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3BG Supply Co. Fort Wayne, IN
  • expired: 22 hours ago
  • $45,000 to $70,000 Annually
  • Full-Time
  • Benefits: Medical

Job Title: Developer

Reports to: Director of Operations

Job purpose

  • Summary: The Developer tackles our organization’s toughest technical problems and drives technical excellence at all levels, working with senior management to support execution of the organization's vision. A Developer is a person who cares deeply about the technical side of operations and making sure that everything is running smoothly for all web applications including (but not limited to) our CRM, website and script management frameworks. The ideal candidate loves being the person who interfaces with the dev team and senior management / PO, understands technology deeply at both the server level and at the development level, understands where the gaps often are between these two, and is excited about filling those gaps and taking proactive steps to prevent web application emergencies from ever happening.

  • The Developer will be involved in technical processes like testing and maintaining systems. He or she will help promote a company culture that encourages morale and performance and continually stresses our company’s core values. This person should be prepared to enter a company that is preparing to rapidly scale, which requires a lot of flexibility and ability to quickly adapt / problem solve.

Duties and responsibilities

  • General DevOps Responsibilities:

    • Execute on projects under guidance of the Director of Operations (PO)

    • Understands & champions the meaning of DevOps

    • Implement and manage an open source PHP framework (like Symfony)

    • Develop, implement and review operational policies and procedures.

    • Implement proper security protocols and frameworks for all web applications

    • Identify and address problems and opportunities for the company

  • CRM Management:

    • Manage user configuration and security

    • Creating advanced reports

    • Data management: product management and other record management

    • Creates and maintains advanced record configuration

    • Editing / creating dashboards

    • Manage/control CRM processes and automation

  • Online Services Management:

    • Research new technologies and alternative methods of efficiency.

    • Manage costs and relationships for online service providers.

  • System Integrations & Process Automations:

    • Conducting process analysis for new automations

    • Review process automations with key stakeholders and gain insights for improvements.

    • Work with the Operations Director to prioritize requested improvements


  • #1… Strong proclivity for problem-solving

  • Certified Scrum Master / Scrum Developer preferred

  • Advanced PHP knowledge

  • Working knowledge of CSS, HTML

  • Project Samples: Must provide 3 samples of code upon applying

  • Proficient in Excel, including Macros and advanced functions

  • Working knowledge of AWS (especially S3, EC2, RDS, and others)

  • Knows how to set up basic script management systems

  • Working knowledge of Git/Github

  • Excellent organizational and planning skills

  • Emphasizes attention to detail

  • Willingness to quickly adapt to different situations