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Customer Service Representative for Electric Motor Repair Shop

Brick Staffing, LLC Denver, CO
  • Expired: 19 days ago. Applications are no longer accepted.

Brick Staffing is seeking a Customer Service Representative for our client in Denver, CO who provides comprehensive electric motor rebuilding services to its clients as well as motor re-design capabilities.

Creativity and Innovation

Thinks outside the box when faced with challenging situations

Promotes the company by talking positive and handing out business cards when appropriate

Customer Service

Demonstrates total commitment to outstanding customer service

Exhibits creativity and flexibility in solving customer problems

Shares information and resources readily

Never appears to talk down or patronize customers

Exceed customer expectations by providing timely feedback and follow-up

Quickly address problems even with the most demanding customers

Proactively inform customers of a potential pending delay

Always put the clients’ needs above your own

Provide objective and timely advice to the customer

Follow-up with customers after a conclusion of a sale

Researches on-line for technical support

Communication and Cooperation

Regularly asks for immediate customer feedback to ensure understanding

Remains open minded and willing to entertain other ideas

Communicates clearly with customers

Demonstrates candor and a sense of humor in all business dealings

Is not afraid to say “I don’t know” or “I will check and get back with you”

Demonstrates a willingness to hear others out before reaching a decision

Always makes others comfortable in participating and sharing their thoughts

Allows team personnel to share their achievements

Acts as a calming influence when faced with anger or resentment

Provides timely feedback and follow-up

Provides ongoing feedback despite constructive criticism

Encourages open communication, cooperation and sharing of knowledge

Attendance and Punctuality

Has a reputation for reliability and excellence in all he / she does

Arrives at the workstation on time and ready to begin work by the scheduled work time

Speaks with supervisor in person (not by leaving voice mail) when time-off is needed.

Strictly adheres to all breaks / meal requirements under state law and company policy

Plans to arrive and be prepared at all meetings out of respect for other’s time (staff)

Returns telephone calls and emails in a timely manner (staff)

Focuses on the job / task on hand without wondering / loitering away from workstation

Listening Skills

Demonstrates active and focused listening skills


Appreciates the diverse nature of the company’s workforce

Brick Staffing, LLC

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Denver, CO
Denver, CO