10+ A4D Inc Career and Employment Opportunities

A4D - Where Technology and Advertising Merge Technology continues to play a larger role in our everyday lives. Advertising, one of the oldest industries, has yet to completely embrace the benefits that technology can bring to it. At A4D we are transforming technologies to facilitate the complexity that is the Advertising world. Using systems like personalization engines that use machine learning to building our own video testing platform that uses the cartesian product, A4D is fully committed to solve marketing problems via technology. A4D's Advertising Network offers our advertisers a one-stop solution for scaling their advertising marketing solutions. Performance based marketing is an amazing alternative for advertisers frustrated with the expensive and non-guaranteed results of CPM and CPC advertising. The CPA model is the optimal method of buying online advertising because the advertiser defines the acquisition they are seeking in advance (a sale on a website, a form being filled, a download, etc.) and only pays when either of those acquisitions occur.

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