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Sports Marketing Coordinator - No Experience

Belmont Executives Inc. District Heights, MD

  • Salary $49,000 to $55,000 Annually
  • Employment Type Full-Time

Sports Marketing - No Experience Needed

Belmont Executives is an award winning global sales and marketing firm with massive client-driven expansion goals for 2019. We need to grow quickly in order to meet our clients expectations, and are willing to offer all necessary training and ongoing guidance. Your success = our success!

In all the markets we've been in from San Francisco, San Jose, Berkeley, Austin and now the Washington, DC area. We've found that people from a sport, health, fitness or similar background involving teamwork, competition, training, commitment and dedication tend to succeed in our industry.

This is a also a valuable opportunity for those who have experience in sports marketing, advertising, team leadership, sales, entrepreneurship and anybody with a competitive mindset.

You'll be able to learn and enhance the following skills:

  • Sales and Customer Service

  • Marketing and Brand Management

  • Team Leadership and Motivation

  • Recruitment and Business Management

Belmont provides the opportunity for those looking to excel in the field of sales and marketing by utilizing a hands-on approach in management training. Belmont focuses on developing and enhancing the competitive nature and willingness to lead within every potential candidate.

We specialize in taking a direct approach for customer retention and client acquisition for service-based companies. This means you will be dealing with all consumers one-on-one face-to-face in a retail, events and in-store setting.

We start all our competitive sports minded consultants at entry level for the sole purpose of developing a strong management team from within; with the mentality that everyone can get from an entry level position to a management position in under a year.

We do not believe in seniority or office politics; those who get the job done get promoted into management!

Our Environment and Culture Include:

  • A fun work environment where fueled by friendly competition

  • Support and backing from our management team and our clients

  • Regular bonuses and incentives on top of uncapped earning potential

  • A business mentor to take you under their wing

  • Weekly leadership development meetings

  • Team nights, dinners, black tie events, live sporting events

  • National and International travel opportunities

We'd love to hear from you if you're considering a career change or are just getting started on your career path. Everyone is learning and growing together, and you'll be pushed to reach your potential. Send us your resume or LinkedIn profile and we'll contact you to arrange a face-to-face meeting with a member of our management team.

Belmont Executives Inc.

Why Work Here?

This firm offers not only offers an amazing working environment, but also awesome benefits and perks!

We take the time to understand your unique business needs. Then we devise a plan to get you to the next level. Your efforts don't have to be complicated or overwhelming. Rely on the experts at to help you meet — even exceed — your goals. Let's do great things together. We can't wait to work with you.


New Carrollton, MD
District Heights, MD
Posted: 24 days ago