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Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Calgary Immigration Law Calgary, AB
  • Expired: 23 days ago. Applications are no longer accepted.


This will probably be the longest, most honest and detailed, employment ad you will ever read on Indeed or anywhere else. We did this so that you do not waste your time coming in for an interview for a job that you know, deep down you are not up to performing. We want to lay it out up front to you. We want you to know what type of person we are looking for and what we expect from you. If you are up for a challenging job that is as demanding as it is rewarding, please continue reading the rest of this ad and if you are up to the challenge, we look forward to seeing your resume and cover letter.

To those of you who read this entire ad and apply for the position, we thank you in advance and look forward to meeting you. We are a boutique law firm based in Calgary, Alberta. We primarily handle immigration law, but we also handle a variety of other legal issues. We are looking for a hardworking, detail oriented individual to be our Office Receptionist/Admin Assistant and the first point of contact with clients and potential clients on the phone. You will represent us on the phone in the most positive, professional, engaged and friendly manner. Please see below for further details of this very important position in our firm:

· You must speak English very well and have a pleasant phone manner – any other languages you may speak are a bonus (French, Spanish etc.)

· You must be an experienced, detail-oriented, highly-organized, assertive, self-confident, emotionally-mature and self-directed person who can take on a combined role of receptionist and office assistant to work full time

· The candidate must have excellent verbal and written communication skills. He or she will function as the “hub” of our busy office. The candidate will pave the way for the legal assistant, immigration consultants and lawyers to be as productive as possible by handling all time-consuming administrative tasks. He or she will demonstrate problem-solving skills necessary to handle difficult matters and create more efficient processes.

· Congeniality and professionalism with firm clients are a top priority. The firm’s environment is fair and honest, with an appreciation for honest, no-nonsense professionals. The successful candidate will work hard, maintain a positive attitude, make well-thought-out suggestions at appropriate times, and follow agreed-upon policies and procedures. The ideal candidate will recognize a busy lawyer and immigration consultant’s professional needs and be flexible, knowing that in a busy law firm every day brings with it a new adventure – it’s never boring!

· The candidate must be Word, Outlook email, and Excel-proficient and have hands-on experience managing online calendars. He or she must be able to demonstrate both personal and professional discretion, with good judgment and the ability to work independently with minimal supervision to meet deadlines. He or she must coordinate amiably with fellow internal team members to get the job done in an efficient and effective manner.

· The candidate must demonstrate an above-average-ability to learn and adapt as the Firm grows and takes on new dimensions. He or she should know how to “get things done” with minimal supervision. The right candidate must be a self-starter and initiate recommendations for creating greater Firm efficiencies rather than waiting around for instructions. Must be comfortable with constant change as we are always looking to improve and become more efficient.

· Problem solving, listening skills, alignment with core philosophy, detail oriented, systematic, creative, good-natured, emotionally-secure, patient, optimistic, flexible, knows when to lead and when to follow. These are all adjectives and terms that describe our ideal candidate.

· Interested candidates should email a copy of their resume and a cover letter that includes (i) their salary requirement and (ii) the names of two personal and professional references to:

You must be a positive person. If you see the glass as being half full, you are the type of person we are looking for. Our firm does not do well with toxic or negative attitudes, whiners, complainers or victims. You will not fit in if you even think that you may fit into one of the above categories of negative people.

You must be competent and proficient in the use of Microsoft Office at a minimum.

You must also be able to proof your own work. We prefer people who are not afraid of computers or learning new things that will make their jobs easier.

If you lose stuff, are not organized, and get easily distracted, please do not apply.

You must be able to multi-task. You must be able to think on your feet and make smart decisions. If you cannot multitask or think on your feet, please do not apply, as you will be wasting your time as well as ours.

We are slow to hire but quick to fire. If you do your job in a competent, positive manner there is nothing to be concerned about.

You must have thick skin. You cannot be someone who does not take criticism well or cannot deal well with people.

To be perfectly honest, we expect you to give us 100% when you are at work. You owe it to yourself and to us to do the best job that you can. If you do not put forth the effort needed to do your job right the first time, we will let you know about it constructively. If your effort level does not change after it is brought to your attention in a reasonable amount of time, you will no longer be working for our firm.

Additionally, occasionally, some callers or clients can be difficult, but we cannot change them, so we must deal with them as best we can. If you do not think that you are up to the challenge of dealing with difficult clients, do not apply for this job.

You also need to be detail-oriented and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right the first time. In our practice, getting it done right the first time for our clients is very important and we need everyone to work with this goal in mind. If this seems too much to ask of you, do not apply for this job.

If you are lazy, do not show up to work on time, take a ton of coffee, cigarette, or other breaks during the workday, this job is not for you. If you love to surf the internet, text or be on the phone on personal calls, do not apply for this job.

