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Dynamic, motivated and energetic CO licensed massage therapist

100 Percent Chiropractic North Colorado Springs Colorado Springs, CO
  • Expired: 19 days ago. Applications are no longer accepted.

For immediate hire:

"We are a dynamic, fast-paced, high energy chiropractic office located in historic North Colorado Springs We are seeking the same qualities in a massage therapist. You will work very closely with the doctor and the office manager to provide the highest level of care for our patients.

Great communication skills are a must as you will be trained in what chiropractic care is, and how to truly understand and communicate the neuro-muscular connection between massage therapy and chiropractic care to our patients.

Our massage therapist must live a healthy lifestyle (no alcohol or recreational drugs accepted) because we believe that we MUST practice what we preach. We need someone who is reliable and professional, but who also has a fun-loving personality with high energy levels to keep up with the pace and environment of our office. You will be part of a health and wellness family within these doors. We expect you to love our patients... "practice family members"... as much as we do.

This position is part-time with the possibility of developing into a full-time, Monday-Friday. Pay is per hour of work and based on experience, but we are very competitive for the area. All supplies and chiropractic training are provided the office will manage your schedule for you. All applicants must be licensed in the state of Colorado. New grads are encouraged to apply!

We can't wait to hear from you!

100 Percent Chiropractic North Colorado Springs

Why Work Here?

Is just fun to work here, and there is a great growth potential!

How We Help Our Patients Whether your goal is to move beyond pain or to maintain the vibrant energy, strength, and range of motion already present in your body, 100% Chiropractic is here to help you level up your entire life. Everyone has different reasons for seeking chiropractic care, but most of them continue for the same reason: they realize what a positive impact it has on their energy levels, mood, and overall health. A chiropractic adjustment enhances your nervous system’s ability to send messages throughout the body, and a body that communicates well with itself is a body with the potential for 100% wellness. These are just some of the reasons why people visit the chiropractor in north Colorado Springs for the first time: Back pain Neck pain Hip, knee, or other joint pain Migraines or other headaches Sexual dysfunction Sleep issues Asthma Allergies Compromised immune system Athletic performance enhancement Injury and accident recovery Maintaining progress (and stopping symptoms before they start!) is why patients continue to schedule routine wellness visits in north Colorado Springs. To best serve all our patients, we focus on the following areas: Corrective Care: The spine can lose its natural curves due to habitual patterns in your body, like slouching, working at a desk, or always carrying a heavy load on one side of your body. Your chiropractor in north Colorado Springs works to restore your natural curves to enable the body’s ability to be as well as it can possibly be. Family Chiropractic: People of all ages benefit from chiropractic care. Babies, children, adults, seniors, expectant mothers–everyone is subject to spinal subluxations from accidents, poor movement patterns, or habitual postural tendencies. The process of giving birth can cause subluxations in the spines of both mother and baby! Gentle chiropractic adjustments release these imbalances and restore the potential for health and abundant energy. Massage Therapy: Chiropractic treatment is enhanced by massage therapy. Healthy, tension-free muscles allow for easier adjustments and long-lasting results. Why 100% Chiropractic? We know you’re in charge of your own health. We encourage you to pursue a lifestyle aimed at 100% wellness, including proper nutrition, exercise, rest, stress reduction, and more. In this way, we become your partner in health and wellness, doing our part to give your body the ideal circumstances in which to thrive. We create a treatment plan designed to suit your needs. Every spine is different, so every treatment plan has to be different, too. We’ll adapt as you do, on your body’s timeline, using chiropractic x-rays to monitor your progress as we go. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your visit and your progress, and we give you as many tools as we can to empower you on your journey to 100% wellness. Optimum health is different for all of us. To understand this, simply imagine a baby’s 100% versus an Olympic athlete’s 100% versus a 90-year-old’s 100%. These three people have different needs and different potentials; their spines and nervous systems are under different pressures and have different priorities. It doesn’t matter what your 100% looks like. At 100% Chiropractic, your chiropractor in north Colorado Springs, we’ll help you find it. Come visit us off of Voyager Parkway and Jet Stream Drive! Let’s live life at 100%! We service the following areas: Briargate, Monument, Northgate, Black Forest, Voyager Parkway, Interquest and Wolf Ranch.


1720 Jet Stream Dr. Ste 115 Colorado Springs CO 80921
Colorado Springs, CO