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Executive Director for Non- Profit In Prison Women's Program ( Texas)

EWOP Empowering Women of Purpose Lockhart, TX
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.

​Non Profit - Executive Director sought:

  • Are you courageous, bold, and determined to use your God-given talents to impact positively the lives of thousands of others?
  • Are you a natural leader, able to inspire and motivate an entire organization?
  • Have you started, lead or grown an upstart co., grassroots effort or non-profit?

Empowered Women of Purpose will be an independent, non-profit corporation that is transforming and empowering incarcerated and formerly incarcerated females to realize a life of freedom, noble character and purpose by revealing their God-given potential.

Our goal is not only to reduce repeat crime and recidivism, but to transform these women into ambassadors of hope who strengthen the communities to which they return after prison. In the near term, we empower graduates to lead productive lives by quickly obtaining legal employment and beginning the family reintegration process. Longer term, our goal is that the families are strengthened and that children of Empowered Women of Purpose graduates benefit academically and behaviorally, thereby breaking the cycle of generational incarceration. One of the benefits of graduating our program is that the women learn essential fundamentals of entrepreneurship, small business start-up and business plan development.

Empowered Women of Purpose is affiliated with the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (“PEP”), a separate non-profit corporation serving incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men. PEP has a 15-year history of successful outcomes and significant impacts. See

The Need and the Opportunity

The United States has the largest incarcerated population in the world; while our nation only has 5% of the world’s population, it has 25% of its inmates. After release, the formerly incarcerated are labeled “ex-cons” for the rest of their lives. Not surprisingly, unemployment rates are extremely high among ex-offenders and a criminal record can make it nearly impossible to find a place to live. Without a job or a home, many ex-offenders will commit new crimes within three years.

Female ex-offenders often face additional challenges to successful re-entry into society, including a history of financial instability, past substance abuse, survival of past physical or sexual abuse, loss of child custody, and fear of the long-term impact of their incarceration on their children.

Empowering incarcerated women to become financially independent and confident in their abilities to be better mothers and leaders in society – that is our vision for this program. We have broken new ground by offering the first program of its kind in the nation for female inmates. Are you ready to embark on life-altering, game-changing work?

The Responsibilities of the Position

The Executive Director of Empowered Women of Purpose will oversee all aspects of the program, including in-prison programming, post-release support and development. The in-prison portion of the program includes a 3-month Leadership Academy, and a 6-month Entrepreneurship Academy. The post-release portion of the program is generally intensive for the first 3 – 12 months, although our relationships with many graduates last for many years.

Phase 1: The Leadership Academy

This phase concentrates on character development and serves as a precursor to our core business curriculum. It also provides PEP tm a period of time to address the behavioral and character issues that are critical for long-term success. All participants are expected to “live out” our 10 Driving Values: Integrity, Accountability, Wise Stewardship, Love, Fun, Fresh-Start Outlook, Servant-Leader Mentality, Innovation, Execution and Excellence.

Phase 2: The Entrepreneurship Academy

The centerpiece of this phase of our program is the Business Plan Competition (BPC), modeled after BPCs held at many major universities. Each student conceives of a business that she would start upon release, researches the logistics of competing within her chosen industry, writes a complete business plan for launching her business and then pitches this plan regularly in a “Shark Tank” format (which includes groups of executive volunteers on the judging panel). In recognition of the rigors of our program, Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business provides each graduate with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship.

Phase 3: Post Release Services

Comprehensive post-release services follow these in-prison services. The scope of services provided directly or through collaborative partnerships with other non-profits includes:

● intensive case management with a dedicated re-entry specialist;

● mock interviews and basic resume preparation led by seasoned HR volunteers;

● employment assistance through our relationships with local businesses and executive volunteer network;

● an affordable housing program that provides a secure, supportive environment to begin rebuilding a life;

● a basic needs assistance program that provides everything needed to stabilize after release, including professional attire;

● a weekly continuing education program led by volunteer business leaders; and

● business start-up support services.

This is a full time position, with occasional odd hours, and can be based in Lockhart, Austin or San Antonio, Texas. The Executive Director will report directly to the Governing Board of Empowered Women of Purpose.

In fulfilling his or her responsibilities, the Executive Director will

· With support from the Board, recruit, hire, train and supervise necessary staff

· Prepare operating budgets and present them for approval by the Board

· Prepare and present operating and financial reports to the Board

· Expand awareness about and recruit volunteers and donors for Empowered Women of Purpose through speaking engagements, community outreach events and social media

· Establish and manage an effective process for identifying potential sources of funding, and prepare grant proposals

· Be the primary representative and spokesperson for Empowered Women of Purpose before the general media as well as elected and appointed officials and business groups


Requirements include but are not limited to:

● Bachelor’s degree or relevant life and work experience

● Exceptional Soft Skills (well-developed Emotional Intelligence Quotient)

● Excellent command of the English language, verbal and written

● Proficient with computers (Microsoft Office and Salesforce)

● Ability to work with women and volunteers who are diverse in age, ethnicity and education

● Effective facilitator of classes and group meetings ranging from 50-150 participants

● Be able to become a TDCJ Trained Volunteer

● Strong organizational skills

● Willingness to serve others, and the commitment to lead by serving

● Possess a strong moral compass (an inner sense that guides ethical behavior and decision making at all times)

The ideal candidate for this position will also possess:

● A demonstrated passion for serving others

● Optimism, high energy, common sense, personal responsibility, a sense of humor and integrity

● Great leadership and team-building skills

● Immense spiritual, emotional and professional maturity

● Prior successful experience in fundraising for a non-profit

● Prior successful leadership experience within a program serving women, especially incarcerated or marginalized women


Empowered Women of Purpose recognizes that our employees are some of our most valuable assets, as such we offer the following benefits:

● Paid Time Off

● Health insurance

● Life insurance

● Dental insurance

● Vision insurance


● Ability to leave a legacy and help rebuild lives - your work here has PURPOSE

  • Plus the prison is location in the heart of BBQ alley, Lock-hart Texas! - a quick 45 min drive from Austin or San Antonio

For more information or to apply for this opportunity please submit a cover letter and current resume to OR RESPOND HERE ON ZIPRECRUITER ( easiest)

EWOP Empowering Women of Purpose

Why Work Here?

Because we believe your best tag line is "SEE YOU IN PRISON" where lives are changed, including your own !

You get to be part of a revolution ! Changing lives through a successfully proven formula: Entrepreneurial Based leadership academy in a women's prison in Lockhart Texas. Imagine - a 6 month Business Plan Competition ( a leadership and character development focused program) that leads up to a Shark Tank style graduation. But there is more: Where outside volunteers, VCs, business owners and community leaders come in to participate ( over the course of the 6 months) , mentor and eventually vote on the best business plan idea for that graduating class ! THEN.... drum role: Mentors are paired with women who graduate and are released, so that continued fellowship and re entry follow up and help can ensure success.. and did we mention, EWOP and volunteers will guide and encourage these women to actually start there BUSINESS! Want to learn more: read about our founding 'brother' ( our parent non profit) to learn what EWOP will eventually evolve into. Then ask yourself am I the Executive Director ( the leader) who can take this upstart Non profit and make it into something great!


Lockhart, TX
78644 USA