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Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Clinical Behavior Analysis (CBA) Lexington-Fayette, KY
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.

Estimated $70,000 -$110,000(+) is the total compensation range including:

(1) annual wages

(2) comprehensive employee benefits

(3) earned & acquired bonus pay (ie, incentive options)

The listed salary for this position is the annual wages (#1 above only) reimbursement, not including other W-2 benefits offered (#2 & #3 above). Also, lower than advertised pay ranges may or may not occasion applicants or candidates with limited experience, are in a pre-BCBA certification or exam status, non-licensed professionals (ie, Behavior Specialists vs. BCBAs), lack of training, experience and/or credentials yet, opportunities for advancement is consistently available to all professionals at CBA who demonstrates adequate competency in their roles...

Total value of the position increases by providing more quality services (ie, above minimum), skilled supervision ie, promotion to Senior BCBA or Regional BCBA Supervisor ie, this will produce higher total compensation for employees who perform at high levels.

Fortune 500, Cafeteria Style, Comprehensive Paid & Optional Employee Benefits Are Available Through Our Partnership With The TotalSource Program: Bonus/Incentive Pay, Generous PTO, Paid Health, HSA & 401k Match, Dental & Vision, EAP, Short & Paid Long Term Disability, Flexibility, CEUs, Professional Licensure Expenses and much much more...

Annual compensation listed $50-80,000, based on years of authentic experience, does not include the potential, earned, bonus/incentive option pay (ie, our clinical teams can earn an additional 5 - 25% increase against their base annual pay). It also does not include the value of comprehensive employee benefits (an additional 15-20% in value). Performance incentive options (ie, additional compensation) become available only after successfully completing the introductory period and through assignment by your Clinical Supervisor or Designee. Veteran employees earn an additional $500 - $2000 per-pay period when qualified and assigned bonus options (providing above minimum levels of productivity bi-weekly) and bonus pay is provided immediately through enhanced reimbursement rates. Therefore, the annual wages listed are considered base, annual pay and do not include additional bonus pay (which can range from an additional 5 - 25+% on top of your base pay). Clinical Supervisors at CBA can earn annual pay in the top 1% nationwide. Beginning, high performing clinicians with active credentials in good standing can earn (when qualified and assigned post introductory period) between 70-90,000+ in wages, when bonus/incentive options are earn, acquired and assigned. Come in or call today to learn more about all the benefits, flexibility and bonus pay options we offer at CBA, today! See on the internet to learn more...

  • CBA was just named one of "The Best Places to Work in Kentucky" across all industries, we placed 24th state-wide. Reasons? We focus on employee(s), benefits, flexibility, culture, feedback and having fun!
  • Urgent Need Locations include Lexington-Fayette, County, Louisville Metro, Northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Many other positions available in multiple other areas including: Louisville, Lexington, Florence & Owensboro, KY. Cincinnati, OH & New Albany, Indiana... for more info.
  • Career options also exist for other Master Level Clinicians or Behavior Support Services (BSS), Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) and other disciplines so please inquire and apply for behavior support service positions, available across the state… in community based settings, under supervision of a BCBA/LBA.

Clinical Behavior Analysis (CBA) provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Behavior Support Services, Direct Support Professional Services (DSP), Counseling and a variety of behavioral-health, home and community-based behavior services that empower and assist individuals labeled with development, intellectual and/or pervasive delays, life happier lives with their families, in their own communities.

This career post is specifically for a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) yet, we are also seeking master level behavior support clinicians, who have completed graduate work in education, social work, psychology or related behavior-health field who also demonstrate minimal experience standards. We also provide fieldwork supervision for selected candidates seeking to obtain their formal BCBA credential. Thus, if you are not yet a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and/or you are a teacher, educator, social worker, psychologist or related professional... please feel free to contact us right now to inquire about those positions available across the state of Kentucky (Louisville, Lexington, Owensboro, Florence, KY & Cincinnati, OH, plus many surrounding counties or metro areas... See more and apply or inquire today, we are filling multiple positions with quality candidates, across the state of Kentucky and in Southern, Indiana.


CBA offers competitive W-2 pay (we don't hire 1099/contractors because our model is based on developing careers, training, advancement and supervision supports), we offer earned flexible schedules and an outstanding, comprehensive fortune 500-level benefits package with matching 401K, Medical, Dental, Vision, matching Health Savings Account (HSA) and more because we partnered with the only PEO certified by the IRS. ADP partners with less than 90 organizations in the greater Louisville Metro & Lexington-Fayette, County areas... We love to have fun at work, we enjoy providing multiple CEU opportunities, we demand providing access to highly qualified team leaders and we innovate our community-based service delivery models. Also, utilizing a bi-weekly bonus reimbursement system in tandem with executive-level, comprehensive employee benefits as well as, frequently involved leadership altogether these things set us apart from the rest. Employee packages include a plethora of benefits and bi-weekly pay is commensurate with relevant experience. CBA provides clinical fieldwork opportunities, as well as frequent feedback, clinical input and many opportunities to be involved in the growth of the organization. Enjoy these full benefits after successfully completing the 90-day introductory period:

Paid Medical (Estimated 50%)

Health Savings Account (Matching Options)



Paid-time-off (PTO)

Retirement Matching 401k (Roth & Traditional Options)

Disability (Short & Long Term)

Licensure/BCBA fee(s)

BCBA supervision and much, much, more!