If you are one of those people who constantly gets sick on Thursday nights or Sunday nights and cannot come to work on Friday or Monday because you are sick, this really is not the job for you. Do not get us wrong. We understand that everyone gets sick, but we also know there are people out there who get sick when it is convenient for them. If this is you, please do not apply for this position, because if we hire you, it would not be fair to the rest of the staff and your employment with us would end very quickly.

You must be a team player. You will be working with other members of our staff and both you and our other staff members are accountable to each other. If you cannot get along with one another and work together to get the job done right the first time, this is not the job for you. We are strong believers in the team approach and our office is a team environment, so if you are not a team player, this is not the job for you. If you think you can fake being a team player, you cannot, so do not try because this is not the job for you.

You need to be able to talk to people in a manner that is polite, educated, and puts them at ease.

You cannot talk down to anyone that you deal within our office.

You should not be a person who gets angry quickly or blows their stack if someone says something you don't like.

You need to have compassion when dealing with our clients.

You must be able to handle working with several different databases of information. If you are not 100% confident in managing data and people, you are not the right person for this job. As an administrative assistant, you will be answering phones, meeting with potential clients and existing clients, and working closely with other staff members and lawyers.

At times, you will also need to know how to figure things out on your own and be able to creatively problem-solve to come up with solutions.

Additionally, if you are above making a pot of coffee or helping in another area of the office, this is not the job for you.

Our office is open Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. You are expected to be here during those hours, except for lunch. If you think you can eat at your desk and leave one hour and thirty minutes early each day, this is not the job for you.

Regarding evenings and weekends, normally you have those off but if we have an emergency, we would expect you to help us out and pitch in.

To put it simply, we want you to earn what we are paying you. We do not want to pay you to socialize, surf the internet, e-mail friends and family, or any other non-work-related activities while you are in the office. This does not mean that our office is not a fun environment, it just means we know when we must work, and we know when to have fun.

If this sounds harsh or unfair, then this is not the job for you, you should stop reading this ad right now.

At this point, some of you may be thinking that this office will be the worst place to work in the Calgary area. If you are, do not apply for this job. If, on the other hand, you realize that the work environment we have created will help you get your job done efficiently and allow you to earn money and have a life outside of work, then you are the type of candidate we would like to meet with to discuss the opportunity we are offering.

If you are hired, you will be part of a wonderful team of people, who work hard to get the job done right the first time and take pride in the work that they do. You will be part of a team that is rewarded for their hard work and who enjoy wine Fridays and team lunches and off-site retreats.

Is this going to be an easy job? No. It might be the biggest challenge of your life. But, we believe that anything really great is worth working hard for and that our greatest growth comes from our biggest challenges. You will be challenged as a receptionist/admin assistant, but you will have fun and you will enjoy helping our clients.

If you have gotten this far, you are truly an exceptional person, as most people would have stopped reading this ad a long time ago.

Duties and Responsibilities

· Answer and screen all calls into the firm and manage them with professionalism;

· Answer the telephone and route/screen calls;

· Maintain lawyer calendars and appointments in a logical and efficient manner;

· Schedule external and internal activities requiring lawyer attention;

· Schedule client calls and meetings;

· Prescreen to determine if we can help potential clients before they move on to the Client Intake Specialist

· Handle routine email correspondence on lawyer’s behalf;

· Send legal correspondence and convert rough drafts into “sendable” documents;

· Establish and manage new client files;

· Scan, copy, file documents;

• Interact, build and maintain client relationships;
• Manage mail; and
• Create and organize files (for both existing and new clients).


• Minimum of 2 years related experience supporting fast-paced lawyers;
• Minimum two professional and two personal references;
• Strong communication skills, both written and verbal;
• Proficiency in all areas of Microsoft Office;
• Experience with CLIO, Lexicata and PowerPoint a plus;
• Experience working with a CRM and/or law office management software;
• Professional attitude, attire and positive mindset; and
• Minimum type 50 wpm.

If you have gotten this far and are thinking about applying it means that you are a hard worker, ready for a challenge and want to be part of a team where your hard work and efforts are recognized, appreciated and rewarded.


E-mail the following documents with "[insert name] is your next Receptionist/Office Admin in the subject line and attach the following documents in PDF format:

Cover letter containing the following in bullet point format:
What you think it takes to be a stellar receptionist/admin assistant.
What are you looking for in a job.
What you bring to the table (i.e. qualities that would be of value to the firm).
What you liked and did not like about this ad. (You can be honest. We will not hold it against you.)
Salary requirements
References – at least 3

Email to

Thank you for taking the time to read this entire ad. If you decide to apply, we look forward to meeting you. If you have made it this far and are not sure whether this is for real, we can assure you it is. We are looking for someone immediately and will start scheduling interviews within the next couple of weeks.

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