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Systems Engineer - Industrial Electrical Manufacturing

Martinsburg, WV
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

Brief Position Description:

To perform the maintenance and programming of the central control systems and associated equipment, provide technical assistance to the Electrical / Instrumentation Technicians and provide detail engineering and field supervision for the electrical/instrumentation portion of the

capital projects in an industrial manufacturing cement plant.



• Ensure that safe work rules and practices are understood, implemented, and consistently followed by employees and subcontractors.

• Set electrical group’s short, medium, and long term goals and objectives.

• Manage the performance of the electrical and systems group.

• Responsible for the management of electrical / systems backlog and SAP maintenance processes

• Ensure adherence to Plant standards, policies and best practices.

• Ensure compliance of regulatory electrical maintenance activities.

• Focus efforts on the achievement of production, reliability and utilization targets.

• Contributes as required to the design and integration of new equipment installations and assures that a maintenance program is put in place.

• Prepare and manage the electrical and systems portion of the maintenance budget.

• Focus to reduce electrical maintenance expenses toward target cost without compromising reliability.

• Responsible for optimizing and maintaining high level control and automation for the plant operation promoting process improvement.

• Responsible for optimizing and maintaining the Human Machine Interface (HMI) working closely with Production perfecting trends, reporting, control, alarms, and displays.

• Responsible for optimizing and maintaining the plant networks, ensuring proper utilization and reliability.

• Responsible for optimizing and maintaining software and hardware of the Programmable Logic Controllers

• Responsible for optimizing and maintaining the plant WEB server.


• Responsible for development and implementation of safe work practices.

• Develop a formal training plan for the electrical group.

• Manage performance of employees through feedback, coaching, and formal and informal reviews.

• Create and maintain a motivating work environment.

• Maintain open communication with other coordinators.

• Participates in succession planning for roles in electrical and systems.


• Maintain in-depth knowledge of the condition of all plant electrical equipment on a continuous basis

• Ensure the planned inspection of all plant electrical equipment and initiate work orders based on inspection results

• Organize Major Electrical Maintenance Turnaround and Shutdown inspection schedules

• Monitor and coordinate condition predictors, for all critical equipment

• Validate and update equipment specification files as well as history files

• Evaluate and improve the preventive maintenance electrical job plans & create and update electrical inspection job plans

• Ensure systematic review, application and optimization of motor lubrication program

• Propose economic ways to extend the life of plant electrical equipment


• Determine and list all safety procedures associated with the work to be performed-to include required Risk Assessment and Workplace Inspection on each job plan

• Improve the quality and content of information on electrical work orders

• Define clearly the scope of work to be performed

• Establish the preparatory work required prior to scheduled equipment downtime

• Develop a detailed job plan with all work sequences involved to adequately complete the repairs, including equipment downtime and man-hours required

• Develop a tool list specific to the job to be performed

Specific Accountabilities

• Perform First level and Specific inspection of all plant electrical equipment in all conditions

• Coordinate with production to get feedback on electrical equipment conditions, production constraints and equipment availability for maintenance inspection

• Develop procedures for every WO by providing the employee with detailed job plans

• Plan and maintain the electrical equipment files and history

• Responsible for the quality execution of electrical and systems work carried out on plant equipment consistent with budgets, policies, and deadlines.

• Controls and optimizes equipment and tools to ensure job performance in a safe and efficient manner.

• Manages scheduling of resources consistent with workload and performance capabilities

• Ensures upon completion of repairs, that equipment has been fully inspected, tested, and is ready to e operated in a safe efficient manner.

• Provides documented reporting in SAP on repair jobs including consumption of materials, tools, man-hours and skills and fills equipment history files out.

• Takes appropriate actions when electrical incidents occur.

• Manages inventory of spare parts and insures their availability with the Purchasing Coordinator.

• Participates in outage planning and long range maintenance / investment plan.

• Manages team, defines objectives, carries out performance reviews, promotes quality of work, and facilitates communication.

• Defines Electrical and Systems budget requirements.

• Takes after hour calls to assist with electrical and systems issues and ensures and on-call technician is available for afterhours work as needed.

• Coordinates subcontractor’s maintenance repair activities and ensures they are performed consistent with plant safety, quality and scope of the required job.

• Maintains plant PLC systems

• Maintains plant control computers

• Maintains plant supervisor controls

• Maintains plant network systems

• Promote new upgrades and feature to assist plant performance

• Develop / Maintain plant reports

• Establish and maintain inventory levels of spare parts

• Create and maintain a working relationship with internal customers

• Establish and maintain management records for direct reports, vendors, and work orders

• Design , monitor and actively act upon preventative maintenance programs

• Ensure conformance with Automation, IT, and corporation guidelines

Educational Requirements:

• Minimum of a Associates degree in Electrical Engineering or a related field; or 5 years’ experience in electrical, instrumentation, systems or automation field in an industrial manufacturing plant with increasing level of responsibilities.

Experience/Skills Requirements:

• Minimum 3 years’ experience working in electrical and process systems in the cement manufacturing or related field.

• Must be able to work as a part of a team to ensure continuous improvement in their functional area as well as the overall plant operations.

• Must be able to meet on-call responsibilities in a 24/7 operation.


Company Description
At Argos, we understand that every customer and every project is different, which is why we partner with our customers to find what fits them best. We believe in helping you achieve your best results, each and every time. Our integrated network of resources enables builders to access better materials, technologies and constructive processes, and our team empowers people and companies so they can build in a more intelligent, efficient and productive way.

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Safety. We firmly believe that, in terms of health and safety, the only acceptable number is ZERO. We empower our employees to address any unsafe situation, and always behave in a safe way. Through our commitment to going above and beyond in the pursuit of safety, we’re helping to make our customers and communities safer. Learn more »
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Lastly, we’re committed to continued growth and improvement in each of these areas: growth for our people and in our community involvement, improvement of our platforms, safety measures, environmental safeguards, and innovation. Our job is never done.



1826 S Queen Street

Martinsburg, WV