Performance pay bonus model add(s) financial flexibility with supervised, competency-based training provided along with a ton of other opportunities. Come join our organization, we are focused on the happiness of clinicians & administrators, training & support, positive learner results and WE HAVE FUN DOING IT!

POSITION (Community-Based Position Providing Home, School, Community-Based Assessment & Intervention)

Provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Crisis & Behavior Support Services (PBS) for individuals of all ages, all challenges and all diagnoses, to enable families to access to a happier, more independent, quality life with a dignified approach that demands respect from the community. Complimentary fieldwork supervision available for qualified applicants.


Annual base-compensation ranges between $57,000 - $68,000

  • Additional 5-25+% increases available based on performance incentives and bonus options subsequent to positive performance evaluation and successful introductory period).
  • Frequent bi-weekly bonus options (ie, additional pay) are available to individuals who successfully completed the 90-day introductory period which can add 5-25% of additional annual pay (ie, on-top of or in addition to annual compensation). Annual pay is commensurate and equal to the number of full-time years with experience in Medicaid Waivers providing behavior support services or ABA). Lower than advertised rates are provided for less experience. Compensation is provided hourly for billable and non-billable activities as well as, hourly bonus option according to company policy.


Professional: Consultation, evaluation, and assessment of the participant, the environment and the system of support and written summary of findings and recommendations for the participant and the participant’s person-centered team.

Providing: Treatment that is consistent with assessment results and diagnoses, evidence-based or current best practice, encompasses appropriate behavioral or psychological treatment or counseling as indicated by the condition of the participant, coordinating program wide support, as needed, that addresses the assessed needs, conditions, or symptoms affecting a participant’s ability to fully participate in the participant’s community, participating in developing and revising, as needed, home treatment or support plans as components of a participant’s plan of care (POC), providing training and technical assistance to carry out recommendations and plans, which shall occur within the settings in which the recommendations, home treatment, or support plans are to be carried out.

Monitoring: Fidelity of data collection & reporting, participant’s Plan of Care (POC) & Behavior Support Plan (BSP) implementation, plan changes as necessary for maintaining effectiveness of the participant’s POC, evaluating the overall impact of the participant’s POC within the interdisciplinary provider model, continue to support and monitor, within the community-based model of service delivery both the participant’s learning environment and their system of supports.


Must have an active driver's license, personal vehicle insurance with proper coverage, consent for and clean drug screen(s) outcome, sufficient background checks and a desire to help and change lives in a community-based provider environment that provides a level of earned flexibility in addition to a plethora of comprehensive benefits, annual compensation and performance-pay-bonus-options for high performers who become fluent with services and supervision requirements.

Active & valid Drivers License, personal vehicle insurance, provide consent for background check(s), daily travel is required... Attending supervision, clinical and various social events. Provide value and make meaningful contributions to your team(s) to support positivity, achievement and collaboration.

Some mileage offered in addition to annual compensation, benefits and bonus options.

EDUCATION: Master's Degree in Behavior Analysis (preferred), Education, Psychology or a related Behavioral Science(s) required, without a relevant, completed masters degree & experience, the state will not allow services to be provided

*** EDUCATORS, TEACHERS, SOCIAL WORKERS, PSYCHOLOGISTS and related graduate level trained professionals are encouraged to apply for "The Behavior Support Specialist (BSS)" position. A complete masters degree with collateral and/or relevant graduate-level training are encouraged to apply for the BSS position (ie, high quality, community based BSS training will be provided with ongoing oversight & supervision).


A bare minimum of one (1) year of experience in behavioral programming is required by the state to hold this position. The minimum requirement includes one year of full-time, direct (1:1) with individuals who have a diagnosis of intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD, Autism or Related Diagnoses). Experience includes: behavior intervention, teaching and/or coaching service provided 1:1 for individuals challenged by these medical labels.

*** WATCH: Finding the RIGHT JOB in Behavior Services or ABA:

Clinical Behavior Analysis (CBA)

Why Work Here?

Flexibility, Paid Time Off, 50% PAID HEALTH & Many Other Comprehensive Benefits, Pay, Bonus Options (for qualified roles), fun culture!

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)? We provide ABA in Louisville, Lexington, Florence, Owensboro, KY & Southern, Indiana (New Albany) as well as specialized counseling and related behavior health and direct support professional services. CBA represents ABA as a distinct type of therapy separate from all others. Clinical Behavior Analysis technically a sub-discipline within ABA that supports moving away from pure-cognitivism and more toward contextual behaviorism (ie, private & public behavior). In particular, functional analysis, learning and behavioral models of verbal behavior (communication) are viewed independently, as separate operant classes. As a quality provider of behavior analysis & therapy, we represent a philosophy squarely within the ABA framework based on dimensions of Clinical Behavior Analysis. CBA is a primary behavior analytic resources for our local, regional and national communities of learners, employees and interested parties.


Chinoe Center Shopping Mall, 1050 Chinoe Road Suite 103b, Lexington, KY 40502
Lexington-Fayette, KY