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Insurance Agents HEALTHCARE TELEMEDICINE ZERO CO-Pay Business Benefits

Champ Plan Advisors Santa Clarita, CA
  • Expired: 10 days ago. Applications are no longer accepted.

✔✔✔Seeking Active Insurance Producers, Sales Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Benefits Specialists, Co-Employers (PEO), C-Levels and Referral relationships.

THE CHAMP PLAN :The world's first “Personal Proactive Health Improvement Plan" using an AI enabled smartphone APP.

TIMELY: Employers are looking for ways to find money, with no out of pocket cost, to reduce layoffs, reduce health care spend, and reduce stress.

****Free Telemedicine 365/24/7 for the whole family is just one of our 5x5 Benefits we provide with zero out of pocket cost to employers and employees.

GROUND FLOOR! National Rollout in 2020 after 8+ years in R&D and soft launch in 2018 and 2019. GAME-CHANGER IN THE INDUSTRY. 100 Companies already enrolled from small mom & pops up to a 90-yr old established company listed on the NYSE with 14k employees and $7B Revenue.

Clinical Health Program drives Behavioral Changes for improved employee health.

Employers save money by offering the voluntary Champ Plan™ while Employees increase their take home pay by saving Federal, State, and FICA costs.

Economically, this plan is a win win for both employers and employees.

THE Champ Plan™ SAVES TAXES & COSTS, INCREASES NET PROFIT, doing it the right way!


  • A benefit that supports pre-tax options, based upon Section 125 pre-tax contributions, and post-tax premium payments
  • Totally independent benefit that does not interfere with or replace a businesses current health insurance
  • This plan saves both the employer and employee money on the taxes and payroll related costs on employee’s voluntary elections into the plan.
  • Use Champ Plan™ 1st, before your Primary Health Plan
  • Offloads claim dollars normally paid by primary health plan
  • Effectiveness Verification via an earned LifeScore™ for each employee
  • Guaranteed issue, Employer offered, Limited Medical, Self Funded plan
  • Includes Champ 5x5 Benefits™ - Zero Co-Pays/Zero Deductibles
  • Competitive recruiting tool used to both attract and retain talent that costs zero out-of-pocket to implement and run
  • Addresses concerns many businesses have: how to increase bottom-line without laying off employees?
  • Easy enrollment process
  • Employees increase take home pay $600 to $3600/yr
  • Employers save $552 to $919/employee & partner/yr via FICA tax reduction

Employers save more than the cost of offering the plan. Employees paychecks increase and they get some first dollar benefits. Employee enrollment is averaging 90% participation. Data shows 100% of the 90% interact with the app monthly.


  • 5 Primary Care / Urgent Care Visits - Pays 100% of office visit charges with
  • 5 Generic Prescriptions -Pays 100% of first 5 generic prescriptions from retail pharmacies
  • Telemedicine Offers entire household 24/7/365 board certified physicians – calls & video chats. ZERO Cost
  • Preventative Care Services in Affordable Care Act “ACA” - Pays 100% of required ACA and Patient Protection services
  • Personal Health Manager - Proactive personalized medical care to help identify potential health risks


  • Create generational wealth and your own annuity stream
  • Guaranteed Issue, no underwriting, no one is declined.
  • No Chargebacks - comp is paid month after benefits are received.
  • Unique comp plan pays $10/$20 for each employee enrolled ($20 for employee/partner). Ongoing, Passive, Residual, Cumulative, in perpetuity since companies don't quit when they're saving $552/yr per employee in FICA tax savings and employees and their families are using the plan and they're getting more net pay.
    • Ex Potential: 1k Employee company would save $552,000 a year with the Champ Plan™ and an agent would make $10,000 a month base (or more with employee/partners).
  • Low to No Risk for Chargebacks - Compensation paid in the month following Champ Plan™ becomes active
  • Secondary Sales available (IUL, Key Man, Buy/Sell, Annuities etc) with NewFoundFunds™.
  • A company, product and comp plan unlike anything else in the industry: no one else is offering this.
  • Overrides available

National Rollout in 2020 after 8+ years in R&D and soft launch in 2018 and 2019. Win-Win-Win for all.

Trackable, verifiable, proactive, not a wellness plan with no accountability. Employers for the first time can know in real-time the health of their employees via a dashboard and can now actually do something proactively to help their employees be healthier. The Champ App™ improves health and help prevent health issues before they happen. First of it's kind.

Companies nationwide are shifting from offering competitive salaries to creative, attractive benefit packages for employees. Looking at health insurance, benefits have become more desirable than higher salaries. The Champ Plan™ helps companies stand out from the crowd with a benefit that both saves employees (and their families) money and increases their take home pay. They see the value it brings to both attract talent AND retain talent.

Rarely is there something new in the insurance industry. How to stand out from the crowd? There is a need to tell a different story to employers, now more than ever. The Champ Plan™ is going nationwide this year. We have tens of thousands of employees happily enrolled, but less than 50 agents in the field. It took a decade of R&D, advances in AI technology and a higher purpose to improve the health of employees that created this opportunity to offer a one-of-a-kind product that no business will want to be without because the numbers work, everyone wins and it just makes sense.


We are the insurance company. We are not an IMO, FMO, MLM or any other group of initials. This is not a job, commission only. Looking for quality, not quantity.

$70k-500k/yr and more is realistic. If you want a successful and very profitable career with a ground-breaking firm ready to explode that was founded on a purpose to make a positive difference in the world by affecting as many lives as possible, this might be right for you. Work for the next 2-5 years and then sit back and relax if you want to due to cumulative, residual income potential.


• Training through Champ University.
• Support available by phone, text, email, on the Champ U teachable platform and in the forum.
• Must have a health license or be willing to get one.
• Sell nationally with only your resident state health insurance license.
• Must be basic technology literate
• As agents in the field ourselves, we are accessible, committed to your success and to getting you what you need. If we don't have it, we'll create it!
• Contracting is quick, no cost and Includes free membership in Champ University™.If

***If you have business contacts, consider being an Affiliate. Lucrative referral fee potential. See Screening questions.

We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you and wish you luck on your search.

Julia Whitfield
COO, Champ Plan Advisors

Champ Plan Advisors

Why Work Here?

6-Figure Passive Residual Income, No Competition, Game-Changer, Growth Potential, 1st of it's Kind, Exciting, Ground Floor

The CHAMP Plan was designed to engage employees in technology specifically developed to improve their health! All an employee has to do is something they already do a thousand times a day: get on their phone. For about the same amount of time as scrolling through their Facebook feed! Our technology is one of the most innovative, intuitive and interactive Wellbeing Management applications on the market. By dedicating just 10-15 minutes each month to answering personalized and interactive health assessment questions through our App, employees will receive a LifeScore. Each month they will be required to complete a new assessment or activity, with the goal of improving their LifeScore! Our goal is to help employees learn how to make healthier choices and take a more proactive approach to managing their greatest asset...their health. Employees who satisfy these assessments each month will typically receive an increase in net take home pay which can be used by the employee however they want to use it...we put employees in complete control of their benefit dollars. Champ CHM in the Play Store and App Store.


Santa Clarita, CA