ZipRecruiter Teams Up with RUN Powered by ADP® to Help SMBs Hire

At ZipRecruiter, we’re passionate about creating effective business solutions that empower small companies everywhere to thrive, grow, and reach their full potential. That’s why we’re proud to announce our new collaboration with RUN Powered by ADP®, a small business payroll, tax processing, and people management software. ZipRecruiter is now fully integrated into the RUN Powered by ADP® payroll solution, bringing the smartest way to hire to employers everywhere who already use the platform.

About RUN Powered by ADP®

ADP is a comprehensive global provider of cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions that unite HR, payroll, talent, time, tax and benefits administration. The leading company pioneers new technologies in the HR industry. RUN Powered by ADP® is a payroll solution software from ADP designed especially for small businesses. With our shared focus on SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses), the collaboration was a natural fit. Together, we’re building better ways to address one of the biggest employer pain points: hiring qualified talent.

A Closer Look at SMBs’ Biggest Pain Point

In 2017, we surveyed small business owners in a range of industries to identify the biggest hurdles they face in growing their teams. A stunning 90% of survey respondents reported that insufficient candidate quality and availability are their biggest roadblocks when it comes to hiring. By providing these business owners with smarter hiring solutions and better access to top talent, they will have more time to focus on running their businesses.

More About the Collaboration

ZipRecruiter and RUN Powered by ADP® teamed up to create a way for SMBs to hire the right people more efficiently than ever. Now, the 500,000+ small businesses across the U.S. that use RUN Powered by ADP® can tap into the power of ZipRecruiter. The collaboration brings together our smart matching technology and machine learning recruitment solutions with RUN Powered by ADP®’s already impressive suite of HR technology solutions designed for small businesses. Access to ZipRecruiter is available as a premium feature that is fully integrated into the RUN Powered by ADP® platform. With single sign-on technology, ADP customers can access ZipRecruiter directly, making recruiting for their open jobs that much simpler.

Great News for Job Seekers AND Employers

This collaboration comes as great news to ZipRecruiter job seekers and ADP employers. With access to ZipRecruiter, ADP employers may be able to improve how they recruit and grow their businesses. Employers now get:

  • Increased reach for their jobs posted via the ADP recruitment feature to over 100 of the web’s leading job boards.
  • Access to our smart matching technology to identify the best candidates for their jobs.
  • Access to our advanced recruitment tools and technology that make it simple for businesses in every industry to hire the right people.

ZipRecruiter job seekers can now search and apply for even more open jobs, added to the ZipRecruiter jobs marketplace via the ADP recruitment feature. With over 500,000 small businesses across the U.S. using RUN Powered by ADP®, job seekers are sure to find even more opportunities on ZipRecruiter that might otherwise be difficult to find.

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