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Peer Recovery Support Specialist

Behavioral Health Group Springfield, MO
  • Expired: August 26, 2020. Applications are no longer accepted.

The Peer Recovery Specialist (PRS) reports to the Program Director and is responsible for building trust and forming impactful relationships with their patients.  He/she performs a wide range of tasks to assist patients in regaining independence within the community and mastery over their own recovery journey. He/she utilizes a variety of resources such as booklets, pamphlets and other materials in addressing the needs of their patients.


Behavioral Health Group (BHG), a leading provider of opioid addiction treatment services. BHG provides medication assisted treatment and counseling services in a conventional outpatient setting.


At BHG, we are committed to the belief that addiction is a brain disease, not a moral failing.  We are committed to treatment that embodies Hope, Respect, and Caring.

  • Provide practical help, mentoring, advocacy, coordination of services, side-by-side individualized support, and problem solving.
  • Provide education on mental illness and addictive disorders through peer to peer programs for patients and their families.
  • Conduct data collection and provide to Program Director and/or third party agencies as required.
  • Assists patients in articulating personal goals for recovery through the use of individual and group meetings. During these sessions the PRS will support patients in identifying and creating goals and developing recovery plans with the skills, strengths, supports, and resources to aid them in achieving those goals
  • Assists patients in working with their case manager, counselor, and/or treatment team in determining the steps needed in order to achieve their goals and self-directed recovery.
  • Assists patients in setting up and sustaining self-help (mutual support) groups, as well as means of locating and joining existing groups.
  • Utilizes tools such as the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) to assist patients in creating their own individual wellness and recovery plans.
  • Utilizes and teaches problem solving techniques with individuals and groups; discussions will be utilized where patients will share common problems in daily living and methods they have employed to manage and cope with these problems.
  • Uses ongoing individual and group sessions to teach patients how to identify and combat negative self-talk and how to identify and overcome fears by providing a forum which allows group members and PRS to share their experiences.
  • Supports patients’ vocational choices and assist them in choosing a job that matches their strengths, overcoming job-related anxiety by reviewing job applications, and providing interview tips.
  • Assists patients in building social skills in the community that will enhance job acquisition and tenure.
  • Teaches and models the value of every patient’s recovery experience.
  • Assists patients in obtaining decent and affordable housing of his/her choice in the most integrated, independent, and least intrusive or restrictive environment by assisting with transportation and/or accompanying patients when necessary.
  • Models effective coping techniques and self-help strategies.
  • Serves as a recovery agent by providing and advocating for an effective recoverybased services that will aid the client in daily living.
  • Assists in obtaining services that suit the patient’s recovery needs by providing names of staff, community resources and groups that may be useful. Community resources may include but are not limited to: Social Security Administration, Department of Family and Protective Services, local YMCAs, Libraries, Restaurants, Patients Service Organizations, apartment complexes and other types of affordable housing, etc.
  • Assists patients in developing empowerment skills and combating stigma through self-advocacy. This will be accomplished through regular meetings, individual or group sessions.
  • With assistance from the Program Director/Team Leader, the PRS will work with the patients and other treatment team staff to develop a treatment/recovery plan based on each patient’s identified goals. Treatment/Recovery Plans will be reviewed and signed by the Coordinator/Team Leader and other participating treatment team staff.

  • Holds certification as a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS)
  • Completes and passes the Missouri Peer Support training and the exam
  • Holds a basic understanding of alcohol/drug abuse and addiction
  • Complies with all federal, state and local regulatory agency requirements
  • Complies with all accrediting agencies
  • Utilize consultation with higher-graded team members as appropriate
  • Meets BHG attendance standards and is present and ready for work at the beginning of their established work schedule
  • Reports any work-related injury or illness, or workplace hazards or security issues immediately to supervisor
  • Demonstrates the belief that addiction is a brain disease, not a moral failing
  • Demonstrates hope, respect and caring in all interactions with patients and fellow Team Members
  • Establishes and maintains positive relationships in the workplace
  • Can work independently and under pressure while handling multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Makes decisions and uses good judgment with confidential and sensitive issues
  • Deals appropriately with others in stressful or other undesirable situations and seeks direction from supervisors when necessary


GREAT Opportunities -- Our Team Members are motivated self-starter’s self-starters who excel in a fast-paced environment and become a valued member of our team.


GREAT People -- Our staff has a passion to be the best, sharing a strong work ethic and dedication to providing world-class support to the teams in the field who serve our patients every day!


GREAT Support -- We recognize that our success, and that of our patients, relies on the quality of our Team Members. Once we have identified and hired a new Team Member, we work diligently to keep their skills and talent engaged by providing the systems, tools and training necessary.




Behavioral Health Group


Springfield, MO