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Lawnside, NJ
  • Expired: April 04, 2021. Applications are no longer accepted.

Job Description ROLE DESCRIPTION SUMMARY: To serve as a restaurant leader and ensure that team members on shift are provided with the proper coaching, training and development necessary to provide outstanding customer experience. JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO THE FOLLOWING: Supervising team members during assigned shifts to ensure effective restaurant operation. Monitor and ensure prompt, friendly and courteous customer service. Monitor and ensure ail menu products are prepared and served according to standard procedures Ensure that assigned job assignments are carded out by team members. Assist team members as necessary to prepare quality products, provide exceptional service, arid cleanliness standards, as documented In the Operations Standards Manual. Provide feedback to [employees and promote teamwork. Demonstrate proper procedures for learn members to follow. Ensure compliance of all Falcon/ Midwest policies and procedures. Ensure all safety and security policies and procedures are enforced. Conduct and monitor the All Star Training program; provide feedback to trainee job performance. Maintain professional appearance and set a positive example for team members and ensure team members follow established company policy. Wear clean and appropriate work uniform, follow personal hygiene standards, and adhere company dress code guidelines for hair, fingernails, earrings, hats/helmets, and jewelry. Demonstrate a commitment to creating a hospitable environment and to providing exceptional customer service. Maintain professional and ethical leadership behaviors at all limes. Ensure on-time attendance by each employee for the shift. Ensure each employee arrives for work in a clean and complete uniform, including hat/ hair restraint, and is following the personal hygiene standards detailed in the Employee Handbook and In the All Star Training program. Communicate clearly and effectively with supervisors, co-workers, suppliers, and team members. Follow the established Falcon/ Midwest progressive counseling process when team members have violated policy, procedure, expected position work practices, or assigned duties.

Contact ROM or ML to report team member and specific violation or behavior. Dismiss team member from shift, asking him/her to "clock-out", and call RGM at a specific time. Maintain effective operation of the restaurant; avoiding arguments or confrontations. Prepare writing documents, for RGM and the corporate office; that details events that lead to asking a team member to clock out. Ensure customer satisfaction during assigned shifts. Handle verbal feedback, including complimentary and critical comments Handle customer complaints or concerns immediately and according to company established guidelines and recommendations. Observe and communicate effectively with customers and team members to ensure ever customer's experience is pleasant. Recognize and effectively handle special types and needs of customers and assist as required. Positively interact with customers Ensure Church's product quality standards are maintained throughout the flow of food In the restaurant. Follow and ensure the use of proper product procedures for preparation of all menu items. Follow procedures for receiving, handling, end storage of food products and follow proper rotation and icing procedures. Supervise team members and perform cleaning and maintenance duties to ensure a clean sanitized and efficient operation.

Assist and ensure food preparation, storage, and customer service areas are properly cleaned and sanitized Assist and ensure all restaurant equipment is clean , sanitized and maintained' BS required, Assist and ensure all dining areas and restrooms are clean, sanitized and in working order. Assist and ensure all outside grounds and parking lot areas are properly maintained to create an inviting appearance. Complete all shift-related paperwork and administrative tasks properly and timely. Complete weekly sales report, bank deposit slips, the cash and inventory worksheet, and other forms as required for the shift and ensure accuracy of all paperwork. Enter inventory and payroll, as required into the POS system Ensure the restaurant polls nightly by the correct close down of the PDS system. Must be able and may be required to perform all employees roles or jobs. Ensure adherence to established cash hunching and security procedures, including but not limited to Cash sales counts, drawer bank counts, drawer assignments, POS deletions, over-rings, and voids, large bill drops, and cash levels in the drawers Follow company deposit and banking policies and procedure Prepare bank deposits according deposit and banking policies and procedures Follow established security protocol when driving deposits to the bank Ensure all balking paperwork Is properly and accurately completed. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Must be at least I8 years of age A high school diploma or CEO is highly recommended ServSafe® food safety training Is highly recommended Must be validated in each module of All-Star Training Program, released June 2001 Must possess a valid Driver's License and possess proof of Insurance on the vehicle. Must have access to an automotive vehicle during shifts. Must have access to a telephone at all times. Must be able to open and close the restaurant as scheduled May be required to temporarily work at other local restaurants ( as determined by the ML or ZDO) during emergencies, vacation relief, FMLA relief. etc. Successfully complete all training and make a passing score on all applicable tests. I.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS (minimum qualifications needed to perform the Essential Job Functions.): A. Lifting Requirement- Medium: Lifting and carrying 25 to 50 pounds occasionally, and 20 pounds or less frequently. B. A MIT MUST BE ABLE TO: Continuously stand and walk on hard floors to/from the kitchen area, stock room, food preparation area and front lines to oversee team member activities for the duration of a full shift (8 hours Occasionally lift and stack food and supply items from various heights to/from shelving, freezers, coolers, stock rooms, etc.

Carry items to/from the service area; occasionally lift and carry trash bags out of trashcans and Into outside dumpster. Occasionally climb a footstool or ladder to reach items located on stock shelves, in coolers, freezers, stock rooms, etc. Continuously communicate with customers, management, and team members. Continuously listen to the needs and comments from the managers, team members, and customers, Continuously see in order to be aware of the surroundings and actions of the supervised staff, customers, and others in proximity of the restaurant. Company Description Down Home isn’t just a place, it’s the mentality that sets the tone for everything we do. We stick to our roots, because it’s the special flavor that makes us who we are today. At Church’s®, it’s all about big portions, bold flavors, warm welcomes and saving plenty of room for seconds.

Because we know that’s how our guests like it – so that’s the way we make it. Been that way for 66 years and it’s not going to change now.



Lawnside, NJ



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