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Senior IT Project Manager

ANGARAI Washington, DC
  • Expired: 20 days ago. Applications are no longer accepted.


The Project Manager must be fluent in written and spoken English and project a professional image (the MDOT MPA work attire is business casual) in performing Project Management Services projects.

The Project Manager will lead different projects as needed and shall have the ability to manage projects, programs and initiatives efficiently. Most of these projects involve IT related initiatives for facility expansion; security enhancement; infrastructure upgrade and providing operations support for MDOT MPA’s marine terminal facilities. The proposed Project Manager is intended to enhance the capabilities of the MDOT MPA ISD’s Project Management Office (PMO) and provide flexibility and better resource balance in order to achieve the desired outcomes for MDOT MPA’s prioritized initiatives.

The MDOT MPA ISD provides project management services for several capital and special projects within MDOT MPA Departments. The MDOT MPA ISD’s personnel are subject matter experts in multiple domain areas and their involvement in these special projects brings value to the MDOT MPA. The MDOT MPA ISD’s personnel manage vendors and contractors executing these special IT project initiatives.

The MDOT MPA ISD has instituted a PMO with in-house Project Management Professional certified technical personnel as its members. The MDOT MPA has benefited from the PMO by adopting the Project Management Institute (PMI) guidelines. A dedicated Project Management resource is expected to streamline the PMO as well as the overall project management effort at MDOT MPA ISD.

The Project Manager shall have the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of all projects assigned to it by the MDOT MPA ISD. The Project Manager shall adopt the PMI Guidelines as well as streamline department efforts through all phases of the project management life cycle. The Project Manager shall work closely with the MDOT MPA ISD subject matter experts through all phases of the project and also interface with external vendors, contractors, as well as, other MDOT MPA Departments and stakeholders.

The MDOT MPA ISD needs a dedicated Project Manager that can perform the Project Management (PM) role and align all its projects with the PM framework at MDOT MPA ISD. The MDOT MPA ISD Project Manager will be a contractual position reporting to the MDOT MPA ISD Manager.

Port Operations and Security System (POSS) Network Infrastructure: The Seagirt security and Dundalk network is one domain which is used by Security as well as operational staff. The POSS network extends from the Seagirt security building to the Dundalk facility with future plans to extend it to North Locust Point, South Locust Point, and Fairfield. The POSS network will be re-engineered, designed and configured to comply with the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) and other security guidelines mandated by various security agencies. The MDOT MPA and MDOT are working towards using the broad band capabilities to integrate the POSS network using towers and wireless capabilities. With solid, geographically spread network infrastructure, the MDOT MPA has strategically positioned its servers, clusters and databases so that applications can leverage resources and has thereby minimized downtime.

POSS Database Infrastructure: The MDOT MPA is currently supporting internet and intranet applications. The MDOT MPA is using Oracle 10g Database as the primary product to store information for different applications like Billing, Reporting and Statistical System (BRASS), mVisitor, Gate Pass System, Berth Assignments Management System (BAMS), etc. The MDOT MPA is managing multiple production databases leveraging hardware platforms from IBM, Linux and Windows. The MDOT MPA Oracle has various applications which demand 24/7 support, and in order to meet this requirement, MDOT MPA has absorbed strong technologies such as Oracle 10g Streams for High Availability with minimal downtime and are configured for automatic failover. The MDOT MPA databases are set according to the security recommendations. The security around database access is further enhanced with use of Oracle Connection Manager. The MDOT MPA databases are consolidated to reduce costs for the servers and licenses. To increase the monitoring and notification capabilities implemented, Oracle GRID Control technologies are deployed.

POSS Infrastructure Support: Port security operations run 24/7, 365 days per year. The MDOT MPA ISD has met this requirement successfully. The MDOT MPA has installed monitoring and alert systems at various levels. Network infrastructure is monitored through the MDOT Network Operations Center. The database and application infrastructure is monitored through the MDOT MPA Oracle technologies and other in-house systems. The MDOT MPA has used technologies, such as cluster technologies, remote site database replications, and stand-alone all-in-one units, strategically so that the MDOT MPA ISD could work with minimum level of support staff. The MDOT MPA ISD has procedures for automatic failover or failover with minimum staff intervention.

The MDOT MPA Accounts Payable Invoice system tracks invoice processing electronically and provides for an electronic document management solution eliminating the need for storing paper invoices.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Project Manager shall manage and transition a project, once approved by the MDOT MPA ISD, from concept request through preliminary planning to completion. This process includes identifying the benefits of a project, potential project team members, project deliverables, and project performance metrics. The Project Manager may work with other MDOT MPA resources on this transition as assigned. These resources include, but are not limited to a Business Analyst, a System Architect, Data Architect and/or a Subject Matter Expert. The Project Manager shall lead project teams in the development of new systems or enhancements to existing systems. Participation can include, but is not limited to the following:

a) Become thoroughly knowledgeable on all aspects of the project assigned;

b) Be familiar with and communicate information on the project management process to the project team;

c) Assist business analysts with requirement identification and scope definition including, but not limited to; facilitating requirements elicitation session(s) with stakeholders, comprehending basic to complex business issues, and translating business needs into understandable requirements. For projects where a business analyst is not assigned, the Project Manager will conduct the requirements gathering;

d) Review requirements against MDOT MPA, MDOT, and Maryland Department of Information Technology (“DoIT”) policies and regulations, including security standards, to ensure the system meets all applicable laws and obligations;

e) Facilitate communication between development resources, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) vendors and the business area stakeholders;

f) Work with assigned development resources or COTS vendor to develop estimates on project deliverables and ensure the system is developed or configured in a timely fashion;

g) Facilitate the change management process including analysis and impact assessment;

h) Lead the planning and execution of system testing including development of test plans and requirements traceability matrices to ensure the system matches the requirements, as well as the MDOT MPA quality standards and security policy;

i) Lead the planning and development of system documentation and training materials;

j) Conduct administration training sessions and participate in user training sessions with the business lead(s) as part of system implementation; and

k) Manage project budgets.

