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Lateral/Certified Police Officer (Eligibility Listing)
City of Rockville, MD Rockville, MD

Lateral/Certified Police Officer (Eligibility Listing)

City of Rockville, MD
Rockville, MD
  • $65,121 to $75,365 Yearly
  • Vision , Medical , Dental , Paid Time Off , Life Insurance
  • Full-Time
Salary : $65,121.00 - $75,365.00 Annually

Location : MD 20850, MD

Job Type: Full-Time

Job Number: 202000002

Department: Police Department

Division: Patrol Teams

Opening Date: 01/23/2024

Closing Date: Continuous

Job Summary


The Rockville City Police Department is a progressive, professional, and nationally accredited law enforcement agency, is seeking highly motivated men and women for Police Officer positions. Rockville City Police Officers perform routine service and law enforcement work involving a variety of general or support duty police assignments. Work may be performed under emergency conditions and frequently involves personal hazard work. The Rockville City Police Department provides law enforcement-related services to approximately 70,000 residents; responsibility is shared with the Montgomery County Department of Police. City officers respond to calls for service as necessary and utilize partnerships to solve problems and to deal with issues affecting the safety and quality of life in all City neighborhoods.

Application Process:

Applicants will be considered in the category for which they qualify, as outlined below:


To be considered for employment as a police officer, you must be able to meet the following standards:
  1. Be a United States citizen; or,
    1. a permanent legal resident of the US and an honorably discharged veteran of the US Armed Forces who has applied to obtain US citizenship and the application is still pending approval.
  2. Possess at least a high school diploma, or a General Education Development (GED) Certificate recognized by the State of Maryland.
  3. Be age 21 at the time of your graduation from the police academy
  4. Possess a valid driver's license
  5. Be able to pass a written police examination
  6. Possess good moral character able to withstand an in-depth background investigation, including polygraph examination, psychological evaluation, medical examination, and drug screen.
  7. Ability to obtain and maintain minimum requirements of the Maryland Police Training Commission
Applicants may be disqualification from the process, at any time, for any of the reasons listed below. This list is not all-inclusive - possible reasons for disqualification are:
  1. Poor work history
  2. Poor driving record
  3. Felony conviction or misdemeanor conviction carrying a sentence of imprisonment for one year
  4. Illegal drug use, purchase, sale, or distribution
  5. Falsification of any application documents
  6. Inability to complete COMAR requirements set forth in the selection process
  7. Any other disqualifying factor as determined by the Chief of Police

Must be currently certified as a Police Officer through the Maryland Police Correctional Training Commission (MPCTC) or have been certified as a Police Officer through the MPCTC within the past 3 years; years 3 - 5 require comparative compliance training; AND/OR

Must have current or previous work experience as a law enforcement officer. The Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission (MPCTC) recognizes a certification if the officer has attended a state or local police academy that meet MPTSC/COMAR objectives and training hours.


Complete the Online Application
The application process for entry level police officers and Lateral/Certified police officers is ongoing. Applications must be fully completed and filed by the posted online closing date.

Physical Agility Test
A standard physical agility test will be administered to all applicants - both entry level and lateral. You must receive a minimum passing score in each category to successfully pass this physical fitness test as required by the Maryland Police Training Commission.
  • Climb over a barrier
  • Pull/drag a 150lb rescue doll at least 15 feet
  • Run a distance of at least 300 feet
  • Traverse up/down at least two flights of steps

Interview and Background Check
Selected candidates will be invited to interview with a selection panel. You must submit to a complete background check.

Applicants will be required to undergo a medical examination, drug screening, polygraph examination and psychological screening. All screenings are scheduled separately.

Chief's Interview
The final step will be an interview with the Police Chief.

Offer of Employment
Contingent offer of employment will be presented upon completion of the employment testing including: medical and physical screening, drug screening, psychological evaluation and polygraph test.

Training and Probationary Period
The police officer position has a 12-month probationary period effective the date of successful completion of all mandated police training.
Lateral/Certified Police Officers:
  • 4-Week Comparative Compliance Training Academy (Out-of-State Laterals Only)
  • 80-hour Field Training Program

Salary & Benefits:
Police Officer I, (Certified/Lateral) - $65,121 - $75,365 Annually

Direct deposit of paychecks is a condition of employment for all City of Rockville employees.

Excellent benefits and opportunities including:
  • Competitive salary, signing and retention bonuses
  • 12 hour permanent patrol shifts - work only 15 days a month with every other Fri, Sat & Sun off
  • 4-hour minimum overtime pay for off-duty court appearances
  • Take Home Car Program - up to 35 air miles from city limits
  • Multilingual Pay Stipend - $3,120 annually
  • Tuition Assistance/Reimbursement - up to $3,000 annually
  • Pay differential for evening/midnight shifts
  • Equipment & Uniform Allowance: In addition to initial issue, officers are allotted a $950 yearly uniform allowance
  • Department Issued Work Cellphone
  • Free Uniform Dry Cleaning & Alterations
  • Department On-site Gym & Fitness Center
  • 25-Year Pension & Roth 457 Retirement Plans
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Annual and sick leave
  • 12 paid city holidays
  • 15 days paid Military Leave
  • Group Health & Life Insurance
  • Annual Performance Evaluation Merit Increase*
  • Annual Cost of Living Pay Adjustment*
*Annual Merit and COLA increases are based on budget approval by the Mayor and do not reapply.
Essential Job Functions

