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Warehouse Supply Technician

Angayut LLC
Bethesda, MD
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

Specific Tasks:

1. Conducts periodic inventories of government owned property, equipment and material assigned to over 200 property custodial accounts. Property ranges in nature from office furniture to sophisticated, sensitive, unique research instruments and equipment.

  • Plans and conducts inventories to ensure accuracy of property books and effective accountability for all property.
  • Researches catalogs, purchase documents, equipment lists, manufacturers’ specifications and other source documents to ensure proper identification of property.
  • Identifies missing items as well as items on-hand but not on the custodian's inventory.
  • Determines appropriate action to recommend in all cases.

2. Receives and reviews requests for equipment, furniture, and other material. Determines exact identity of item requested and defines the requirement to be satisfied. Based on this analysis, researches records of stock on hand to determine requirement can be satisfied in-house.

  • As needed, meets with requestor to discuss substitution or transfer from other activity before forwarding for approval for outside acquisition.
  • Maintains working contacts with other government activities who may be able to provide items from time to time by transfer in lieu of outside acquisition.

3. Carefully reviews all listings of available excess property and informs program managers of items available to them without cost.

  • Determines appropriate mode of transportation and arranges for delivery.
  • Determines adequacy of justification in accordance with established criteria.
  • Reviews all non-expendable property vouchers, shipping tickets and transfer documents to assure accuracy, accountability of items and correct citation of nomenclature. Maintains knowledge of the physical location of various items.
  • Assists in coordinating the transfer or loan of property between organizational units to ensure maximum utilization and to reduce expenditure of funds.
  • Prepares appropriate property vouchers or temporary hand receipt for the Government General Supply Specialist and determines proper condition code.

4. Performs research on existing equipment, obtains records and constructs individual hard copy and soft copy files that document the complete life cycle of a piece of equipment; records include documentation of the approval process, a copy of the contract, delivery receipts with signatures, property tag information, and disposal documentation when applicable.

  • Equipment records must be organized, auditable and complete to the maximum extent possible; if after exhaustive research has been completed and paperwork cannot be located or recreated, the file will contain a brief written explanation documenting the steps taken to reconstruct the paper trail.
  • Works closely with inventory account managers to generate and complete all equipment records.

5. Coordinates initial actions for potential investigations for government property lost, damaged, and destroyed, stolen.

  • Prepares and reviews Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss Forms and other similar documents ensuring that statements contained therein n are factual, informative, and complete. Forwards these documents and recommendations directly to the Accountable Property Officer for subsequent action.

6. Provides advice and assistance to property custodians on accountability procedures that include department inventories and documentation.

  • Maintains information in automated data bases; produces periodic and one-time reports; and maintains status, cost, condition, and location information on all accountable property and other nonexpendable items, equipment, and material owned and controlled by the customer.

7. Plans, schedules, and coordinates the relocation of items, equipment, and material

  • Coordinates and assists with the transfer and transportation of such items between the customer and other government activities.
  • As necessary, assists in the physical movement of material.
    • Lifts light to moderately heavy items of equipment when conducting inventories, tagging property, and arranging transport. Occasionally may lift of items weighing fifty (50) pounds or more.

8. Assists the Branch Chief, (Government General Supply Specialist (POC) with general supply specialist duties at meetings.

9. Utilizes a variety of sophisticated and complex electronic data processing systems to accomplish daily operations. Ensures that all material is properly receipted into the automated system and that proper electronic data files are sent for payment. Utilizes these systems for maintenance of acquisition records, reconciliation, and accountability of supplies and equipment.

10. Provides training; to the customer Property Custodians and staff members on property accountability duties and techniques and on automated supply system procedures.

11. Assist with all aspects of logistics support to include familiarization with requesting equipment accountability.

12. Coordinates requirements with users and seeks assistance in identifying and locating required items.

Required Skills / Education:

  1. Basic practical knowledge of well-established, commonly applied and specific property management principles, concepts, methods and procedures applicable to a single program of property accountability.
  2. Must have knowledge of managing and maintaining accountability of government property including conducting of inventories, automated record keeping, relocation and storage monitoring, and disposal transactions.
  3. Requires a knowledge to assist in establishing property management instructions, regulations and directives.
  4. Requires a knowledge of standard analytical techniques in making determinations as to item identification and accountability.
  5. Requires a knowledge of techniques and procedures to operate a Joint Medical Logistics electronic data processing system as it pertains to maintenance and utilization of the property data base, production of reports, and overall automated property system operations.
  6. Requires knowledge in how to extract and analyze pertinent system data.


Company Description
Alaska Native Village Corporation providing Federal Services

Angayut LLC



Bethesda, MD