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Sioux Falls Sales - 20 Million Dollar - INC. Top 5,000 Privately Owned

Cherry Exterior Jobs Sioux Falls, SD
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.

Aspen Exteriors is a 20 Million Dollar top Ten Restoration Company and the 2nd highest Sponsor to "Feed My Starving Children" Non-Profit feeding over 2000 children every day this year.

We are currently seeking to train more roofing sales teams, from your current area. The training will be awesome and we have around 20,000 homes or businesses that need our immediate help within 60 minutes of Minneapolis. The average roof sale in your area is $1000. So 20,000 homes, times $1000 is $20 million plus in Restoration Commissions. I know we won't get all of the work, but I want to let you know what can be had starting tomorrow.

Due to our clients using their insurance company to pay for their roofing project, our sales are very easy since price of roof is set by the insurance companies. The clients are given a certain amount of money to fix their home after a storm. Clients then choose the best company to do the work. We are the best so they choose us more often then they don't.

We are looking to train new hires this week or next week, otherwise the position will likely be filled by then.

Apply on ZipRecruiter and answer our screening questions to apply. Also text me so that I know you read this.

Alert: If you do not text me at 612.548.912 (Dan C) Request an interview stating your name. We need the name to search for on Zip Recruiter to evaluate your resume. If you do not receive a text, then we probably will not get to you.


Oversee the claims process for your clients as their insurance company processes their storm damage.Establish a reputation in the Duluth area. We have permanent locations from Philidelphia to Salt Lake City, Houston to Minneapolis. We would like to say from Houston to Duluth.Work as a team to learn the as much as you can from Aspen Exteriors, to better assist saving your clients money. To best educate clients on our reviews and our quality of work.Track results and trends regularly for business forecastingReport on team and individual performanceDevelop and execute innovative sales strategiesBuild and form new partnerships with potential clients

Experience that we look for:

Previous experience in sales, customer service, or related fieldExperience as a supervisor or managerFamiliarity with CRM platformsStrong leadership qualitiesAbility to build rapport with clientsDoor to Door sales resultsIf you have ever been a top sales person, this job should be very easy for you

What is it like working for Aspen Exteriors? Answer: You will be doing one of four things 1.Performing property inspections for free for clients to confirm if they have property damage or meeting with insurance inspectors to document damage from the storm. 2. Explaining to clients on how to read insurance paperwork and how to order a roof to be done by Aspen Exteriors. 3. Upload documents and photos of projects on to apps on your phone. 4. Hand out fliers and set up appointments in areas that we are not already working in. Door to door handing out fliers to homeowners that have hail damage to their homes.

Why is Aspen Exteriors so much better than another sales job?

Aspen Exteriors pays out immediately every other week for any work turned in, everytime. So if you have worked for companies that it is hard to get paid for your work, that has never been an issue here.17 years on insurance claims work has given us the knowledge to train new hires to earning big pay checks soon. Closing ratios in first call closes can get as high as 90 percent.Average comission is over $1000, so ten clients use aspen you make over $10kWe do not require you to work any hours, however if you are representing Aspen Exteriors ,so if you say you will be doing something and then you don't show up and do those things you will have problems. We will not be training anyone to work less than 40 hours a week.We supply all equipment and materials you need at no cost other than 1. Vehicle that can carry a fold up or telescope ladder (I keep one in my Mustang) 2.Tape measure 3.Smart Phone 4.Ladder reaching 15 foot but preferably 17 foot plus. So Shirts, fliers, marketing material, samples, meters, training, advanced training, an assigned sales manager and an assigned trainer. Daily and weekly sales, insurance, and construction training. Free training course held near our Head Quarters in Ramsey Minnesota prior to beginning, Winter work in warm areas is offered every month of the year. Most of our Minnesota Roof salespeople hit their financial goals prior to Christmas so that they can handle it when it is slow each year. Also we are continually paid through the winter, similar to how teachers are paid over the summer.Incentive trip offered to above average earners each year and multiple fun "Team building outings," throughout the year.Every project you turn in you feed a child for 365 daysYou can offer commercial sales as well as residentialYour crews will be awesome and your clients will post 5 star reviews for how much you helped them and how geeat the repairs look and appreciate the free lifetime warranty on the workmanship

We will be selective so be on your "A" game while interviewing, if it doesn't impress you will not be impressing our clients. Please be very honest about your goals and on your commitment to learning to make 6 figures every year.

Cherry Exterior Jobs

Why Work Here?

Learn a career to make 6 figures for many years to come

I am the leading Hiring and Training firm for the 65th largest Exteriors Company in the United States. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have been in business for 17 years.


Sioux Falls, SD