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Join The Largest: Most Authentic Company in the Industry! Now Hiring! Las Vegas ,NV
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description


We are super excited to start our Las Vegas team!  Our First Hire Starts training this week.  If you can Travel 60 days within 6any 6 month period, we are confident you will earn $60,000 on the low end.   We also have a very kind sweet position as well, low low stress, handing out flyers making $200 plus a day.   

If you have friends that can travel!  We are HIRING!

There is currently only one National Roofing Company in the Country:

When you are the Largest in the Industry, you get perks like:

  • Roofs measured and estimated for free by our company for YOUR project
  • Crews liaisons makes sure all the supplies are their for the roofing crews
  • Mortgage verification, city permits, any kind of insurance or license is taken care of for you.
  • Getting to the insurance company to pay for everything they were supposed to is handled from our office
  • Final Billing Secretary does all the work for you, since she knows when the work is done
  • Client Project scheduling is handled by the Owner's Mother, because this is also a family owned company.
  • #1 on Roofing or Storm Damage Restoration company on google in any of our locations (30 States)
  • Ability to work in any Region in the Country you wish to learn from their Top Reps and Trainers
  • Earn an income in any storm damaged area in the country we approve to work in.
  • Take off all the time you want as long as clients that are still working with you, are taken care of.
  • Ability to make $1,200 to $5,000 a day if you need to
  • Set up times to chat with our LinkedIn Experts for local and traveling work
  • They are building a marketing system to keep all sales reps actively helping 20 or more clients at a time
  • Big Awesome Incentive Trips
  • Stability
  • Advancement - We have 3 initial positions that almost our whole company went through,
  • Relocate - Move to your dream place, and not need to change jobs, or lose what you have gained with us
  • Systems in place - We rebuilt our engine from scratch 2 years ago, and have been fine tuning it ever since
  • Accumulation of Wealth - We currently have 30 to 40 on our Sales Teams that will make 6 Figures, 2022 it will be over 120
  • Personal Growth - Large Companies understand your personal growth can spread through out our whole company
  • People that Care - My sales force has 3 to 10 other sales people they know well, they also have a 5 other trainers to call
  • Bonuses - $2,500 Bonus is on the line today, with lots of other Bonuses, $500 each month you make $13,000 plus bucks.
  • Travel Reimbursement - $100 extra goes to our reps if they are on the road
  • Branding - We are the most known company in the industry, and another company copied our name, so they helped us too
  • Better Business Bureau - A+ and Highest Award they offer we have, since 2002. 6000 plus jobs in last 3 years and ZERO Problems left to fix in the history of the company. Complaints are fixed rapidly and correctly with tracking to avoid future issues

So there are all kinds of other stuff I could list out too, but I think you get it.


We are in our first year of Hiring! We have 3 Roles we are filling


  1. Marketing Team - Sets up appointments with marketing tools we provide to set up appointments for our Experts that have time to help more storm damage victims in the area. Online Training courses will be provided - Then infield training. Can work from anywhere in the country since we only need you to send us your daily lists of appointments you set for us. $40,000 to $60,000 a year. Does not include Travel pay or Gas Money to get around.
  2. Expert Team - These individuals may be offered an opportunity to train at our Headquarters to help clients go through a claims process. This is usually our clients only time ever needing to do this an on average a homeowner is owed around $15,000 So we it is important to get it right. By using our Free Services to help a client go through the process, our clients agree that our National Company gets to do the work once the insurance company provides us with their approved amount to pay us to do the work. Training is only offered to Marketing Team - or someone with the right kind of training or experience prior to this. A Hiring Manager can discuss that with you. 85 New Roofing Projects a year earn someone $100,000. 50 is our minimum that makes you $60,000 plus $5,000 in travel reimbursements.
  3. Trainer - You get to build a team, by simply taking people we give you out into the field and answer their extra questions. There is a training program for this that is only twice a year. Once Trained you make 3% more on your sales and 3% on your team. Travel is all covered and paid for. A team that does 280 Clients on average is $3 Million in revenue. Trainers Cut is $90,000 for the year, that is our Minimum. 850 Orders is the goal of a manager that wants to make $300,000 before bonues, travel reienbursements, and all the incentive trips you can handle.

Aspen Exteriors is an amazing Supply Company of Crews that get work done expertly, and we offer a Warranty on the work for LIFE. Our Crews will travel the Earth to supply roofs to the homeowners that need us.


Job Requirements:

Marketing Team - Smart phone

Experts - Ladder (We will advise on which ones fit in the trunk of cars) Smart Phone, Pants, vehicles can be rented for cheap with our discounts or you need a vehicle of your own.

Trainer - Smart Phone and Certificate by our Sales Director of Completion of his Trainer Training


2020 Was supposed to be our Hiring Year!!! Launching Openings all over the country. Hiring was stalled until now. The Spring Dumped HAIL and Tornadoes all over the place!!! Des Moines. KC, Nashville, Joplin, Fayettville, Cincinatti, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids, Lincoln, Ida Grove, Red Oak, Winona, Rapid City, Salt Lake, and about 10 other spots, but we ran out of EXPERTS!!!

So in 2020 anyone you help would have not received any claims help due to COVID, and lack of EXPERTS out there. Our Competition already ran out of crews in EVERY MARKET!!!! WE HAVE THE CREWS but our Clients need your help.


Barb, Gabbie, Tim and Rebecca work for a 6 years in the business Entrepreneur, Dan Cherry. Our team is in charge of discussing the positions with our applicants. We are quite picky, since this is a FAMILY OWNED company, that anyone we bring on could be for LIFE, so we do an excellent job helping you decide if this is a Career path for you.

Apply Right away and answer our QUESTIONS!



Dan Cherry

Company Description
Dan Cherry and Barb offer free training and on-boarding for any new sales reps for Aspen Exteriors.

Why Work Here?

Dan Cherry knows of 5 ways you can make 6 Figures with Aspen Exteriors

Building a national team with the same goals in mind. To help clients find a trustworthy company that cares. Aspen Exteriors - Family Owned An Aspen Company


Las Vegas, NV