What Are the Best Occupations for INTP Personality Types?

These jobs are best for the quiet type focused on innovation

INTP refers to one of the sixteen personality types used in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and one of the four types that are in the Rationals temperament group. Rationals tend to be problem solvers who analyze situations to make them better. The acronym INTP comes from the signature characteristics of this personality type: introversion, intuition, thinking, perceiving.

What is an INTP like?

They may seem quiet, but there is a lot going on under the surface

INTPs are a rare breed, comprising just 2-5% of the population. This personality type is usually quiet and seemingly aloof, but that exterior often disguises a mind keen on innovation.

INTPs experience the world through a prism of introspection, which is why this type often seems detached. They are analytical observers who prefer understanding deeper concepts, and making abstract connections by watching, rather than actively engaging. The INTP sees learning itself as a valuable part of life.

What are INTPs like in the workplace?

Seeing the pieces that others miss

INTPs might appear aloof, but beneath a stoic exterior, this personality type is passionate about logic and innovation. In the workplace, INTPs are willing to take risks to make their environment a better place. INTPs don’t have a problem working together with a team or on their own, but the distance they often keep from the crowd allows them to make observations about things others overlook.

What are the best careers for INTPs?

They think differently, logically, and creatively

INTPs have plenty of strengths to offset any of their perceived weaknesses. Some of those can include a lack of concern for organization, insensitivity to social convention or manners, and a tendency to get too immersed in theory.

Like other Myers-Briggs types, not every career is a perfect fit for an INTP. Part of what should be taken into consideration is how willing an employer is to work with an INTP’s traits. However, some characteristics will serve them well in many careers.

For instance, INTPs are:

  • Gifted analysts and divergent thinkers
  • Remarkably innovative
  • Logical, fact-driven, but open-minded
  • Objective truth-keepers
  • Clear, honest, and deliberate

These jobs are great fits for INTP types

These roles can help make the most of INTP skills and talents

1. Computer Programmer

Computer programming can be a great match for INTPs. Computer programmers are typically expected to code programs in various computer languages, update applications, debug programs and fix errors, use code libraries, and build computer-assisted software engineering tools to automate the creation of code. An INTP’s love for analyzing and working through complex problems and systems are a huge asset in this field.

2. Medical Scientist

A medical scientist is a great fit for the INTP personality type. Medical scientists conduct clinical research to improve health care and the treatment of diseases. Some research roles include studying diseases or medication interactions while others are focused on organizing data and conducting clinical trials to test treatments. INTPs contribute to this role with their ability to logically analyze data while also considering how to find innovative ways to apply it.

3. Web Developer

Yes, you’re right. There is a theme here—INTPs are inherently talented when it comes to tech. This goes back to their love of complex systems. Web developers are expected to meet the demands of clients for how the website should look and function, create and debug apps for the site, write code, and analyze web traffic.

4. Computer Scientist

Computer scientists develop theories about problems in computation and create solutions to deal with those issues. This prime INTP occupation is predicated on experimentation to continually improve the way we interact with computers.

5. Financial Analyst

The INTP analytical tendencies shine in this field. Financial analysts recommend investments for client portfolios, evaluate trends and data, study and analyze a company’s finances, prepare written reports, and meet with investors to expound upon their recommendations.

6. Economist

Much like financial analysts, the role of an economist is ideally suited to INTPs. The economy itself is a complex system with endless moving parts that require detailed analysis. The INTP economist will research economic issues, conduct surveys and gather data, use mathematical models and statistics, interpret and predict market trends, design policies, and write content for scholarly journals and newsletters.

7. Professor

Many INTPs love breaking down complex systems into simpler parts, and college professors must be able to make complicated subject matter digestible for their students. The duties of a professor include: developing and teaching a curriculum, helping students with career preparation, satisfying department demands, planning assignments and lessons, assessing students through graded work, publishing analyses and original research, and meeting academic and administrative policies.

8. Software Developer

INTPs are incredibly well-suited for a career in software development. Within these complex systems, INTPs will find new and often more efficient solutions. Software developers design, develop, and test software, write the software code, continually run QA tests, document every action taken in the system or application to allow future maintenance and updates to be executed fluidly.

9. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts have reverse engineer solutions to identify potential future problems. Becoming an information security analyst caters to INTPs love for systems and designs, as well. In this occupation, you’ll be expected to monitor an organization’s network, install and use software to protect valuable information, develop security practices and enhancements, research the latest IT and security techniques, and simulate attacks to preemptively find potential weaknesses in the security systems.

10. Multimedia Animator or Artist

In this field, innovation is king. The INTP can display their ability to see abstract connections through multimedia and animation. Multimedia artists and animators must use computer programs and illustrations, work with a team of fellow artists and animators, research upcoming projects, develop storyboards that map out key scenes, edit animations, and satisfy client demands on time.

11. Composer

Composers have the freedom to innovate while also working with the intricate moving parts of an orchestra. The responsibilities of a composer include writing original music that bands, orchestras, and musical groups perform, writing lyrics or delegating that task to a lyricist, and recording musicians in sessions.

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