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​Graphic Designer
Decision Point Whittier, CA

​Graphic Designer

Decision Point
Whittier, CA
  • $46,000 to $54,000 Yearly
  • Full-Time
Job Description

Come join us! We're seeking a Graphic Designer who loves clean and bold branding. Someone that gets excited about typefaces and feels a thrill about bringing information to life in visual form. It's a specific role that's part of a big mission. If you're encountering our mission for the first time, that's the most important place to start. So check out who we are as a non-profit team on mission, and then read about the specifics of the role down below. Bottom line: ask if God is calling you to this mission, and see how you might fit in.


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Rescuing Students from Sin and Darkness with the Light of Jesus Christ. The teenage years are a time of decisions. "What will I do with my life?” “What do I believe?” Many are even asking, “Is life even worth living?” Guided only by culture’s shifting standards, students are left to build their lives on sinking sand. Without God’s truth to guide them, students are tossed about and driven toward deadly decisions. Atheism is on the rise. Alternate lifestyles are on the rise. Addictions and suicide are skyrocketing. 

In all this, millions of students have never even heard the good news of Jesus Christ, who alone can set them free. We believe no one should be left unreached during the most spiritually formative years of their life. But how will they hear?

That is why we exist. Our mission is to proclaim the gospel to the next generation...till every student has heard. 

Proclaiming the Gospel to the Next Generation…till every student has heard. We are training Student Leaders to take the gospel into their public schools by personally witnessing for Christ, leading weekly Bible studies, hosting campus-wide outreaches and following up with all who respond. Students in turn are learning to build their lives on the Rock of Christ and His Word. Ultimately, we are praying God will bring a student-led, church-supported campus awakening to the love of Christ at every public school. 

We are also bringing the gospel to the next generation where they are – online and on social media. Students are being bombarded with every evil influence imaginable through their phones. We believe it is vital that we shine the light of Christ in this space as well as on campus as we seek to take every thought captive and proclaim to every student the joy and peace found only in Jesus Christ.

In it all, we partner with pastors who want to see a fresh movement of dynamic youth evangelism in their church and throughout their region.

Expanding the Mission and Advancing the Gospel: In 2019, we launched our Meant for More campaign with a goal of giving 1 million students the chance to hear the gospel in 12 major cities around the nation. Today, by God’s grace we have field leaders on the ground in 12 cities partnering with churches and mobilizing students for dynamic campus outreach. We are piloting a program to mobilize and equip student leaders online. All total, we are training students in 17 states today who are bringing the gospel to their public schools. We believe this is just the beginning. We pray that the Lord will continue expanding this mission - coast to coast, border to border and beyond - till every student has heard.

New Frontiers for the Gospel: When schools were closed in 2020, we launched a new online outreach program to bring the gospel directly to young people where they are online. We filmed some of our most requested guest speakers and placed ads for their talks on social media. God has blessed this initiative more than we could have imagined. In just 17 months, these ads have appeared in the news feed of 20 million people over 140 million times and been clicked over 2.5 million times. Thousands of young people now visit our evangelistic website everyday to learn about Jesus where thousands have indicated a decision to follow Jesus Christ. In the next 18 months we plan to produce more dynamic outreach and follow-up videos, strengthen our follow-up process, enlisting more churches and partners in the process.  

The Time is Now. With all the devil’s forces out to destroy our youth, we must do all we can to save them. As the world grows darker, we want to shine the light of Christ brighter than ever. And as Christian young people face cultural pressures like never before, we are more committed than ever to strengthening a remnant of young leaders who are ready to stand for Christ no matter the cost because He is worth it.  

Come, join us as together we proclaim the gospel to the next generation…till every student has heard.

The Marketing Team

In the Marketing department, we have a mission to tell these stories in a way that gives God glory and motivates His people to praise Him and join the mission. We take this mission seriously, and we aspire to become the premiere communicator of stories of life change and transformation in American youth ministry.

We’ve got amazing stories to tell, but we need help bringing them to life in visually appealing ways. That’s where you come in.

The Graphic Designer

This role will help accomplish our vision by helping to train students in a visually compelling way and challenging our current and future partners to deeper involvement with materials that inspire and leave a lasting impression. 

Our Graphic Designer will play a central role in driving forward powerful communication to various audiences with visually stunning pieces produced for print and online consumption. You will also assist with the look and feel of our social accounts, website, and our merchandise and promotional materials. In most instances, your work will be the first thing people see from our ministry and will play a key role in establishing a memorable first impression about our brand and values. 

Some specific things this job includes:

  • Assist with weekly email communication layout and designs to help our e-communications really pop and stand out from others
  • Put together full length 100+ page mini training booklets to equip thousands of students around the nation with the skills they need to share the gospel and raise up other christian students
  • Design digital guides and training manuals to help students navigate starting a club, planning an outreach event, and more. 
  • Produce a full size magazine annually to update stakeholders on ministry progress and future campaign goals
  • Help prepare customized project reports and slide decks to demonstrate major campaign progress to ministry executives and key stakeholders 
  • Look for opportunities to integrate motion graphics, animated gifs, and etc. for key projects
  • Assist with ministry events (camerawork, stage decor, lighting, a/v, and etc.) as able
  • Participate in weekly team meetings, lead trainings for interns and volunteers as needed, and meet one on one with your direct supervisor.

You’ll report to the Marketing Director and work collaboratively within the Marketing Team. The idea of working with a tight team of creatives and a web of interns, volunteers, and free-lancers should sound fun and energizing to you. And it would be great if you already have some experience working on teams like this.

Job Requirements

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Design, Marketing, or related field preferred.
  • Mastery of Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience:
    • Previous experience with graphic design, branding, and social media 
    • Experience with designing for Gen Z strongly preferred
    • Experience with web design and content management strongly preferred
  • Bonus if you have experience in photography, videography, and/or UI/UX design
  • Bonus if you have experience interfacing directly with product vendors and/or product design experience
  • Bonus if you have nonprofit or ministry experience

In addition, you have the qualities we look for in every staff member:

  • You are an Evangelical Christian who loves the gospel and evangelism
  • You’re a wise and mature believer who knows the Word and does what it says
  • You’re a quick learner in all areas, and eager to learn
  • You have high moral integrity, emotional health, social awareness and spiritual maturity
  • You work with enthusiasm and excellence
  • You are a strong planner and clear written communicator
  • You possess high initiative and constantly seek self-improvement

Fund Raising, Support Raising, & Salary

We are a non-profit ministry where every member of our staff is involved in fundraising. In addition to the fundraising writing this role will support, you'll be involved in Personal Support Raising. All staff raise personal support, and we think that’s a really good thing. Just like missionaries about to be sent across the world, your first assignment on staff will be to personally contact churches, friends, and family, and gather a team of monthly financial supporters to invest in the ministry God is leading you into. We’ll give you tons of training, encouragement, and ongoing coaching. If you like everything else and feel like this could be a good fit for you, do not let support raising stop you; let’s talk first.

Salary range for this role is $45,000 - $54,000, based on experience and qualifications.


The big question: Is this the mission field for you?

You may have a lot of questions. This may be unlike most jobs you've considered. That's OK. The most important question - the one you should pray about, and the one that we'll be asking - is whether or not you can get excited and remain deeply motivated to reach this generation of students for Christ. Without the gospel, 3.3 million students are graduating high school every year, lost and without hope in the world. We want to fix that. Is this your mission field?

If you don't know for sure, that's OK. Get started with the process and let's talk. Just fill out the short form, and we'll be in touch.

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Decision Point

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90603 USA


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