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General Manager

Chick-fil-A Woodbury
Saint Paul, MN
  • Expired: November 20, 2021. Applications are no longer accepted.

The General Manager’s (GM) job is to oversee all operations of the business. Responsibilities include: protecting all interests of the Operator, maximizing operational excellence, training activities, marketing, and profit-generating procedures. 
Next to the Operator, the General Manager exemplifies the actions, decision-making skills, and responsibilities of operating a successful restaurant. The GM’s role is critical in setting the overall tone and atmosphere of the restaurant across every business daypart. Selecting talent, developing skills, and building community is a constant thought in the mind of this leader. This tireless individual must be a teacher at heart and must be energized by a quick-paced environment. 

The General Manager must be engaged in the following 5 areas:

  • Vision
    • Execute the vision of the operator 
    • Commitment to personal growth and development 
    • Work closely with operator to develop and track an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for General Manager and for other leaders in the restaurant
    • Strategize restaurant growth as a High-Performance Leadership Team (HPLT)
    • Identify and share short-term and long-term goals at all levels in the organization
    • Create various plans to achieve these goals throughout the organization
  • People
    • Assist in recruiting, selecting, coaching, and developing Team Members
    • Focus on the leadership development of the team
    • Support Training Director (TD) in implementing sound individualized training and development. Coordinate training feedback of new team members to the TD and all Team Trainers
    • Observe, support, teach, model, measure, and provide feedback on every aspect of the CREATE RAVING FANS Strategy
    • Properly address both positive and negative Results and Relationships throughout the organization
    • Work closely with other members of the leadership team and Operator to develop and implement a continuous improvement plan for the development of all leaders, ambassadors, contributors, emerging leaders and employees
  • Quality & Customer Experience
    • Support and communicate CREATE RAVING FANS strategy 
    • Use RQA, ROE and CEM tools to measure and improve OE and ensure proper FDA and local food safety standards are practiced all day every day by all Team Members 
    • As a steward, oversee all facilities and ensure equipment is in proper working order. Develop strategy to ensure  food safety standards exceed local and FDA food code standards
    • Work closely with Operator to develop continuous improvement plans for quality and customer experience
  • Sales & Brand Growth
    • Work closely with operator and RMD to develop and implement strategies to grow customer count, check average and outside sales
    • Cultivate an environment that leverages our Raving Fans Strategy
    • Use our known marketing and operational strengths and opportunities to grow sales and brand recognition
    • Look for opportunities to share food, cows, our people and influence in our community 
    • Review Scorecard and Scoreboard scores and ensure existing systems are in place to maximize sales and brand growth
    • Seek and develop strategic marketing to build emotional connections that enhance brand awareness
    • Work closely with RMD and Operator to develop continuous improvement plans for sales and brand growth
    • Ensure the hiring, training, development, and retention of the best marketing team through continuous training, motivation, and development
  • Financial Return
    • Oversee the prudent spending of all financial resources across all variable P&L expense line items
    • As a steward, work closely with the Operator and leadership team to develop continuous improvement plans for maximizing fiscal return on investment

Chick-fil-A Woodbury


Saint Paul, MN
55125 USA



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