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Security Forces Trainer

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  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description: Position Description: Security Forces Trainer providing support to the government client at Joint Base Anacostia Boiling. Occasional travel may be required. Serves as the focal point for the security forces training program, coordinating and implementing all training activities for the unit. (30%)Ensures that all training program measures and actions taken comply with federal, DoD, Air Force, MAJCOM, and local rules, directives, instructions, requirements, and procedures. Plans, develops, coordinates, schedules, accomplishes, and/or monitors various unit training activities to include military and civilian security forces training. Manages formal school requests, collective and sustainment training, ancillary, and recurring training. Provides assistance and guidance, both verbal and written, to concerned and involved personnel. Identifies security specialized training requirements. Schedules and/or conducts unit orientation and Phase I training and verifies completion of Phase II training for duty positions. Monitors progress of qualification and skill-level upgrade training and takes or recommends action, as appropriate. As required, develops and/or implements local job qualification standards (JQS), Training Exercise Evaluation Outlines (TEEO), lesson plans, and task performance checklists. Responsible for preparation, update, and control of training tests and maintenance of a test bank. Monitors and tracks individual and unit compliance in meeting all training requirements to include assessing and inspecting records and conduct of training. Identifies deficiencies and takes or makes recommendations for corrective action. As available and appropriate, identifies and applies computer-based training techniques and modules. Develops local guidance and directives on unit training, as required, to include updates, instructions, supplements, and policies. Conducts training classes for security forces personnel. (25%)Prepares lesson plans and teaches formal or informal training courses for personnel in various Security Forces functional activities in accordance with AFI 36-2651 and AFI 36-2646, Security Forces Training and Standardization Evaluation Programs. Plans, coordinates, and executes training exercises. Monitors progress of students, documents results, and takes remedial and corrective action to include additional training and changes in training and/or operational procedures and instructions. Prepares or assists in the preparation of training documentation and reports. Plans, develops, coordinates, schedules, initiates, provides exercise injects, designates role players, establishes/maintains role player limits, provides preexercise safety briefing to role players and exercise participants, terminates, and evaluates squadron and base-level training exercises. Member of the Wing Inpsection Team with regards to all Security Forces duties and responsibilities. Maintains/updates digital locally devised training data base, Advanced Distributed Learning Service (ADLS) training records and Air Force Training Records (AFTR). Prepares proficiency cards for less-lethal use-of-force tools. Instructs and prepares Self-Aid Buddy Care/TCCC hands-on training memorandums and related training documentation per 316th Medical Squadron (MDS) POC requirements.Proctors written tests (Arming and Use of Force, Weapons Knowledge, Taser, etc.), grades, offers constructive feedback, and, when needed, conducts remedial training. Records Custodian for training section; prepares file plan, follows file plan, and then files exams, certificates, and other documents showing proof of course completion, or progress and training status.Vets/prepares/routes the “Authorization to Bear and Use Firearms”report for active duty and reserve Security Forces, Civilian Defenders/Police Officers, and SF Augmentation personnel for the Commander’s approval and signature. Prepares monthly/annual reports indicating the current training status of each member in each foundation skill, special training course, and firearms and less-lethal weapons qualification for squadron leadership, other units (316 MDS), Mental Health, Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, tenant units, etc.), outside agencies, and base leadership, as required.Researches and incorporates law enforcement and security guidelines, policies and regulations, as well as appellate case precedent, recent trends, After Action Reports for recent/current active shooter, insider threat, use of force, and related law enforcement incidents to lesson plans. Solicits/coordinates adjunct instructors and monitors delivery to ensure training objectives are completed. Identifies need for changes in priorities and takes actions as indicted by supervisor. Coordinates with all trainers to ensure they have the most recent lesson plans, training aids, and training schedules, and the physical skills for correct delivery. Perform duties as Flight Training Officers (FTO) conducting field/road training; trains individual personnel for qualification on assigned certifications requiring the flexibility to work multiple shifts of duty. Develops and monitors the accomplishment of security forces training plans and obtains and develops training aids and materials. (25%)Ensures higher headquarters directives are incorporated into the training plan, and that funding is acquired for the identified training requirements. Develops and maintains a comprehensive collection of training materials such as written training guides or pamphlets, graphic visual aids, training films, video cassettes, sound recordings, multi-media video training tapes, curriculum materials, etc. and develops comprehensive educational curricula to meet specific training requirements. Completes initial instructor certification and maintains certifications by completing annual/biennial refresher instructor training courses and checks source material for continuous updates in multiple disciplines. Downloads lesson plans from the AFSFC SMARTNet/functional community and resources material from other specialty skill SMEs and enterprise standards. Converts digital format of lesson plans from functional in order to modify lesson plans for recent updates/regional compliance and local MOUs/MOAs/corrects for errors (spelling, grammatical, tactical, procedural, local policy (squadron, group, wing)), resolves inconsistencies/conflicts between diverse lesson plans and local civilian agency procedures, and modifies for effective delivery to the intended audience. Develops and coordinates lesson plans. Gathers visual and practical training aids for expeditionary training skills for pre-deployment squadron personnel and general base population personnel. Ensures higher headquarters directives are incorporated into the training plan and funding is acquired for the identified training requirements. Creates slideshow presentations, evaluates, gathers, purchases visual aids and practical training aids to accompany the lesson plans. Beta tests the lesson plan, slideshow presentation, visual aids and training aids to ensure proper delivery. Resources, creates and maintains a comprehensive inventory of training areas/classrooms, training materials such as written/digitalized training guides or pamphlets, graphic visual aids, training films, videos, sound recordings, multimedia training videos, curriculum materials, and coordinates with other agencies/units for non-organic specialized training venues. Develops and implements testing procedures for required certification. Aids NCOIC in the creation and execution of the Master Training Plan, to include all By-Law requirements and topics covered on the Comprehensive Trianing Catelog and the Master Training Plan. Acquires training aids as required for flight training days including, but not limted to, simmunitions with Personal Protective Equipment, handcuffs, less-lethal weapons (Baton/Taser), law enforcement forms, Red Man suits, baton training bags, inert guns, and red knives. Develops practical real life scenarios to incorporate into training, to allow for application of all topics taught of mandated training and any identified by the Flight Chief/Commander. Manipulates changes to training plans as required by DAF/A4S and the AFSFC. Attends, arranges, and conducts meetings, briefings, and workshops and performs other duties related to security forces training. (10%) Provides assistance, information, and status briefs to supervisors, branch chiefs, and other individuals and resolves work issues or problems as needed/directed. May also be required to provide assistance to the NCOIC of Training to perform auxiliary and Security Forces functions and conduct special projects. Performs and enforces the full range of police officer duties within the military installation. (10%)Has full powers of apprehension and detention. Pursues and apprehends or directs apprehension of person(s) fleeing a crime scene or attempting to resist arrest; carries a firearm as required. Mirandizes suspects, preserves evidence, and testifies in court as it pertains to enforcing laws and regulations on a military installation. Directs and ensures thorough investigations of accidents, suspicious activities, crimes and arrests, and promotes community relations.Directs and supervises the dispatch operation activities involving security force patrols to scenes of crimes, accidents, natural disasters, and apprehensions. Acts as the on-scene incident commander for significant and catastrophic events as required. Directs or personally performs preliminary and final short-term investigations of a broad range of alleged and actual crimes occurring solely within the local installation jurisdiction. Conducts training classes for security forces personnel. Participates in training, exercises, and evaluations to increase proficiency and update skills and knowledge. Desired Skills:Knowledge of a range of security forces policies, pr

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