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Database Administrator

Community Counseling Center of Mercer County Hermitage, PA

  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

QUALIFICATIONS: Master's degree in domain-relevant sciences (biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and statistics or health sciences) or domain informatics (computational biology, computational chemistry, bioinformatics, clinical informatics, medical imaging, and medical informatics) OR a BS in domain-relevant sciences with (1) at least 12 graduate level semester hours in informatics or domain-relevant sciences and (2) at least two years of informatics experience.

Good written and oral communication skills are required. Experience with software development, informatics tools, methodology, and scripting languages is required. Ability to prioritize, organize, and delegate various tasks on projects is required. Experience and expertise with sequel or other methods involved with data and report building is required. Knowledge of healthcare/behavioral health and electronic health records is preferred.

Experience with SEQEL is required.

Support services to include information technology hardware and software installation, operation, in a clinical setting and maintenance; or any equivalent combination of experience and training.

Supervision by Chief Administrative Officer & Director of Community Services


  1. Facilitates all clinical informatics initiatives aimed to improve the quality of care and clinical performance of organizational objectives.
  2. Develops reports and/or software applications to support data management, data extraction and data analysis as required.
  3. Has basic expertise in the informatics methods used to analyze data.
  4. Contributes to the design of analytical procedures and executes analytical procedures in the framework of specific projects and/or the outcomes measurement systems of specific programs.
  5. Contributes to the interpretation of data analysis and to writing reports.
  1. Apply knowledge of informatics theory to clinical practice, compliance, program development, quality improvement education, and administration in collaboration with other staff and/or program managers.
  2. Analyze, interpret, summarize and report client, patient, financial or information systems data to improve programs and services.
  3. Develop, implement, or evaluate information technology applications, tools, processes, or structures to assist clinical and program staff with data management.
  4. Identify, collect, record, or analyze data that are relevant to compliance, process improvement and/or program outcomes.
  5. Provide consultation to program staff and administration regarding hardware or software configuration to support process improvement, compliance tracking, program development and/or outcomes measurement.
  6. Read current literature, talk with colleagues, and participate in professional organizations or conferences to keep abreast of developments in informatics.
  7. Develop or deliver training programs for health information technology, quality and/or compliance; creating operating manuals as needed.
  1. Limited technical work for the IT Department to include assisting of the installation, operation, and maintenance of information technology hardware and software.
  2. Assist in setting up new programs and troubleshoot network systems and applications. Identify and correct malfunctions and other operational difficulties.
  3. Assist other IT Staff in managing day to day operations in IT Department.
  4. Train staff on how to use electronic health record. Assist other IT Staff in training of relevant staff to new information technology and software applications.
  5. Timely troubleshooting of EHR issues that arise for all staff. Will work independently using initiative and judgment to resolve user problems in the use of information technology.
  6. Assist in researching purchase of IT equipment & software, and make recommendations to Chief Administrative Officer & Director of Community Services.
  7. Works closely with Fiscal Supervisor to ensure billing matrix and services entered into the EHR are correlated to ensure proper billing.
  8. Communicate effectively while demonstrating patience with all staff.
  9. Respect and maintain positive attitude with managers & other staff.
  10. Effective in time management, able to prioritize and manage time well.
  11. Ability to make sound decisions to solve problems and seek practical solutions to problems.
  12. Review of data and report inaccurate or missing data to the appropriate program supervisor.
  13. Extensive knowledge of Excel and Sequel required. Knowledge of business intelligence, XML, and web services is preferred. Using all means necessary to generate needed agency reports on a timely basis.

  • Maintains and upholds Community Counseling Center's policies, respects confidentiality, and exhibits a professional demeanor at all times while at work.

  • Any violation of policies and procedures/job duties will be subject to disciplinary action.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.

  • Can perform the essential functions of this position with or without reasonable accommodations, if necessary.

  • Participates in CCC CQI plan to ensure quality of service to CCC consumers.



I certify that to the best of my knowledge all statements shown above are correct.

I accept the responsibilities and terms of the job descriptions.

Signature of Employee Date

  1. Describe how you are supervised by telling how your work is assigned and how your supervisor reviews your work.

  1. Prepare an organizational chart and identify your supervisor and all employees whose performance rating you sign by names and class titles. If you are not a supervisor, your supervisor must complete this part and identify his supervisor and all his subordinates

Please see agency's Table of Organization

0 Total number of subordinates reporting to you.

  1. Describe the kind of supervision you give the employees on the above chart by explaining the type of work assigned and the type of work reviewed exercised. If you are not a supervisor, your supervisor must complete this part for all employees shown above.

  1. FOR THE EMPLOYEE'S IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Review your subordinate's statements. You may make any comments or include any information you feel is appropriate or would be helpful. Use additional paper if needed.

The content of this job description has been reviewed by the individual and the supervisor and both agree to its accuracy.

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Community Counseling Center of Mercer County


Hermitage, PA



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