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Criminal Investigator

Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation
Toppenish, WA
  • Expired: August 03, 2022. Applications are no longer accepted.

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Criminal Investigator

Tribal Police

Department of Public Safety

Hourly Wage: $30.28/Regular/Full-Time

The incumbent has primary investigative responsibilities for crimes committed on, or involving, the Yakama Reservation. This includes major federal crimes and state crimes assimilated into the Federal Statutes under Title 18 USC 1153, including but not limited to, murder, manslaughter, child sexual abuse, kidnapping, rape, assault, arson, burglary, robbery, counterfeiting, embezzlement, and organized criminal enterprises affecting gaming and gambling operations, or involved in the production, sale or distribution of illegal narcotics, drugs and marijuana within Indian Country. The incumbent is a sworn commissioned officer subject to 24-hour on-call status.

Incumbent must understand the work involves, at times, an element of personal danger during confrontations with violators and requires the exercise of independent judgment and discretion during emergencies and while enforcing Yakama Nation laws.

Examples of Work Performed:

  • Performs duties and responsibilities in accordance with the Public Safety Department organizational chart and established chain of command.
  • Performs the full range of investigative duties as requiring fully developed law enforcement knowledge and skills.
  • Conducts investigations of suspected criminal activity related to gaming or gambling. Conducts investigations into legitimate businesses operating in Indian Country that are also suspected or illegal activities.
  • As assigned, investigates, apprehends, arrests, and detains all persons related to alleged suspected violations of Federal, State, Tribal and local laws, testifies at hearings and trials in various jurisdictions, secures search and arrest warrants through processes of affidavit and searches the scenes of crimes. Seizes, secures and maintains proper chain of custody for evidence of crimes.
  • Performs surveillance of sites and suspects often for extended periods of time, to obtain evidence, establish probable cause, or to link multiple suspects and events to probable criminal activity.
  • Develops and maintains intelligence data on individuals and organizations suspected or known to be involved in criminal activity. Recruits and cultivates individuals for use of informants or decoys in support of criminal investigations.
  • Performs undercover assignment, developing a supportable cover story, to make singular or multiple purchases of contraband or evidence. Total discretion is required while undertaking these operations, not only for the success in obtaining evidence and/or convictions, but also for the investigator's safety and survival. These operations are extremely sensitive; therefore, public and the amount of details revealed after any operation must be extremely limited to protect internal procedures.
  • Interviews suspects and witnesses, secures and corroborates testimony, manages and directs movement and security of prisoners, prepares complex case reports of investigation, activity reports and statistical reports as required.
  • Creates and maintains effective liaison with all types of law enforcement agencies and activities, intelligence agencies, and related activities. Develops and directs liaison with the media.
  • Ensures all investigations are properly conducted and documented within prescribed guidelines regarding time-frames, deadlines, formats, and submitted to the proper jurisdiction authorities for prosecution or further action.
  • Performs the full range of investigation duties recognized as requiring fully developed law enforcement knowledge and skill involving independent judgment, immediate decisions and a high degree of initiative and resourcefulness. Makes critical decisions during raids, execution of warrants, and other situations involving the application of non-lethal and lethal force and techniques.
  • Abide by Yakama Nation Rules and Regulations.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of the organization, its relationship to other agencies, to the tribes and to the general public and a knowledge of Indian Reservations throughout the United States, their locations, boundaries, and tribal codes.
  • Knowledge of the Constitutional protection afforded individuals, including rules governing search and seizure, arrest and questioning individuals.
  • Knowledge of the complex jurisdictional issues involved develops and maintains productive working relationships with tribal, state, federal and local agencies, promoting information exchanges and providing investigative expertise and operational support.
  • Knowledge of methods and patterns of criminal operations and availability and use of modern detective devices and laboratory services.

  • Knowledge of computer applications and information management resources to track and assist in the conduct of criminal investigations.
  • Knowledge of and experience in law enforcement procedures and techniques, including the investigation of crimes, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures, police conduct, courtroom etiquette, rules of evidence and rules of testimony.
  • Knowledge of Federal, State and Tribal Court decisions that impact law enforcement on tribal lands, especially decisions involving jurisdiction and authority questions.
  • Proficient in the use of firearms; 2 way radio operation; emergency police vehicle and equipment.
  • Skill in recognizing, collecting and preserving physical evidence and maintaining a chain of custody; and the ability to distinguish between relevant and admissible or non-admissible information and evidence.
  • Skill in collecting, assembling and presenting pertinent facts both orally and in writing, and the ability to prepare clear and concise reports.

Minimum Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Three years of documented work experience in law enforcement.
  • Required to pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol test.
  • Must possess a valid Washington State Driver's License with ability to obtain a Yakama Nation Driving permit.
  • Required to successfully pass a criminal background check. No felony convictions.
  • Required to have or immediately upon appointment obtain minimum training requirements for the position as required by Federal regulations.
  • Required to maintain basic first aid and CPR cards.
  • Basic knowledge of Yakama Nation customs, traditions, culture, and values as it relates to job duties and responsibilities.
  • Must be in, maintain and periodically demonstrate excellent physical condition as evidenced by successfully completion of Physical Efficiency Battery (PEB) testing.
  • Keyboarding/typing skill at a minimum of 35 words per minute (wpm).
  • Must be willing to work irregular hours, overtime, weekends, holidays, and rotating shifts.
  • Must be willing to attend and successfully complete mandatory training.
  • Must understand the position and working conditions, and consider the impact on personal life-style and family.
  • Required to sign a code of conduct and understand sanctions for misconduct
  • Enrolled Yakama Preference, but all qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.

Employment Type: FULL_TIME

Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation


50 Wishpoosh Rd

Toppenish, WA
98948 USA



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