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Elementary Teacher: Grades 1-3, Multi-Age Classroom

Antioch Charter Academy Antioch, CA
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.

The Montessori Teacher: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade: Elementary Teacher

We are looking for a Montessori influenced Elementary Teacher (teach 6-9 year olds) who has experience with team-teaching who would work collaboratively with staff and parents. Someone with a Montessori Credential is preferred, however it is not required. Applicant will prefer working in a unique classroom setting that encourages individualized learning, intellectual curiosity, self-motivation, inner discipline, independence and freedom with responsibility. Teachers will prefer working in a collaborative, creative environment with a team of teachers.

Antioch Charter Academy is a (public-non-profit) charter school which has been serving TK-8 students in Antioch for 20 years. We are a grass roots charter (started by teachers and parents), supported by AUSD and families of the Antioch, Brentwood, Pittsburg area.

Benefits to working at ACA:

1. Small school environment—less than 200 students in the entire school.

2. Small class sizes-21 to 1 teacher to student ratio.

3. Paraprofessional support—Each level has classroom aides, RtI support, and enrichment support

4. Short school year-Typical school year =184/186-day calendar, (AUSD). ACA =179/181-day calendar. Competitive salary schedule and benefits package.

5. Autonomy -ACA teachers create their own curriculum, control their own budget, set faculty agenda and decide on best staff development. Teachers focus on what is best for children in decision making.

6. Supportive instructional supply budget— ~ $1,500 per teacher per school year.

7. We expect and support personal educational development of our staff members—School financially supports professional development. PBL, Montessori, Project Zero Classroom, Lindamood Bell, iLs, PBL, etc.

8. Learn from the best—New teachers are mentored by current staff. Team teaching at every level.

9. Researched, Best practices based educational philosophies taught to all staff members.

10. Whole school community connected, treat each other with respect(mutual respect), learn Lifeskills and Lifelong Guidelines (character development), supporting student achievement.

11. Professional collaboration time each week- Teacher receives one day each week to collaborate, create, meet, and plan. PLC are formed.

12. School calendar works for everyone—Six weeks on, then one week off for most of school year. 2 weeks/2 ½ weeks off during winter break.

13. School year begins after AUSD and ends with AUSD. Summer length is ~ 2 and half months.

14. Be a part of a whole school (staff, students, families) family, working together to create a ‘world class’ learning environment for ALL.

15. Staff satisfaction is extremely high. Teachers love working at ACA!

The Elementary Montessori Teacher:

The Montessori teacher is a passive facilitator of learning. She/He supervises and nurtures the student/ adults by providing a safe atmosphere; guides the teachers on a path of self-discovery and development; and observes the teachers progress keeping detailed records.

She/He presents training to adults and is a role model for collaboration and implementation of the vision and mission of the program/school.

The Montessori teacher encourages individualized learning, intellectual curiosity, self-motivation, inner discipline, independence and freedom with responsibility with the students as well as the teaching staff.

The Montessori teacher is instrumental in keeping the daily operation of a classroom progressing forward.

The following expectations are included for a teacher in an Elementary (6-9) program. The list may be amended as student need expands.

The teacher in a Montessori influenced environment will:

● Plan multi-graded curriculum with a team of teachers. Create lesson plans and teach the entire elementary class, individually to students or in small groups, track student progress, assess students, and present information to parents, staff, and team. Create tests, create and reinforce classroom behaviors, work with team and school administration to prepare students. Manage students in and outside the classroom

● Manage and oversee classroom aide. Prepare work for aide to support student needs.

● Prepare Montessori environment (classroom shelves with proper jobs), keep classroom clean and organized.

● Collaborate with elementary/primary teachers.

● Plan events and themes of study with a team of teachers.

● Plan/attend field trips with team teachers to locations that relate to theme.

● Learn technology useful to teaching and communication. Track progress of students in computer programs.

● Learn and use the ACA philosophies and structures.

● Attend /Teach Montessori trainings (in-house).

● Attend Montessori conferences/ teach home version of the conference.

● Attend Primary/Elementary meetings.

● Attend all staff meetings. Attend all Staff Development Days.

● Apply/ support Positive Discipline Theory.

● Give lessons in small groups, large group and individual.

● Assist in teaching the (Wednesday/Friday) special program in the Kindergarten program.

● Flexible with schedule and expectations.

● Resourceful with curriculum and presentation.

● Willing to learn from students, parents and other colleagues. Provide learning opportunities for parents, staff, and community as needed.

● Participate in parent conferences and parent interactions in addition to her own class.

● Is instrumental in leading Student Study Team meetings, setting up 504 plans, and working with Special Education students when needed.

● Montessori credential recommended and desired. Willing to self-train and attend training deemed necessary for the position.

● Attend all scheduled faculty meetings, combined meetings, WASC work days, and staff development days.

● Participate in WASC study and on WASC study teams. Complete all tasks assigned during full self-study process.

● Perform additional duties as needed.

The Montessori teacher will demonstrate independence and collaboration when executing expectations. The teacher needs be a support and a mentor to all 6-9 instructors in the school setting. The teacher will be responsible for keeping the Montessori philosophy and expectations foremost in the program’s design.

Applicant should review the school charter to become familiar with the mission, goals, and educational philosophy of the Antioch Charter Academy.

Applicant should submit a personal statement addressing the strengths, experience, and philosophies you would bring to the position with an emphasis on how your philosophies complement the Antioch Charter Academy mission and vision, a resume, and 3 letters of recommendation.

Starting Salary Range: $46,110 to $95,574 (depending on experience and education). Masters Stipend $1,246. Doctorate Stipend $2,106, Montessori Credential/Certificate $1,246. June 2019

Antioch Charter Academy

Why Work Here?

Small class sizes, Autonomy and support for teachers, Whole school community!


3325 Hacienda Way, Antioch, CA, 94509
Antioch, CA