2+ Aqua Cville Hand Car Wash Career and Employment Opportunities

Aqua Cville Hand Car Wash


Why Work at Aqua Cville Hand Car Wash

Great wages. Paid weekly. Enjoyable work environment. Cool cars!

Aqua Cville is a full-service hand car wash, wax and detail business with a focus on providing the highest level of service to our customers. Each wash is done 100% by hand and includes a full vacuum and tire shine. At Aqua, we believe that a clean car, truck or SUV is more than just good for the long term benefits of the car itself. It is a reflection of its owner, the way they perceive themselves and hope to be perceived by others. We also believe that a full-service hand wash translates to longer life of the car's finish, higher resale value and lower maintenance costs. Our Company Values are: - Customer first. - Communicate clearly. - Be a team player. - Take initiative. - Attention to detail.