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General Manager

BTE Northeast White Plains, NY
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

Required Training/Education/Experience

College degree not necessary, but preferred.  Minimum of two years of supervisory experience in the service  industry.  Must possess detailed knowledge of front and back of house management.  Must be proficient in ordering, inventory management, scheduling, employee development, staff training and guest service. Must possess leadership skills that encourage personal and professional achievement.  Responsible for fostering a positive workplace culture while maintaining company policy and expectations

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Complete focus on operations,  restaurant environment, cleanliness standards, food safety, food quality and consistency, service standards.
  • Direct oversight of Floor Manager and Kitchen Manager
  • Hire, train, develop, discipline and fire Servers
  • In collaboration with the Floor Manager, train and develop the serving staff
  • Responsible for ensure current company-wide training systems are being executed
  • Complete weekly schedule for Servers, Hosts, Cooks and DMO’s through the managing tool
  • Provide and maintain a workplace environment developed by the Director of Culture and Training
  • Complete and submit all employee onboarding paperwork
  • Approve and track all employee PTO to ensure efficient operational coverage
  • Manage employee morale budget
  • Ensure food plating and presentation standards are consistently upheld
  • Submit Stand and Deliver reports weekly
  • Responsible for accurate weekly cash deposits
  • Meet monthly with  Area Director or Regional Manager to review performance audit results and set goals for the following month
  • Meet quarterly with Area Director or Regional Manager to discuss Labor and COGS bonus goals
  • Prepare agenda and conduct weekly MTM on Friday’s between 1pm-3pm
    • Previous weekly projections vs actual
    • Current employee challenges and successes
    • Update on any training employees and discuss areas of focus with FM and KM
    • Direct FM and KM on any specific areas of concern
    • Discussion on any current or upcoming promotions or seasonal menus
    • Communicate any information from Area Director or Regional Manager
  • Present at monthly regional manager meeting conducted by Regional Manager or Area DIrector


Managers must always present themselves professionally. This will include, but is not limited to:

  • Business casual attire (clothes should be comfortable but professional – no jeans)
  • Grooming must remain professional
  • For women: A natural hair color, proper coverage of tattoos, no excessive piercings
  • For men: neatly groomed facial hair, a natural hair color, proper coverage of tattoos, no excessive piercings
  • Proper hygiene must always be addressed
  • Clothes must be clean and pressed at all times
  • Accessories should be limited and understated
  • No excessive logos should be displayed
  • Clothing should never be controversial or offensive
  • Hair, makeup (if applicable), and colognes or perfumes must be conservative and professional

Attendance & Promptness

As a leader in the company, it is the goal and expectation that managers assume the responsibility of the overall performance of their location – at all times, on all days. 

  • Managers are expected to work their assigned 5-day work schedule as well as any additional time related to the planning or operation of the business (scheduling, trainings, meetings, etc). 
  • A manager is required to be on-site whenever the restaurant is open for business or whenever guests may be present. 
  • On days when only one manager is scheduled, the manager is expected to be on-site from 6am – close.  
  • On days when two managers are present, one manager may either come in early and/or leave early as long as one manager is on-site throughout the day.  These are not meant to be half-days, but 8-hour work days instead of 9-10 hours. Special concessions must be approved by a superior. 
  • Managers must arrive on time and will be held to the same standard as all employees: 5+ minutes is considered a tardy. Perpetual tardiness will result in disciplinary action.
  • Salaried managers will be expected to work a minimum of 45+ hours a week.  Some weeks may require more, depending on circumstances.  


When acting in the capacity as a manager of The Original Pancake House, all communication is a direct reflection of the company, its owners and its employees. 

  •  Managers are expected to ALWAYS use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, etc.
  • Emails should be properly addressed, appropriately toned and consistently professional
  • Managers are required to be reasonably responsive to all forms of work-related communication. 
  • Emails or texts must be responded to as soon as possible, as well as answering phone calls or returning messages.
  • Managers are expected to conduct themselves professionally when communicating to co-workers. Foul or offensive language is not tolerated. 
  • Managers should reach out to their superiors when the case merits.

Scheduling & Time Off

  • Managers are required to request time off when needed, and should be done as soon as possible. If a request-off is not provided in a timely manner, and concessions cannot be made, the manager will be expected to work the shift(s) in question. 
  • Managers are expected to receive approval for time off before making travel arrangements, booking tickets, making purchases, etc. 
  • Managers are expected to work weekends as part of their job description. 
  • A manager may not exchange a weekday off for an additional weekend day. If a weekend is needed off, the manager will be required to use vacation days to receive the time off.
  • The General Manager and Floor Manager (or Assistant Manager, when applicable) are never permitted to have the same weekend, or weekend day, off.  In stores designated to typically have two managers off-the-floor on normal operating weekends, a ‘substitute’ manager will be asked to step in to fill the role while the permanent manager is sick or on vacation. Similarly, on weekdays when a typically-scheduled manager is unavailable, a ‘substitute’ manager will be asked to step in and fill the role.
  • Managers are required to provide adequate coverage at all times. This includes possessing enough staffing to cover shifts in the event of a sick employee. Managers are expected to be “off the floor” and should not be serving tables. In the event of an emergency, a manager must receive approval before taking a section. If the manager receives this approval, any tips made will be added to a store’s monthly employee morale budget.
  • At no time should the restaurant operate without an off-the-floor manager present. 


Base Salary

  • General Managers will receive a starting salary between $55,000 - $60,000 plus bonuses (paid monthly). 

Any raises or salary modifications will be given based on performance and are at the subjective will of the ownership and management team. 

BTE Northeast


White Plains, NY
10601 USA