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Substance Abuse Counselor - LCDC, LCDC Intern, LPC Associate


  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description



Hours are Monday thru Friday 5:30am - 2:00pm

§ Evaluate patient and determine appropriateness of Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) per State and Federal criteria for admission.

§ Explain to and have patient sign all needed consent forms and clearly explain the concept and exceptions of confidentiality

§ Provide information about MAT and alternative treatments to ensure that the patient is able to give informed consent.

§ Review program rules and regulations; provide program orientation

§ Complete psychosocial and treatment plan if appropriate to patient’s condition

§ Provide HIV education and perform risk evaluation

§ Introduce patient to nurse for nursing assessment.

§ Submit required information to Central Registry for CID number.

§ Record detailed intake note


§ Meet with patient according to phase level.

§ Record all counseling notes on the day that the session was held.

§ Work with patient to develop individualized treatment plan and goals.

§ Promptly review results of drug screens and take appropriate action (probation, down phase, etc).

§ Once a year, obtain proof of residence and proof of income from every patient on caseload.

§ Complete in the appropriate time frame treatment plan reassessment for every patient.

§ Complete and submit all patients’ requests to the MD.

§ Inform Receptionist of any change in patient's Phase Status.

§ Enter any Flags needed into computer. Once the Flag has been answered, promptly remove it from the computer.

§ Make certain that patient records are always in the proper order and are stored in a confidential manner.

§ If a patient is discharged, complete proper forms and submit these forms to the Medical Director for approval. Notify Medication Nurse and Receptionist of the discharge.

§ Notify nurses, Medical Director, and Program Director about any patient who is suffering from a chronic illness (i.e. HIV/AIDS, TB, Diabetes, etc).

§ Notify Medical Director, nurses, and Program Director of any patient who is pregnant.

§ Assist other staff members as needed.

Additional Counselor Responsibilities

§ Arrange guest dosing for patients: contact guest clinic; enter information into Methasoft; print request; obtain the necessary signatures; fax request to guest clinic.

§ Counselors must complete, at the minimum, 12 hours of training every year. This training may take place within the clinic or off site.

§ Conduct the Group Therapy Session on a regular basis.

  • Must be licensed or be a counselor intern (2000 hour minimum) in the state of Texas.
  • Must be qualified by training, education and experience to provide addiction counseling services to persons who are addicted to narcotics and must be in compliance with 40 TAC, Chapter 150 of the Official Code of Texas Annotated
  • The program will employee 1 full time counselor for every 50 patients as stated in 25 TAC, §§229.145(a)(5).

§ Job description may not be limited to the above.

Counselor position is supervised by the Clinical Supervisor and Clinical Director.

Accuracy and organization are vital components of this position and MTC staff members are expected to strive to meet the highest standards of excellence regarding quality of work.

Company Description
We are an outpatient drug addiction treatment clinic that specializes in treating individuals addicted to opioids.


Why Work Here?
Rewarding job helping patients recover from the scourge of opioid addiction.

We are an outpatient drug addiction treatment clinic that specializes in treating individuals addicted to opioids.


405 N. McDonald Street

McKinney, TX