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Vet Technician
Audubon Institute New Orleans, LA

Vet Technician

Audubon Institute
New Orleans, LA
Expired: over a month ago Applications are no longer accepted.
  • Full-Time
Job Description

Position Title: Veterinary Technician

Department: Animal or Husbandry

Reports To: Hospital Manager

Location: Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics

General Summary:

The Veterinary Technician is responsible for assisting Veterinarians in all forms of routine health procedures, laboratory procedures, radiology, surgery, administration of medicine and anesthetics. Responsible for all laboratory procedures performed in-house and prepares samples to be sent to other laboratories as needed. Handles animal-related emergencies when on grounds with no other Animal Health Care staff present and carries out the veterinarian’s instructions until the veterinarian arrives.


To deliver on the Audubon mission, the Veterinary Technician will:


• Assist the veterinarians and other Hospital staff in all forms of routine health procedures, including restraint, phlebotomy, anesthesia, anesthetic monitoring, radiology, other imaging, other sample collection, dental prophylaxis or surgery, or other procedures, in efforts to maintain optimal health in all accessioned animals throughout Audubon Nature Institute in accordance with accreditation standards of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums

• Assist in maintaining Hospital/clinic facilities in a constant state of readiness:

o Assist in maintaining an adequate and appropriate medical inventory of supplies and medications in coordination with the Hospital Manager

o Maintain all equipment to ensure functionality, cleanliness, and compliance with regulations

o Ensure consistent facility cleanliness and hygiene

• Efficiently procure necessary supplies and equipment.

• Reconcile financial reports accurately and on time.

• Efficiently repair or replace defective equipment.

• Efficiently process equipment/supplies for sterilization

• Know animal care procedures established by the zoo and follow all biosecurity protocols properly

• Perform common veterinary clinical pathology procedures to provide results to the veterinarians

• Manage biological samples appropriately for in-house evaluation or shipping to laboratories

• Efficiently manage diagnostic samples for shipping to other laboratories or to examine in-house, which includes but is not limited to parasite exams, cytology, urinalysis, and avian, reptilian and mammalian hematology

• Perform all duties of a hospital keeper as needed

• Maintain accurate records for medical care, laboratory results, serum and tissue banks, and controlled substance logs. Assist in other record keeping duties as required

• Ability to use a computer to obtain and retain information, and generate reports

• Skill in the observation, capture, restraint, and transport of animals

• Pursue formal remote capture training and practice as assigned by Hospital Manager

• Observe general animal health and behavior daily and report any abnormal situations to a supervisor

• Maintain accurate and detailed records of health and behavior status of animals under care

• Work overtime, travel to multiple facilities, and efficiently respond to institute animal emergencies as needed.

• Must be able to work weekends

• Understand the physical and health related risks inherent to working with wildlife and managed zoo animals

• Able to work as a member of a team as well as individually with minimal supervision

• Participate in the supervision and training of any students or interns

• Provide engaging and informative tours for school groups and Veterinary Technician programs

• Act with discretion and good judgment

Enhance the care and survival of wildlife through research and conservation.


• Knowledge of the various types of wildlife and their individual husbandry needs

• Educate public about needs and proper treatment of wildlife when picking up injured wildlife (raptors) at Audubon Park and public donation at front gate

• Maintain accurate records of medical care, laboratory results, serum and tissue banks, controlled substance logs, and assist in other record keeping duties as required

The above listed duties are general statements of required major duties and responsibilities performed on a regular and continuous basis. They do not exclude other duties as assigned.


To deliver on the Audubon service promise, the Veterinary Technician will:



• Make eye contact with every customer encounter, smile at every person, offer friendly phrases and greetings

• Wear identification badge

• Walk individuals to their destination instead of pointing; offer assistance to people who look confused

• Assume ownership of potential safety hazards (wipe-up spill, pick up trash)

• Always have the camera-ready look



• Maintain positive attitude, pleasant tone of voice (remember it is not what you say, but how you say it)

• Co workers are to be coached on service expectations

• Utilize the power of teamwork to give excellent service

• Know when to involve management



• Know the answers to questions or seek out the answers

• Utilize proper phone etiquette (answer phone within three rings, smile before answering call, ask for permission and wait for response before placing caller on hold)

• Ensure work area is free of food, drink, socialization, and personal business

• Follow Dress Code Policy on clothing and grooming

• Keep unpleasant concerns behind closed doors (vent backstage)


Supervision: Assists with volunteers, veterinary technician interns and externs


• Graduate of an AVMA accredited Veterinary Technology Program or four years of experience as a veterinary technician in a veterinary hospital, zoo or similar facility

• One year of zoological/exotic animal experience preferred

• Animal husbandry experience preferred


• Two year technical degree

• Bachelors of Science preferred


• Veterinary Technology degree and Louisiana registration (within 1 yr of hire)

• Maintain current Tetanus, hepatitis A/B, and influenza vaccines and TB test (q2 yr)

• Current Rabies vaccine (can obtain after hire)

• COVID-19 vaccination series

• Must maintain valid La. Driver’s license

Software Requirements:

• Proficiency in medical data management, Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel

Machinery/Tools/Equipment Requirements:

• Must have proficiency with radiology, patient anesthesia and monitoring machines, microscopes, chemistry analyzers, surgical tools and equipment, mobile devices, computer, fax, scanner, phone, and copy machine

Physical Requirements:

• Sitting or standing, bending, stooping, and per OSHA regulations: Heavy work involving lifting no more than 100 pounds at a time with frequent lifting or carrying objects weighing up to 50 pounds

• Constant adequate range of motion and mobility required

• Regular near acuity with clarity of vision at 20 inches and good vision at 50 feet required

• Typical ability to collect and analyze numerical and written data and verbal information to reach logical conclusions and ability to determine the time, place and sequence of operations or actions required

• Regular talking and the ability to express and exchange ideas by means of language expected

• Regular hearing and the ability to perceive the nature of sounds

• Constant ability to read, record, or type data quickly and accurately required

Environmental/Working Conditions:

• Working long hours between breaks or meals required

• Ability to work under and handle stress in an appropriate manner required

• May be exposed to high, medium, or low noise intensity

• Constant contact with co-workers required

• Affinity for animals required

• Animal husbandry experience required

• Exposure to fluctuations in temperatures required

• Exposure to outdoor conditions required

• Maintain off-exhibit areas in a clean, organized, and safe fashion

• Available to work weekends, holidays, and overtime when necessary

• Willing to perform Pest Control duties as necessary

• Willing to serve on the zoo’s Hurricane Team if necessary


Audubon Institute

New Orleans, LA
70118 USA



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