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Bozeman Deaconess Hospital Bozeman, MT
  • Expired: June 30, 2019. Applications are no longer accepted.

      • The Anesthesia Technician/Technologist performs duties under the direct supervision of a qualified professional Registered Nurse and / or Anesthesiologist. Performs a variety of technical and supportive patient care tasks to assist the anesthesiologists in performing anesthetic procedures. Performs routine and delegated duties according to departmental policies. Ability to work effectively and efficiently under pressure in a stressful patient care environment, and often without relief. Ability to demonstrate knowledge relating to anesthesia procedures in order to effectively anticipate the needs of the anesthesiologist. Ability to set priorities and respond appropriately to actual and / or potential life threatening situations. Communicate with patients while helping prepare them for anesthesia, allay fears and elicit patient cooperation. Participate in non-charged calming conversation. Establish and maintain good working relationships with other members of the health care team. Required to work all shifts. Will crosstrain in all Operating Room / O.R. sterile processing responsibilities and assist in these responsibilities as duties allow. Will orient with OR Aides to understnd patient care responsibilities in the OR.
      • Required:
        • Must demonstrate proof of education, with a minimum of a High School Diploma or GED.
      • Preferred:
        • Anesthesia Technician certification

        • Basic Medical terminology

      • Required:
        • American Heart Association Healthcare Provider BLS
      • Preferred:
        • Certification through the American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians

      • Required:
        • none
      • Preferred:
        • 1 year direct patient care experience as an aide or anesthesia technician.
        • Strong pedicatric experience

      • SKILLS IN:
      • ABILITY TO:
    • 25% Time Spent - Assemble & maintain anesthesia supplies.
      • Must demonstrate knowledge and usage of common anesthestic gases.
      • Type and indications for local, monitored anesthesia care, regional and general anesthesia.
      • Must demonstrate proficiency in purchasing, checking outdates, & stocking supply levels.
      • Consults operating room schedule to determine anesthesia supply and equipment needs.
      • Maintain anesthesiology supplies & equipment, set up anesthetizing locations and operate, monitor, and collect data from anesthesia related equipment as per competency. ( Manufacturer Recommendations) 
      • Participates in product selection, evaluation, & conversion to provide a cost effective, efficient quality of anesthesia services.
      • Does NOT connect IV tubing to patient. Sets up OR for cases according to job description.
    • 25% Time Spent - Complete quality checks, maintenance, decontamination, assembly, and sterilization of medical instrumentation & equipment.
      • Must demontrate proficiency in: purpose, use, and care of physiological monitors relating to the administration of anesthesia.
      • Must demonstrate proficiency in structure, function, and care of all components of anesthesia delivery system.
      • Demonstrates detailed technical knowledge and troubleshooting ability for anesthesia delivery system, scavenger system, gas analyzer, EKG, pulse oximeter, and blood pressure.
      • Prepare anesthestizing locations for indicated procedures to include set up, clean up and calibrating monitoring devices.
      • Daily inspects, maintains, cleans and calibrates equipment prior to induction following manufacture recommendation.
      • Trouble shoot anesthesia equipment malfunctions, routing non-fuctioning equipment to proper department for repair.
      • Appropriately sets up breathing circuits, transport 02, and emergency ventilation systems as per job description.
      • Makes available, assembles, for the operation of specialized equipment such as but not limited to humidification units, fiber optic endoscope equipment, etc.
      • Maintains an inventory of equipment used by anesthesia to track repairs, loaners and demonstration models.
      • Aides in the preparation of the capital budget for the anesthesia department.
    • 25% Time Spent - Demonstrates Quality and Safety Proficiency.
      • Must demonstrate proficiency in biologic hazards, infection control, and standard precautions.
      • Must demonstrate proficiency in fire, electrical, laser, and explosion hazards in the operating room and other anesthesia related areas.
      • Must demonstrate proficiency in storage, use, and safe handling of bulk and cylinder gases.
      • Clean anesthesia machines, monitors, and equipment following procedures established by infection control.
      • Cleans all reusable items according to manufaturer recommendation.
      • Maintains material safety data sheets (MSDS) on hazardous materials and latex allergy items for all supplies under anesthesia cognizance using MAXCOM system.
      • Participates in the development and continuous updating of departmental policies and procedures directly related to anesthesia technical staff and performance.

Bozeman Deaconess Hospital


Bozeman, MT