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Legal Admin/File Clerk- Temp

Macon, GA
  • Expired: February 10, 2023. Applications are no longer accepted.
Legal Admin/ File Clerk- This is a temporary position.

Summary: Clerical duties such as organizing files and retrieving an entity's paperwork, both physically and electronically. They are responsible for maintaining their company records in a complete and orderly manner, according to the organization's filing systems.

File Clerk Job Responsibilities:
  • Uploads digital files and data.
  • Organizes and archives records and documents.
  • Makes copies of paperwork and distributes as needed.
  • Retrieves data and files for other departments and personnel.
  • Uses alphabetical and numerical systems to organize paper and electronic records documents.
  • Checks paperwork, digital forms, and files, updating or correcting documentation as needed.
  • Updates filing systems and devises new filing and organizational and storage systems for data and documents as needed.
  • Creates new files and provides needed information on forms and reports.
  • Secures and protects the privacy of documents.
  • Scans paper documents and verifies that scanned documents are clear and legible.
  • Processes requests for files and data.
  • Records when and what documents have been borrowed and returned.
  • Monitors filing materials and office supplies and works with vendors to secure needed supplies, or reports when new purchases need to be made to purchasing officer.
  • Discards documents when required in accordance with official procedures.
  • Transcribes audio and video content.
  • Operates office equipment.
  • Looks for ways to improve filing systems and designs forms and templates for data entry.
  • Types and performs data entry.
  • Checks and corrects documentation and placement of previously filed documents.

File Clerk Qualifications/Skills:
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Integrity, discretion, and respect for confidentiality and privacy
  • A dedication to preserving information and materials
  • Adept typing, word-processing, and data entry skills
  • Clear handwriting
  • Ability to read and understand a wide range of materials
  • Verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • Research and critical thinking skills

Education, Experience, & Licensing Requirements:
  • High school graduate or equivalent
  • Knowledge of basic office and administrative software such as MS Office
  • Experience working in an office setting
  • Previous clerical experience
  • Experience working with file-keeping software.



Macon, GA
31297 USA



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