2+ Cbteam Career and Employment Opportunities

Why Work at Cbteam

CBTeam is a staffing firm, we specialize in placing eLearning and Training Professionals in contract and full time jobs.

CBTeam is a leader in their industry! CBTeam is a staffing firm, consulting firm, temp agency, headhunters......pick one! We have been placing eLearning and Training people for decades....just as our name indicates. Yes, "CBT" is a very outdated name, however, it just shows how long CBTeam has been doing this work. Don't let the name fool you, we have stayed on top of the Training Development Industry. We know the difference between a Tech Writer and and ID. WE know about the various methodologies and Adult Learning Theories. We understand what working in an "Agile" environment means. CBTeam matches the right candidates into the right job. If you are an eLearning professional looking for work, give us a call. If you are a company looking for top quality candidates, reach out to us. We promise to save you a lot of time and aggravation. WE work in tandem with your HR people, we are not their competition, we are their ally in finding your organization the right people who will perform and make a difference.

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