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Entrepreneur Assistant

ESP Services Houston ,TX
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description: Seeking Executive Assistant to Entrepreneur Ever worked for an Entrepreneur before? This is exposure to 7 different industries with tasks in all aspects of business. Government Contracts, Music Distribution & Publishing, Social Media, Insurance, Clothing Wholesale, and Non-Profit…sprinkle in some Stocks, Futures and Options trading and that is the exposure you will get. If you can see the value of being an important part of this, then apply NOW. If this sounds like a lot of work and wondering if doing just enough can keep you employed? DO NOT APPLY!!! If you are not comfortable with occasional cursing, do not learn well under pressure, or are not the type of person that “gets things done” regardless of how hard/foreign they are - DO NOT APPLY!!! It is a waste of your time (and mine). This is not Boiler Room or Wolfe of Wall Street. It is about calculating risk and maximizing profit while making sure employees grow with us. It is about being accountable and holding others accountable for the collective. Character Requirements/ Skills:Is able to prioritize tasks on the go, and recognize important things as important things. Things come up sometimes that require everything else to be put on the back burner. I want you to recognize those things without me having to tell you.Extreme attention to detail. Checks small details of documents and proofread for grammar and correct phone numbers. Makes sure lists are tracked in Salesforce with correct details. Ensures that company action items and new procedures are adhered to by other employees. Note- I not great at details. It’s a huge portion of what I'm looking for is someone that naturally excels with them.Proficient with CRM/Salesforce, Microsoft Office suite and Outlook suite. We use Outlook and a combination of Microsoft office and PDFs. You should be able to make a non-complicated power point in your sleep. Have experience is using a CRM like Salesforce or ZOHO.Intermediate understanding of Microsoft Excel, and a capacity to become expert level. Yes, this means you have to be able to do math and be able to think conceptually as it relates with solving math issues.Intelligent and capable of learning new complex things. This should go without saying. I only want to work with intelligent, witty, and curious people, and I hope you have a similar standard for your life as well. Example: you will be required to gain an intermediate understanding of Salesforce Administration using online SF resources. Not full-blown developer level, but enough to be “really good” and to trouble shoot and accomplish basic things.Exceptional organization skills. Searching for the type of person that sees a disorganized desk and immediately optimizes the drawers. If you organize your closet by color and type or only find satisfaction if To-Do lists get completed… this likely describes you.Ability and willingness to take massive action from snippets of information. Entrepreneur says "take this complex system that I just described to you and get to work on getting the pieces in play and handling all of the things within that system that do not require strategic decision making" Most of the time this is setting up websites, templates, and sending various emails to vendors with instructions. Understanding all of the resources we have and leveraging to get the right outcome.Willingness to learn out tech suite. We will use Salesforce and a variety of other internet vendors for our various needs. You will need to learn all those websites and have a basic understanding of how they work so that you can perform tasks that relate to them. Shopify, Web Builders, Databox, Quickbooks, Zendesk, Order Analytics, Chartmetrics, TradestationQuick note on these: When I started out, I did not know how to use many of the software I taught myself how to use much of it on Google and using the website's help sections. I expect you not only to be able to do that, but proactively learn about those systems so that when tasks pop up with them, you are at an advantage.Takes meticulous notes in CRM! I want you to me the Guru on CRMExcellent written and verbal communication skills. Communicates well. Does not easily offend people and is not easily offended. You will be communicating with many people that I have relationships with or am pursuing relationships with, and therefore are an extension of me as it relates to them.Takes excellent Meeting Minutes and notes, including action items. Can recognize and assign action items from meetings. Can recognize relevant topics/ sayings during meetings. Excellent ability to take detailed notes but also excellent meeting summaries.Types 60 words per minute or more. Or just figure out how to get the details. This is necessary for the note taking and meeting minute tasksFlexible Schedule. Understands that sometimes things HAVE TO get done NOW even though its 7pm on a Friday. Understands and accepts that emails and texts will be received on the weekend and need to be responded to. (most of the time, this should be a regular 9-5 /10-6 job)Excels while