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Wildland Firefighter - Entry Level

3B's FORESTRY, INC. Medford, OR

  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

Wildland Firefighter Position:  


Fire Fighter – FFT2 

3 B’s FORESTRY, INC. of Medford, OR is looking for peak season employees for the following Wildland Fire resource types:

1.     Wildland Fire Engine Crew

2.     Wildland Fire Hand Crew

3.     Wildland Fire Chipper


Job Duties:

Using complex equipment and maneuvers, forest firefighters extinguish, control and contain wildfires. The job can be dangerous and involves the handling of heavy equipment. The job requires heavy doses of strenuous hiking in above average temperatures.  The would-be wildland firefighter should be in prime physical condition and be able to carry loads of over 45 pounds for long periods of time.  A wildland firefighter's duties depend on his or her level of experience, training and qualifications.  Entry-Level individuals typically assist only in fuel management and support activities. Other duties involved in a forest firefighter job description will likely include:

  • Able to comply with drug, alcohol, and harassment free work place policy
  • Responding quickly to emergency calls
  • Participate in various drill sessions conducted by the crew supervisor
  • Analyzing fire weather and topographical data
  • Use and maintain personal protective equipment, tools, work equipment, vehicles, and facilities
  • Following orders in high-stress situations
  • Predicting fire behavior
  • Preventing fires through the removal of flammable material, clearing brush and building fire lines
  • Assist in backfire and burnout operations
  • Operating water and chemical hoses and pumps
  • Constructing landing spots for fire suppression helicopters
  • Felling small trees, bucking and lopping fuels
  • Mop-up hot spots
  • Assist other firefighters as a crew member “must be a team player”
  • Patrol fire line to locate and eliminate hot spots


Off Duty Responsibility:

  • Maintain a high level of physical fitness

As a wildland Firefighter, one has to handle physically excruciating tasks. So, in order to fulfill the responsibility, you have to be physically fit and mentally agile. Whether you meet the required physical standards or not, it will be tested through the Work Capacity Fitness Test (WCFT).  Before appearing for the WCFT, you are encouraged to start training sessions.

  • Always be prepared for a quick response to emergency calls
  • Use good judgement on social use of alcohol, or legalized cannabis during R&R.  You must be sober to be available for dispatch


Required Experience:

 Must be at least 18 years of age prior to accepting an assignment.  This position does not require any previous experience.  The individual will participate in a series of training activities and course lessons which will certify the individual as an Entry-Level Wildland Firefighter.  The training is voluntary and free of charge to potential employees.


Additional Skills:

  •  Experience with chain-saw
  • Ability to communicate in English and Spanish is a plus but not required for employment



Entry-Level wildland fire fighters are compensated hourly at $13.00 per hour (*plus $4.54 fringe benefits)

* Fringe benefits are applied to first 40 hours of each work week. All hour after 40 per week are paid at the standard time and a half.

Example: Employee works 90 hours in one week.

                        40 hours @ $13.00

                        40 hours @ $  4.54

                        50 hours @ $19.50


Time of Need:

 Fire seasons are unpredictable making a scheduled time of need unpredictable as well.  Time of need typically begins in July but varies from season to season, often commencing in June.

  • Seasonal On-Call
  •  Seasonal Full-time
  • Seasonal Part-time
  • Temporary

For quickest response, please email us at and include your full name, phone number, and/or email.

We will contact you at our earliest convenience.


Fire Fighter – FFT2 with previous experience:

  • must be able to provide a copy of their completed course material and documentation that supports you have been on a fire between June 2016 to current.
  • must participate and successfully complete an annual refresher
  • must participate and successfully complete an annual physical fitness test


For quickest response, please email us at and include your full name, phone number, and/or email, years of experience, current qualification level.


We will contact you at our earliest convenience.



Medford, OR
97501 USA



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