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Executive Administrator

Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee, Inc. Ridgecrest ,CA
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description: The Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee, Inc., a non-profit conservation organization, seeks an Executive Administrator. Delegation of authority to other employees, contractors, volunteers and Board members, where possible, is expected. However, the Executive Administrator is responsible for managing the entire DTPC program as directed by the Board of Directors. Position requires a self-starting, highly motivated individual who will ask questions but also take direction while not requiring daily hand holding. Excellent communication skills, reliability, honesty, patience, integrity, diplomacy, tact, even temperament and courtesy to all are a must. Employee will be bonded. JOB DESCRIPTION 1. Membership development a. Design and implement membership recruitment and retention plans b. Maintain the organization’s website and social media accounts c. Oversee the preparation of the DTPC newsletter, soliciting written articles, photographs, calendar items, fund raising programs and preparing some of the articles. Manage the printing and distribution of the newsletter via email, timely posting on the DTPC webpage, and mailing through the US Post Office. d. Update and manage membership database (see 10b). Ensure mailing list is up to date 2. Volunteer and Vendor Coordination a. Recruit and train volunteers b. Organize and coordinate volunteers to help with public access, invasive species control, trails plan implementation, and public outreach and monitoring of parcels c. Update and manage volunteer database d. Identify, evaluate, retain and supervise crews performing services such as fence construction and repairs 3. Public Outreach and Environmental Education a. Prepare and manage MS Powerpoint presentations b. Conduct public outreach presentations; public speaking ability and comfort required c. Organize and manage public speaker volunteers d. In conjunction with other personnel, prepare guides and other materials e. Represent the DTPC on the Friends of Jawbone, Public Lands Roundtable, and other regional community planning groups. f. Follow the agendas and activities of the Planning Commissions of the California City, City of Ridgecrest, Kern County, San Bernardino County, Inyo County, and any county where the DTPC has property or environmental concerns. The Executive Administrator will keep the Board of Directors apprised of proposed and anticipated actions that these planning commissions are considering that could impact the DTPC properties or values. The Board will determine if any action, comments, or appearance at the commission meeting is warranted. 4. Fundraising and Grant Writing a. Identify grant opportunities b. In conjunction with other staff, prepare grant c. Manage grant budgets, schedules, and implementation d. Serve as the designated grant administrator for all grants awarded to the DTPC e. Assure that contracts awarded with grant funding are awarded correctly, on time, and within the approved budget f. Attend California Department of Parks and Recreation, Off Highway Vehicle grant meetings, and recommend to the Board grants that the DTPC should apply for. With the approval of the Board prepare and submit the grant application(s). Research potential grant opportunities with other agencies and organizations and recommend to the Board grants that the DTPC should apply for, and with the approval of the Board prepare and submit the grant application(s) 5. Support to DTPC Conservation Coordinator a. Assist with coordination of monitoring activities b. Prepare GIS and other maps. Word processing, spreadsheet skills required. Familiarity and demonstrated skill with GIS/mapping a requirement c. Assist with preparation of periodic and annual reports on conservation activities d. Must be willing to get dirty or windblown occasionally. Trips to DTRNA will be required. If dirt roads are a hurdle, this position is not for you. Tolerance of desert heat and freezing temperatures is essential. 6. Support to DTPC Board of Directors a. Attend meetings b. Assist in preparing materials for board meetings. Assist the Board of Directors with the preparation for and hosting of Board meetings c. Follow up on Board directives d. Manage the annual Membership Meeting and Banquet, including making presentation. e. Attend and support the DTPC at the annual Desert Tortoise Council Symposium 7. Support to DTPC Lands Director a. Track and disseminate email, telephone and mail inquiries about land acquisition and mitigation matters b. Maintain lands database in MS database c. Maintain electronic and paper lands records d. Project management capabilities are essential. (managing fencing contractor, ACE crews…) e. Oversee and surveil all contracts awarded by the DTPC, insuring that the work is accomplished in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract 8. Support to DTPC Treasurer and Bookkeeper a. Prepare property tax exemptions b. Prepare a draft budget for the operation of the DTPC for the review and finalization by the Board of Directors. Once approved, work within the budget constraints and request board approval prior to acting upon any project expected to exceed the budget c. Assist in the preparation of monthly and annual reports, general project administration including contract management, billing d. Support the Treasurer with preparations for the annual DTPC audit e. Report to Earthshare as required 9. Support to DTPC President and Board of Directors Report to a single supervisor who is a member of the Board of Directors a. Provide support as needed b. Prepare and edit correspondence, including the Annual Membership letter c. Prepare reports as directed d. Prepare a written report to the Board of Directors each month summarizing the activities of the DTPC employees, volunteers, contractors, and other community activities e. In collaboration with the Board of Directors, recruit and supervise the Preserve Manager/Conservation Coordinator who will annually hire and supervise a Naturalist to work at the DTRNA during the spring f. Assure that reports, documents, and activities required by the Land Trust Alliance are accomplished and the status of the LTA Accreditation is briefed to the Board of Directors quarterly g. Develop the Annual Report to the membership 10. Daily Administrative Duties a. Take and transmit telephone and electronic messages; very important to utilize information resources, or refer caller to the appropriate source, particularly when inquiries about tortoises come up! Holding this position does not make you a tortoise or conservation/mitigation expert b. Manage mail, distributing it to the appropriate parties; forwarding deposits to the appropriate party or making the deposit, as instructed, sending donor tax letters and thank-you notes c. Keep detailed records of activities and provide a summary each month; prepare for the supervisor a weekly summary of activities and anticipated activities for the next several weeks d. Update membership records, copy and record checks relating to membership, donations, estates, etc. by recording the information and updating the membership database. Employee will prepare and send out letter of acknowledge or postcard, depending on membership or donation value, through the access database. Must be able to use access and properly manage this critical database e. Update property database and files, properly assign charges to the various mitigation accounts f. When directed by the Board of Directors, will be the contracting officer’s representative for contracts awarded by the DTPC g. Manage the receipt and filing of all DTPC correspondence, reports, and other documents in accordance with the DTPC file plan h. Maintain a professional and welcoming office SUPERVISION RECEIVED The Board of Directors provides direction quarterly and annually regarding general and specific objectives, tasks, and specific assignments with completion dates. New tasks may arise at any time, thus causing adjustments to the work schedule. The Board of Directors will assign one person as supervisor, and this person may change within or between years. Various members of the Board of Directors or volunteers to the DTPC may provide training. EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS This is a full-time position. The successful candidate is expected to have a Bachelor’s degree, as well as substantial communication (speaking and writing) and business skills. Accounting/bookkeeping skills helpful. An understanding of ecology, recovery of threatened and endangered species, restoration of habitat, land management and planning are desirable. Skills in such software programs such as Microsoft Office, Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Accounting software, ArcGIS, InDesign and related programs are essential. The position is one that demands considerable skill in dealing with people of all types: exceptional courtesy and professionalism to all parties; an ability to take and advocate strong positions with finesse; flexibility in dealing with numerous tasks and emergencies; and common sense. LICENSES AND CERTIFICATES · Valid California Driver's License · Clean driving record · Credit and background check may be requested SALARY AND JOB LOCATION Starting salary $42,000 annually. The position is located in Ridgecrest, California. APPLY BY: June 26th, 2020 by 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Please email cover letter, resume, and three (3) employment references to Company Description: The Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee, Inc. (DTPC) was founded in 1974 to a) promote the welfare of the California State Reptile, Agassiz’s desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) in its native wild state in the southwestern United States; b) establish and assist in establishment of preserves for the desert tortoise in its natural habitats and ecosystems; c) provide information, education, and research regarding ecosystems critical to the desert tortoise and to associated animal and pla

Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee, Inc.

Why Work Here?

Accomplish the seemingly impossible: help reverse the decline of the desert tortoise and other California desert species.

The Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee, Inc. (DTPC) was founded in 1974 to a) promote the welfare of the California State Reptile, Agassiz’s desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) in its native wild state in the southwestern United States; b) establish and assist in establishment of preserves for the desert tortoise in its natural habitats and ecosystems; c) provide information, education, and research regarding ecosystems critical to the desert tortoise and to associated animal and plant species that may be included in these ecosystems; d) develop and implement management programs for preserves, including other land associated with any preserve, to protect the desert tortoise and the biodiversity of its native, wild ecosystems; and e) foster and to publicize the uses for these preserves for selected forms of recreation, for education, for conservation, and for research. Working with the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (USBLM) and other partners, the DTPC helped established the Desert Tortoise Research Natural Area (DTRNA), an approximately 40-square mile area of protected habitat for the desert tortoise in the western Mojave Desert, Kern County, California. The DTPC has continued working with the USBLM, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and others, to acquire private lands within and adjacent to the DTRNA, and to manage the protected habitat. While the primary focus of the DTPC has been the conservation of the desert tortoise, the organization has expanded its habitat acquisition and management efforts to protect plant and animal species that occur within the natural ecosystems of the tortoise. Since 1990, the DTPC has acquired and managed habitat for the conservation of Mohave ground squirrel (Xerospermophilus mohavensis) and burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia), Harwood’s milk vetch (Astragalus insularis var. harwoodii) and to preserve desert washes. The DTPC sponsors on-going research efforts on various wildlife species and plant communities inside and outside the DTRNA, as well as evaluations of the effectiveness of conservation measures, such as protective fencing and habitat restoration. The DTPC also conducts educational programs, including co-sponsoring a Naturalist at the DTRNA during the spring visitation season, outreach presentations and events throughout southern California, and the creation and installation of multi-media educational displays at desert access areas. Currently, the preserves and land managed by the DTPC are located in the Mojave Desert, Desert Tortoise Research Natural Area, eastern Kern County; between Cuddeback Dry Lake and the Naval Air Weapons Station (formerly Naval Weapons Center, China Lake), San Bernardino County; and the eastern Colorado Desert, Chuckwalla Bench, south of I-10 in Riverside County. In recognition of its commitment to environmental conservation, the DTPC has been honored with the Chevron Conservation Award in 1986 and a commendation from the U.S. Department of Interior in 1988 for 10 years of cooperative efforts to benefit the desert tortoise. More recently, the DTPC received the 1996 Annual Award from the Desert Tortoise Council and was presented in 1999-2000 with a Conservation Partner of the Year Award by the Director of the USBLM. In 2003 the DTPC was named Conservation Partner of the Year by the U.S. Department of the Interior and the U.S. Forest Service.


114 China Lake Boulevard
Ridgecrest, CA