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Paid Internship - $3,000+/Month Entrepreneur - Traveling with Per Diem

Cherry Exterior Jobs Anoka, MN
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.

Texting me will get you contacted and more seriously considered, so text 612.799.3652 (Dan) if you are serious about more information on this position or our Outside Sales Positions.

Aspen Exteriors continues to be awarded for their excellent service and restoration projects. Better Business Bureau highest award is their "Reliability Program" (Aspen has had this for 7 years straight), and Angie's List "Super Service Award." Due to Aspen Exteriors being able to maintain consistent 5 star reviews for their work of over 2,000 Projects of fixing clients home after a Hail, Tornado, Wind, Hurricane storm. Aspen Exteriors is now licensed in over 27 states nationwide to provide restoration services homeowners that need our services.

We are already number 1 in the country in most categories, however we need more field reps. Field Reps on average according to our average contractor makes $86,000 a year.

​Consistent work: Due to 17 years of building a reputation that is second to none in this industry, we have also continued to get licensed in as many states as we can in the US to offer our Sales Force and our Crews the ability to work in any of our states that is struck by storm damage. While other companies and other jobs are limited on how much work they can offer someone, we work in a situation that Aspen Exteriors will support you to travel to any storm damaged area in the US that you/we wish to help clients. Most sales jobs the toughest thing is getting in front of qualified buyers. When a storm causes severe damage to thousands or tens of thousands of homes, our reps instantly have that many qualified buyers that do not even have to pay much or any of the bill for a service they have to get due to possible leaks ect.

Internship Pay: We need Marketing assistants in storm damaged areas. Currently Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Des Moines, and Kansas City are locations where we have 10,000s of 1,000s of clients that had storm damage to their property. As our Field reps are working with clients through the insurance process, we want to train others into this industry. You will assist these top tier reps. Most of pay will be based on how many clients you are assisting us with. $100 per client, and we would like to see you help us with 10 plus clients a week. We will be willing to pay you $70 for each day you work for 8 hours.

​Contractor Pay/ Field Rep Pay: Is quite high. Keep in mind we are working with clients that are having their insurance company pay us to replace their damaged roof for example. Insurance company pays $12,000 (average) to have us replace a roof. You will make 10% in Minnesota so $1,200. We have a minimum base pay as well that is sometimes needed when you are new or going to a new area. Make money right away, even while you are field training you will be making money your first week, and if you direct deposit is set up you are able to get paid our minimum pay 7-8 days after your initial training. Travel Bonuses help our 70 plus contractors when they go on the road.

10 average orders turned in a month is $12,000 made, 20 average orders is $24,000.

Where: We are located in 27 States Nationwide. We are the only company that we know of that is set up with crews to work in that many states. This ad is to attract those that wish to travel the US for a year or so learning how to help a hundred or so homeowners making on average $1,000. After first year you will be able to identify storm damage closer to where you will be living and can work more and more independently. If you want to do something "different," and make a lot of money, this job is very fun with as much travel as you want.

How: We have everything that clients need except for more contractors to walk clients through the claims process. You will be trained to:

  1. Identify storm damage during a property inspection
  2. Explain damage to clients and explain how this needs to be handled to be sure it is covered by your insurance company.
  3. Talk to storm damage clients in the damaged neighborhoods to market our services
  4. Meet insurance inspectors to be sure that everything gets documented at the time of the inspection
  5. Fill out order forms with clients for the work to get done that was approved to be paid for by insurance companies

Over 17 years and 8 years of class room training, we have identified that there are 12 things that clients need to know as they go through the Claims process for the first time. We provide 2.5 days of classroom training to train you on the ins and outs of how to help a client understand their situation and get clients to agree to have us start helping them, by meeting their insurance company for free to advocate for that client during their day of judgement by the insurance company. Over 75% of our clients that decide to file a claim hire our contractors to meet with the insurance company and to do the work if it is approved

Training: 2.5 days of classroom training followed by as much field training as needed with your Sales Team that you will be assigned to.

What: What are we looking for? Those with real sales experience and those that we do not have to micro manage. We also have an entry level position with is offered to those that lack the right type of sales experience. This Position includes a per diem and about $1000 per week, as you learn from our top tier reps for a few weeks or months until you have this down.

Why: should you want this job? Looking for flexibility, and more money that you have ever made before. Because you are tired of getting experience at a job that will never pay you six figures. You want to learn a trade that is very much needed and you get to make over $1,000 per client you help through the process. You seriously want you to start moving in a better direction by helping people in storm damaged area.

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Texting me will get you contacted and more seriously considered, so text 612.799.3652 (Dan) if you are serious about more information on this position or our Outside sales positions.

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