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Awesome CEO, great benefits and room to grow!

The Company Accumen is a leading healthcare transformation company that provides end-to-end services and laboratory solutions in consulting execution, utilization and outreach support. Partnering with clients, Accumen provides a unique value proposition to health systems. Our innovative approach helps health systems and associated physician groups retain control of the continuum of care, and achieve measurable improvements in lab excellence and efficiency through a comprehensive approach to people, process, and technology that both optimizes and modernizes hospital lab operations. Laboratories can be so much more than a transactional support service; the laboratory is a strategic component of your hospital’s value-based care model. We work by bringing capacity and capability through a leveraged execution model that maximizes value while reducing costs. Working alongside your health system Accumen helps you think about your lab strategically to create a high performing lab through a value-driven model. We work side by side with our clients, dedicating ourselves to creating healthier labs, hospitals, and communities. •Grow Outreach and Improve Physician Alignment by expanding hospital laboratory business, increasing utilization of laboratory assets, and strengthening the opportunity for physician-hospital integrated care. •Implement Comprehensive Patient Blood Management and Utilization by instituting an end-to-end blood program to drive better patient outcomes, utilize less blood, and reduce overall blood spend. •Achieve Integrated Lab Supply Chain by simplifying your service model, minimizing inventory and create effective material management processes and all while not compromising the lab’s ability to perform tests or produce timely results. •Utilize Accumen TechnologyTM, our suite of innovative technology solutions enabling real-time results and actionable insights that drive high performance. •Drive Laboratory Efficiency by applying targeted initiatives that optimize, modernize, and consolidate lab resources and enhance productivity and performance. •Quality and Service Improvement by establishing stakeholder performance metrics, utilizing operational methods and strategies that support clinical and service quality. The Accumen team consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds with deep specialized skills. A multitude of backgrounds allows Accumen to deliver innovative thinking and diverse experience when partnering with our clients. Accumen leadership develops and executes solutions that solve modern healthcare lab challenges and position labs for a greater role in healthcare delivery and extend their reach into local healthcare markets. Accumen has over 150 health system and hospital clients, including five large health systems, and works with each of these clients to optimize and modernize their laboratories. These systems are innovative not-for-profit, education, for-profit health systems, and regional associations that have an interest in improving financial and clinical performance while expanding continuity of care in their community. With $1 Billion in lab spend under management, Accumen will be the key player in the $65 Billion hospital lab industry by delivering value to health systems through a comprehensive approach to managing their laboratories. Visit us online at www.accumen.com to learn more about us.

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