working remotely. Let’s face it, working from home a lot may be the new normal. You should not be the type of person that has trouble focusing while working from home, and your life should be free from irreconcilable work from home distractions. At a moment notice you might have to cancel everything and work from home...but still get tasks done.Sees the "Big Picture" when necessary. There were some earlier hints at this. Although the Big Picture is the ultimate responsibility of the ENTREPENUER, it’s important that you can 'see' it.Discretion. You will have access to many details of ENTREPENUER's personal life as well as sensitive company information/ discussions and will be expected to place a high level of importance on protecting those things. NDA will be mandatory and enforced.Thick Skin. Every time I google "important things in an Executive Assistant," this comes up.Is a motivated, passionate person. This one is not a skill. It's a "something that’s inside you" thing. And, if it’s not there, do not apply. You will not be happy here, and if you aren't happy then this isn't going to work out. "On Paper" Requirements:College Degree or Equivalent Experience (be specific in your cover letter as to why it's equivalent if not a degree)Minimum 2 years working with a CRM/ Project Management software/ something other than a notebookMinimum of 6 years total of combined educational and professional experienceMinimum of 2 years’ experience as C Level Assistant or Equivalent (such as Paralegal, Chief of Staff, Team Leader, something in which your position revolved around support of a Senior Level person)Notary License or ability to become Licensed Notary. This means you must be able to pass a background checkMUST have a reliable vehicle. MUST be a good driving record because you will be driving both of us in my car. MSUT Travel for up to 7 days 4-5 times a year.MUST have a reliable cell phone, cell service, and home internet connection. Compensation: Base: $36-40K per year (Negotiable based on prior experience) Annual and semiannual Bonus: After your first 90 days you will be eligible for bonuses based on company performance as well as your own. Time Off: You should not miss any meaningful period of time in your first 90 days. Additional Perks: Lots of free lunches, free company dinners and events. I will also reimburse you for 50% of a general admission ticket cost of any personal growth/ mindset/ in any way educational event you would like to attend, after you have attended it. For instance, Tony Robbins, Meditation Events, Church Events, Continued Education/ College, etc. The Companies: ESP Enterprises Inc SoSouth Distribution and Publishing Social Behavior -Social Media Outsourcing 1 Source Insurance Advisors Brazilian Arts Foundation Peaches & Cream Apparel The ENTREPENUER: My name is Steve Phelan. I believe if my employees grow so will the companies. I do not like complaining unless it comes with a solution. One day I am bored listening to a conference call that has nothing to do with me… and the next day meeting with celebrities. Every company has a different feel and I manage them differently. Regardless of the variance the outcome is to make the most profit and give stability for the 120+ employees. *Do not apply without sending a cover letter explaining why you're applying and what you liked about the ad, and do not reach out to me directly. I realize my contact info isn't rocket science to find online* Job Type: Full-time Pay: $36-40K per year Benefits:Flexible ScheduleHealth Insurance401K MatchingPaid Time OffProfessional Development Assistance Experience:Executive Assistant: 2 year (Preferred) Application Question:What is the next number in this sequence? 16, 22, 34, 52, 76 Additional Compensation:Bonuses This Job Is Ideal for Someone Who Is:Dependable -- more reliable than spontaneousAdaptable/flexible -- enjoys doing work that requires frequent shifts in directionDetail-oriented -- would rather focus on the details of work than the bigger picture This Company Describes Its Culture as:Innovative -- innovative and risk-takingAggressive -- competitive and growth-orientedOutcome-oriented -- results-focused with strong performance culture This Job Is:Open to applicants who do not have a college diploma Schedule:Monday to FridayDay shiftOn call Company Description: ESP Enterprises, Inc. has over 17 years of concentrated experience in the installation, system upgrade, maintenance, and staffing for public transit projects. ESP’s work with industry leading vendors has enabled us to acquire in-depth knowledge and distinctive experience. With an approach of being the project solution for our customers, ESP has distinguished itself as the go to source for the transit industry in the United States.

ESP Services

ESP Enterprises, Inc. has over 17 years of concentrated experience in the installation, system upgrade, maintenance, and staffing for public transit projects. ESP’s work with industry leading vendors has enabled us to acquire in-depth knowledge and distinctive experience. With an approach of being the project solution for our customers, ESP has distinguished itself as the go to source for the transit industry in the United States.


Houston, TX