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Education Director (NYS Teacher Certification B-2 a must!)

Cardinal McCloskey Community Services Bronx, NY
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.


Position Responsibilities:

· Recruiting and recommending to the Board the hiring of competent, qualified staff.

· Coordinating and supervising the work of staff in developing and maintaining a total program in education, health, nutrition and social services to meet the needs of the children served.

· Develop and maintain good staff relationships, including awareness of the particular job of each staff member and its relationship to the whole.

· Establish time and work schedules for all staff in relation to the daily tasks. Scheduling appointment, individual and group conferences and vacations for all in keeping with the needs of the center for adequate staff coverage at all times.

· Keep expenditures within budgetary limitations.

· Purchasing items for which budgeted funds are available and informing the Board of additional needs not covered by the budget.

· Maintaining current fee collections

· Supervising the bookkeeper in maintaining a system of financial recording, accounting, statistical reporting and provision for filing and safeguarding of records. Holding regular conferences with the bookkeeper to become apprised of the status of these records and financial needs.

· Being available to accountants at the time audits are scheduled.

· Seeing that sanitary conditions are maintained and that plant is kept in good repair so that proper protection of the children is assured.

· Developing and maintaining quality standards of education and nurturing of the children throughout the total day of the center’s operation.

· Maintaining a program that meets the emotional, physical, intellectual and social needs of the individual child and the group.

· Coordinating the work schedules of individual staff with planned group activities.

· Responsibility for seeing that staff records behavior and progress of each child and utilizing these with staff for program planning and referrals, as needed.

· Helping staff to understand the framework of the agency and the community in which they work.

· Responsibility for professional growth and development of staff through regularly scheduled individual conferences, group and staff meetings and frequent observations and discussion of teacher’s performance with their groups.

· Helping staff find practical applications for dealing with theoretical knowledge.

· Maintaining professional relations in dealing with staff.

· Keeping staff informed about and stimulating their interest in current developments in the professional field, such as courses, lectures, conferences, etc.

· Evaluating staff in writing at the end of probationary periods and annually thereafter.

· Encouraging good relationships among the staff and staff participation in the entire program.

· Assisting staff in organization of work and sound use of time.

· Facilitating the election, establishment and continuation of a parent Advisory Committee (PAC).

· Assisting in creating a mechanism for regular communication between the Board and PAC.

· Interpreting of policies and programs of Board pertinent to parents’ relationships with the day care center.

· Maintaining and helping staff maintain, good continuing relationships with parents, through informal contracts, planned conferences and appropriately shared information about children’s progress.

· Planning group meetings with parents and staff.

· Be aware of the Board’s function as a private operating agency in a contractual relationship with the public funding agency.

· Interpret to the Board the role of, various governmental and other agencies, which relate to providing day care services.

· Participate in planning, suggesting and recommending changes in policy and procedures necessary to maintain a program, which meets the needs of the children.

· Cooperate with the Board in its own annual evaluation.

· Interpret and recommend agency needs in relations to the budget. Keep Board informed of financial expenditures of center.

· Interpret good standards of care for children.

· Interpret sound standards and criteria for engaging qualified personnel.

· Stimulate interest in and recommend development of sound personnel policies by Board and staff.

· Help to develop Board participation in committees and other appropriate activities pertinent to the work of the center

· Interpret and assist the Board in its relationships to other community agencies with which cooperative work is necessary to the operation of the center.

· Assist the Board with publicity material designed to explain the center’s service to the community.

· Familiarize with resources of the community

· Working jointly with the Board to interpret program, services and philosophy of the agency to community agencies and enlist their cooperation on any appropriate activities of the centers, such as schools, social services and health organizations.

· Cooperation of all social services available to enrolled families.

All schedules and responsibilities subject to change to meet the needs of the department or clients

Essential Job Functions:

  • Demonstrate leadership qualities, mature judgment, and the ability to work cooperatively with people.
  • Ability to establish and maintain professional relationships and sound educational programs; to be articulate, pleasant and resourceful
  • Willingness to utilize any training available to improve administrative and supervisory skills, as well as understanding of fiscal and budgetary management.
  • Excellent time management skills

Essential skills, experience, licensure, certification:

  • Valid New York State Teacher’s Certificate (or equivalent certificate from another state, which is recognized by the New York State of Education)
  • Two years group teacher’s experience plus academic course work pertinent to the appropriate age levels.

Cardinal McCloskey Community Services

Why Work Here?

Wonderful benefits and opportunity for growth!

CMCS is committed to the practice of trauma-informed care in accordance with the tenets of Sanctuary through utilizing the SELF framework for Sanctuary practice and promulgating Sanctuary training and trauma-informed clinical treatment.


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Bronx, NY