A Police Officer will:
  • Conducts assigned patrols, whether on foot or by vehicle, throughout the City for the purpose of preventing, detecting or responding to criminal acts and observe for violations of traffic laws, suspicious activities or persons, and disturbances of law and order.
  • Answers calls from citizens for assistance or protection of their life and property.
  • Conducts investigations and gathers evidence in cooperation with other law enforcement personnel and the State's Attorney's Office in connection with incidents of criminal activities.
  • Coordinates crime scene investigations and manages resources at the scene of a crime; interviews and counsels victims; catalogues, packages, and transports evidence to the lab for examination; and locates and interviews possible witnesses.
  • Writes reports and citations.
  • Makes arrests of persons charged or suspected of criminal activities and does so in a manner that protects the rights of the accused, the rights and safety of the general public as well as the safety of themselves and other Officers.
  • Detects violations of traffic regulations, and issues warnings and citations as necessary to insure the safety of the public and the free flow of movement on public ways.
  • Responds to reports of traffic accidents, insuring the proper assistance is obtained for injured individuals and that the causes are investigated and issue appropriate citations.
  • Makes inspections of assigned vehicle and equipment daily and reports any defects.
  • Maintains personal equipment in proper order.
  • Assists in crime prevention efforts as directed.
  • Participate in in-service and special training programs as assigned.
  • Performs various duties and tasks related to special assignments as necessary.
  • Performs other duties as required.
Click the link to view the job descriptions.

Questions regarding the position or the Confidential Questionnaire may be directed to the Rockville City Police Department's Recruiting Office at 240-314-8948 or

Questions regarding the online application process may be directed to the Department of Human Resources at 240-314-8670 or

Summary of Employee Benefits

The following is a brief summary of the major benefits provided to new full-time, regular employees. Part-time, regular employees working more than 20 hours per week may be entitled to these benefits on a pro-rated basis in accordance with Rockville City Laws and personnel policies and procedures. Benefits are not available to temporary employees. Details about benefits and costs for full-time and part-time employees are available by calling the Human Resources Department at 240-314-8470.

Group Insurance Plans

Health Insurance
Participation is available in one of a number of types of health plans. The City contributes toward each plan. Participation is optional. Detailed information about each plan and the associated cost is available through the Human Resources Department.
Employees may participate in one of the following plans: Aetna HMO $30/$40, Aetna HMO $30/40 Deductible, Aetna HMO Health Reimbursement Account, Aetna Point of Service, Kaiser Permanente HMO, or Kaiser Permanente Point of Service. Start date of coverage is the date of hire or the first of the following month.
Rockville Group: 118583-011
Member Services: (800) 445-5299 or (888) 792-3862 (Rx Services)
Web Site:

Kaiser Permanente
Rockville Group: 4205-4 (HMO)
Member Services: (301) 468-6000 or (800) 777-7902
TTY: (301) 816-6344
Web Site:

Dental Plan
Employees may join the City's dental program and receive dental benefits in addition to any such benefits provided by the group health plans. The City contributes a portion of the cost of each employee's dental coverage. If dental coverage is waived, the City's contribution is reallocated toward the employee's health plan cost. Start date of coverage is the first of the month following date of hire.Guardian Dental
Customer Service: (800) 541-7846
Web Site:

Vision Insurance
City of Rockville is offers a vision plan with VSP. Members will have a $130 allowance (in-network) for lenses/frames or contacts. Go to to locate a participating provider. VSP members get a 20% savings on additional glasses and sunglasses, including lens enhancements, from any VSP provider within 12 months of your last WellVision Exam. Ask your provider about Laser Vision Correction discounts as well.
Group Life Insurance
The City provides life insurance equal to one and one-half times an employee's base salary. There is no cost to the employee for this benefit. Employees have the option of purchasing additional supplemental life insurance coverage for self, spouse and dependent child(ren). New employees joining within their first 30 days will not be required to provide evidence of insurability.


Annual Leave
Annual leave ranges from 16 to 23 days per year depending upon the length of service with the City. Leave may be used as it is accrued with the permission of the employee's supervisor. Annual leave is paid at termination after completing six (6) months of service. An employee normally accrues annual leave in the following manner:

Months of Service
Monthly Vacation Accrual in Hours
(37.5 hrs/wk)/(40 hrs/wk)

1-24 Months
10.00 / 10.40

25-60 Months
11.53 / 12.40

61-96 Months
13.08 / 14.00

97+ Months
14.23 / 15.20

Administrative and Police employees generally receive the following eleven (11) holidays per year.

New Year's Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Presidents' Day
Memorial Day
Juneteenth Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Veterans' Day
Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Friday
Christmas Day

The City also observes all days of general and congressional elections throughout the State of Maryland. This holiday falls on even numbered years. Union employees and certain other employees may receive different holidays in accordance with the terms of a contractual agreement.

Sick Leave
Sick leave is earned monthly at the rate of 1.25 days per completed month of service. There is no waiting period for using earned sick leave nor is there a limit to the amount of earned sick leave that may be used in connection with any legitimate illness.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Dependent Care FSA
The Dependent Care FSA allows employees to set aside up to $5,000 on a pre-tax basis for eligible dependent care expenses. Prior to the beginning of each calendar year, employees estimate the amount of these eligible expenses and agree to have this amount deducted from their annual salary on a bi-weekly basis. Employees avoid paying federal, state, and Social Security taxes on the total amount of their deferral. When expenses are incurred, employees submit a receipt and are reimbursed from their account. A detailed description of the plan is available in the Human Resources Department.

Medical FSA
The Medical Care FSA allows employees to set aside up to $3,200 on a pre-tax basis for eligible health care expenses. Prior to the beginning of each calendar year, ...


City of Rockville, MD

Rockville, MD
20850 USA



Posted date

January 23, 2024

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City of Rockville, MD job posting for a Lateral/Certified Police Officer (Eligibility Listing) in Rockville, MD with a salary of $65,121 to $75,365 Yearly with a map of Rockville location.