal year, taking that goal and explaining it to each department head, and asking what would need to be true on their end to meet it. If that goal is unrealistic, the GM should actively work to create a solution-oriented culture between the two stakeholder group - a culture that promotes facts, transparent communication, and does not avoid confrontation.
  • Active listener and supporter of on-prop team. The GM should have an accurate pulse on team sentiment - what's on people's minds? In knowing these things, the GM can identify and potentially mitigate risks early (and will know whether they are department specific or indicative of a larger problem or trend). The GM should validate those concerns where appropriate, or if unfounded, explore the disconnect in perspectives and communicate. A team that feels supported and heard will be more effective and proactive in raising issues that could ultimately impact guest experience.
  • Buster of department silos. The GM is uniquely positioned with a view into each department - only he has the ability to see a thematic concern that can be solved with everyone. Thematic wins and learnings can and should be bubbled up to a higher level and communicated outward. The GM can and should bring teams together who can co-solve problems and act as the connective tissue between them
Proven experience as a General Manager or similar executive role
Experience in planning and budgeting
Knowledge of business process and functions (finance, HR, procurement, operations etc.)
Strong analytical ability
Excellent communication skills
Outstanding organizational and leadership skills
Problem-solving aptitude
BSc/BA in Business or relevant field; MSc/MA is a plus



Mountain View, CA