The Project Manager shall prepare project documentation using either the State’s software development life cycle (SDLC) (see Section 2.9) or Agile methodologies and facilitate documentation review. This includes:

a) Managing a team composed of MDOT MPA subject matter experts and vendor resources confirming functional requirements, data requirements, and security requirements, defining interfaces, establishing test plans, communications plans, project plans, project schedules and risk management plans; and

b) Documenting all appropriate project related artifacts and deliverables.

The Project Manager shall lead project teams to perform maintenance on existing systems. Maintenance can include, but is not limited to the following:

a) Responding to reported system errors (bugs);

b) Planning and supervising the re-engineering of an existing system on an obsolete platform to a modern platform consistent with MDOT MPA’s IT Architectural standards; and

c) Facilitating the implementation of patches and upgrades including leading the planning and execution of any necessary system testing.

The Project Manager shall, in cooperation with other MDOT MPA Project Managers, MDOT MPA Business Analysts and MDOT MPA IT Liaisons, support MDOT MPA’s Information Technology Project Request (ITPR) process. This can include, but is not limited to:

a) Assisting the business area with the preparation and submission of an ITPR Part 1 and, when needed, an ITPR Part 2 as defined on DoIT’s website:;

b) Answering questions from either the Level of Effort (LOE) Committee, to help establish project size/scale, or the Scoring Committee to establish project alignment;

c) Assisting with or conducting a cost-benefit analysis, buy-build-reuse analysis or feasibility study; and

d) Presenting the request and its score to the Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC)

The Project Manager shall provide customer relationship liaison support. This includes:

a) Facilitating stakeholder processes in eliciting and documenting requests for new systems; and

b) Fostering collaborative communications amongst all project stakeholders geared toward the successful execution of IT projects and implementing IT systems.

The Project Manager shall implement organizational change management that includes a holistic approach and process for leading the MDOT MPA and its employees through the planned changes from the project including:

a) Building buy-in for the change(s);

b) Anchoring the change(s) in business operations;

c) Ensuring that the employees in the organization are ready, willing, and able to adopt the change(s); and

d) Managing and measuring the change(s) so that the change(s) implemented are sustained and the desired benefits of the changes are realized.

The Project Manager shall prepare technical documentation to support all areas of the projects including developing comprehensive System Requirement Specifications (SRS’s), System Design Documents (SDD’s), User Manuals, Task Order Request For Proposal Technical Proposals (TORFP).

The Project Manager shall ensure that the Project Team will collect, organize, store, and manage project documents in a central repository. This includes:

a) Maintaining current and archival files (electronic and paper);

b) Collecting and distributing information to and from stakeholders; and

c) Entering updates into project tracking systems to record baseline and maintain document control.

The Project Manager shall assign other minor duties related to project management support to the Project Team. Minor duties may include:

a) Responding to phone calls and email;

b) Scheduling and attending ad hoc meetings;

c) Engaging in task order performance discussions;

d) Coordinating Development Contractor invoicing; and

e) Participating in Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) assessments.

The Project Manager shall update or provide information for Information Services Department Report, Project Status Report including status updates and time spent on projects.

The Project Manager shall develop new or modify existing reports and/or dashboards occasionally upon request.

The Project Manager shall be responsible for knowledge transfer occurring on the reassignment of a project resource from one task/project to another (either permanent or temporary transfer).

The Project Manager shall attend weekly Project Staffing meetings, monthly Communications Meetings, and bi-weekly Project Review and Change Control Board meetings. The Project Manager shall attend other scheduled and AdHoc meetings upon request.

The Project Manager shall arrange and facilitate various meetings including taking minutes.

The Project Manager shall assist in COTS software and/or hardware evaluations.

The Project Manager shall assist in research efforts supporting business analysis.

The Project Manager shall deliver informative, well-organized presentations.

Each Project Manager assigned to work on-site at an MDOT MPA facility and/or MDOT MPA project site, for a period of three months or longer, regardless of the number of days worked per week, shall be required to take the following four (4) MANDATORY TRAINING COURSES given to all MDOT MPA employees and on-site Contractors:

• Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Awareness

• Limited English Proficiency

• Sexual Harassment Awareness

• Workplace and Domestic Violence Awareness

This MANDATORY TRAINING shall be completed prior to the on-site Project Manager’s start date at the MDOT MPA facility (and/or project site). Failure to complete this training prior to the Project Manager’s start date could be grounds for termination.

The Project Manager shall become familiar with and adhere to the State’s SDLC methodology established by DoIT for all major information system efforts.


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ANGARAI - Project Management Consulting firm based out of Greenbelt ,MD. We are actively looking for a Maximo Specialist where the candidate will be working on Multiple transit projects as per our project requirements. Project status: Immediate Requirement


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